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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 7th October 2019 in the Mid Yell School


Present:  Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr A Ross, Mr R Jamieson.

In Attendance:  Ms F Browne (North Isles Development Worker), K Lonsdale

Apologies:   Cllr D Simpson, Mr J Nicholson, Mr S Henderson 

Visitors: None

Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


10/19/1 MINUTES

19 Sept 2019 –the minutes from the September meeting were approved, by Mr A Ross & Mr R Jamieson

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, NI Dvp Worker, Police, SIC Elected representatives  and post on website



Mrs A Jamieson declared an interest in the item on support for wedding Ferry hire

Mr R Jamieson declared an interest in the item on Proposed Wind Farm at Gloup.

Mr J Saunders was to make inquiries as to whether he should declare an interest in the proposed wind farm at Gloup.


Action Mr J Saunders to revert to CC Clerk re the above




L Odie was pleased to inform members that Kate Lonsdale had accepted the Community Council clerk role and would commence dutues on 1st November.  L Odie welcomed Kate to the meeting where she was an observer.  M Duncan had offered to provide some training and assistance to Kate when she started the role.


Action Clerk to follow up with M Duncan re training etc


10/19/4 COMMUNITY WORK F Browne

Local Transport Forum meeting Feedback – F Browne offered to contact E Park, Transport Planning re what flexibility could be offered in the Dial A Ride service to provide some additional support to those who required transport out with the normal bus timetables.  It

Action F Browne to inquire re flexibility around Dial A  Ride and CC to advertise

Locality Planning  - Tommy Coutts to attend the December meeting to discuss  of business questionnaires where members assist in framing the right questions. This may be based on the recent rural housing survey.  Resources would be required for the collation and analysing of the data.

ACTION F Browne to liaise with T Coutts


Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) – R Jamieson had previously asked a question about the length of time it took to process PVG’s for applicants to the Care Centre.  F Browne had asked Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) who advise that the process was usually complete within 1 month.


Childcare – F Browne would follow up with M Lawson and C Lawson re progress

Action F Browne to follow up with M and C Lawson




FERRIES – Outstanding matters


Clerk advised that she would collate recent ferry queries for members who were due to attend a ferry meeting with Ferry Operations in the second 2 weeks of November.  Members, L Odie and R Jamieson advised that they would make themselves available throughout this period since they considered the meeting of utmost importance.


Action Clerk to compile list of outstanding ferry matters and Contact Ferry Operations about members’ availability


Online Bookings – M Craigie advised that the online bookings for bookings only runs could be updated in future to 2 hours before departure rather 18.00 but other matters were being actioned before this change could take place. On hold.


A Inkster, Executive Manager, Marine and Airport Infrastructure responded to ferry queries as follows

Vehicles being left behind at busy times  SIC Marine Business Support Manager, will contact YCC to see what information is required and this will be provided in the format required.   This information has not yet been provided.

ACTION Clerk to follow up

Yell Show Extra Runs  A Inkster advises that lesson have been learned and they will liaise early next year to better plan future events.  It may be difficult to schedule extra runs later in the day.  YCC members reported that 51 vehicles were left at Toft over the morning. .

Signage at Toft  RESPONSE - We have looked at various options for an additional sign at Toft and have also received quotations for an additional scrim sign. There are regulations about the amount of information that can be displayed to passing motorists which we will need to consider. That coupled with the temporary traffic arrangements during the Toft Pier build mean that as a holding measure, we will arrange a basic sign that can be displayed further up the road which simply states “Reduced Service, Bookings Suspended”. I have requested this work to take place as soon as possible.

Reinstatement of normal service when reduced service operates - RESPONSE –I have discussed this matter with relevant members of staff both here at Sella Ness and from the vessels. The circumstances will of course be different depending on whether we are going from single vessel to two vessels, or single vessel to evening single vessel etc. However, the overriding principal which has been agreed is that the Masters will deal with the backlog of cars before bookings are resumed on the service. This may upset people who see normal scheduled runs being made, but their bookings not being honoured, but the decision is that the backlog takes priority. A memo will be sent to Masters to confirm that they will act in this manner following any period of reduced service.  Members noted that it would depend on the type of service which was implemented during reduced operations.  If the ferry was running to a single vessel timetable then it may be possible to reinstate bookings.  This matter to be discussed with Marine Operations at a future meeting.  Members felt that discussing proposed solutions without elected members nor operational staff present was of little value. 

