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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 8th October 2018 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr G Hughson & Mr A Priest.

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Ms F Browne (NICW)

Apologies:            Mr R Jamieson, Mr S Henderson & Mr J Nicolson

Visitors:                There were no visitors


10/18/4 MINUTES

20 August 2018 – with some minor adjustments to wording, the minutes from the September meeting were approved by Mr L Odie & Mrs A Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police and post on website



Mrs A Jamieson declared an interest in Yell Welfare Trust.


Ms Browne to find out more information on declarations of interest for clarification.  To research the level of interest which should be declared and feed back to members after the cc elections.



Locality Planning – the group are working on doing some research in Yell, Unst and Fetlar to find out the current situation and to use the evidence to develop a strategy and identify possible solutions. Members to look at this and feed back to FB. This locality planning is currently looking at the views of residents only but GH suggested that businesses should also be involved to get a fuller picture.

Community Choices – this is funding available from Scottish Gov’t under Participatory Budgeting. Favour appears to be given to communities working together, this could be a good