ACTION Liaise with R Thomson, SIC Elected member to set up urgent meeting to discuss outstanding ferry matters


FERRIES – Additional matters

Election Night Run Cancelled – L Odie had queried with A Inkster why the late run on Election night had been cancelled.  He appreciated that the timing of the ferry needed to be flexible to ensure that the ballot boxes were transported in a timely manner.  However, he felt that people might still want to use the scheduled run and if it had been advertised that the run would operate within a specific timeframe then others could use it.  S Henderson reported that he had been trying to organise a shipment of fish from Cullivoe that evening and only by liaising with the ferry master by telephone he had been able to utilise the ferry, proving that this run was required by business that evening.  Given that there is likely to be an election in the near future, YCC suggest that a solution be found to continue to offer this scheduled run on election nights with flexibility built in.     ACTION Clerk to contact Ferries


Winter Timetable – YCC would appreciate early liaison on winter timetable for all North Isles routes.  Salmon shipments are important to the N Isles and Shetland’s economy and are likely to need additional runs this winter on all North isles routes. ACTION To be discussed at meeting re Ferries 


Toft Car Park Arrangements - YCC appreciate the need for alternative car parks arrangements at Toft but note that there are safety issues which concern them.  The introduction of the walkway means that trucks leaving the ferry cannot pass the waiting traffic, school pupils on Friday evenings would need to be closely supervised, and the car park appears to have insufficient capacity.      ACTION To be discussed at meeting re Ferries 


There has been a request for a late ferry hire for a wedding in August 2020.  Due to no allocation of runs for weddings this is noted. ACTION Allocation of CC runs be discussed at meeting re Ferries 


FERRIES – Additional matters

It is understood that a ferry is shortly to be taken out of service for maintenance.  Members are disappointed that they have had no prior notice of this and would request extra runs could be factored in for this period.

ACTION Clerk to contact Ferry Operations re this matter

Ferry Operation had asked if YCC were aware of any events in 202 which may require extra runs. 

ACTION Clerk to advise Yell Show 5th September and International Regatta in Burravoe on 24th July.


5.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

  • Mid Yell to Head of Voe -  RESPONSE This defect is unlikely to be repaired until March 2020.
  • Aywick Shop junction – RESPONSE The tarring at the shop was not completed and as above is unlikely to be until March 2020 due to lack of suitable surfacing plant.

The shop manager at Aywick advises that the disabled access to the shop is now unavailable due to a ramp where the tarring is incomplete. The road markings are still absent and there have been several near misses at this junction.  ACTION Clerk to contact Roads re possible interim measures 

  • Parking bays at Sellafirth RESPONSE Due to be painted in September.

ACTION Clerk to ask when this will be done

  • Gutcher junction RESPONSE May need to wait until next year for resurfacing.  Monitoring and patching will be ongoing.
  • Cats eyes -  YCC request update on reinstatement of these from Ulsta through West Yell RESPONSE Insufficient funding at present.
  • Stonganess Corner, Cullivoe –Planning application now in progress
  • Burravoe Footpath - SIC advise that this will be carried out at a future date

YCC members noted that there are two draw offs on the road from Gutcher to Cullivoe which have insufficient passing room for a car and a bus or truck to pass.  Members ask that these draw offs either be removed or that signage indicates the narrowness of the road. NO RESPONSE TO DATE

YCC members suggested that a mirror at the Gutcher junction would assist drivers to see vehicles coming up from the ferry.   It was reported that there have been a number of near misses at this junction. NO RESPONSE TO DATE

YCC members would again like to support the case for the widening and upgrading do the Gutcher to Cullivoe road in light of the application by the North Yell Development Group’s application for extension of the marina at Cullivoe.  Anecdotal evidence is that some individuals undertaking construction projects are being advised not to progress due to the state of the road.  Members request council officials and elected members hold a site visit shortly to discuss options.

ACTION Clerk to follow up actions with Roads Dept and arrange a meeting of elected representative s and officials


Ramp in the road surface at Colvister.  Members request update on remedial action.

Street Lighting at Clingrapark, North A Voe  The SIC are surveying residents on the option to reinstate street lighting - NOTED 



  • Health & Care Project Yell – YCC have still not been advised of the next date of this forum. NO UPDATE   

ACTION Clerk to contact E M Watson, NHS Shetland


4.Ambulance coordinator/drivers RESPONSE A Galbraith, Scottish Ambulance Service was hoping to attend the meeting but had to cancel at the last minute.  However he provided an update on the current situation regarding recruitment.  5 people have returned paperwork and are in the system and another is pending.  Further training is to take place in November.  A couple of those going through the system may be willing to be coordinators.  A Galbraith reports that he hopes they can begin cover with the new recruits in November.  Local applicants advise that they has been no recent contact. A Galbraith has offered to come to the next YCC meeting to discuss further.

ACTION Clerk to liaise with A Galbraith and request an update for November meeting


5.4 PROPOSED WIND FARM AT GLOUP –Community Liaison Group (CLG) have been informed that a new development partner Statkraft have been chosen to take the development forward.  Mr A Ross enquired why this was a press release since this information had been in the public domain for some time. NOTED


5.5 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT  NO UPDATE ACTION Clerk to contact M Lisk, SIC for an update.

5.6 MID YELL PIER FENDERING – A Inkster has advised that this is more complicated than at first envisaged.  Clerk has advised Andrew Inkster of names and telephone numbers of pier users

ACTION  Awaiting update

5.7 WAR MEMORIALS, MID YELL –Rededication service was held on 6th October in the East Yell Methodist Chapel.  Mr L Odie expressed his thanks to Mrs A Jamieson for taking the project forward and reaching completion.

5.8 KEEP SCOTLAND BEAUTIFUL BEACH AWARDS – Reports for both beaches from KSB have come through with a number of recommendations to be actioned.  Clerk to set up meeting with local communities to discuss the report and take remedial actions as required.  ONGOING

Action: Clerk to set up meetings


5.9 WHITE WIFE – Shetland Amenity Trust (SAT) advise that they are going to remove the original deteriorating figurehead which is in need of repair and temporarily replace with a replica.  The intent is that the original will be restored by SAT in due course and reinstated.

ACTION L Odie to contact Amenity Trust for update


5.10. GRASSCUTTING IN OLD WEST SANDWICK KIRKYARD Grass cutting is to be undertaken before end of season and report to go to February 2020 environmental Committee to address this issue.

ACTION: Monitor Grass cutting and await report



– 2019/265/PNT Installation of Electronic Communications Apparatus, Mid Yell Hall YCC Support the development

  • 2018/361/PNT Replace bridge with culvert at Stonganess – YCC’s preference would be new widened road in this area but reluctantly support this minor improvement.
  • Application for Variation of premises Licence, R S Henderson, Cullivoe  -YCC support this variation.


  • YCC approved payment of £250 for support for wedding ferry hire to G Jamieson. Mrs Jamieson declared an interest.
  • War Memorials Payment YCC approved payment for programmes,floral wreaths and advert for rededication service.


10.1 ASCC Meeting 17th September   L Odie reported on Proposed Boundary Commission changes.  At the meeting, Mr Odie had said that the proposal od one elected member for each island was YCC’s preference however the proposal of two representative for the North Isles could be acceptable. Again members stated that the lack of elected representative at CC meetings were not helpful.  Ms F Browne offered to follow up with M Duncan.

Action – F Browne to follow up with M Duncan


Planning workshop 28th September – Mrs A Jamieson reported back on the value of this workshop and the significance of the CC’s role in Planning applications.  Planning Aid Scotland (PAS) was available to help if there were planning issues YCC needed clarity and further information   


F Browne left the meeting at 20.45


Tourist Leaflet – Following a request for constituents, YCC agreed to fund a Yell Tourist Leaflet up to a maximum of £500.



Mrs Jamieson said that she had been informed that there was a considerable amount of weeds growing on the pavements at Sunnyside. Additionally when the grass was cut the area was not being cleared up.

Action Clerk to contact Roads re these issues






The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 25th November 2019



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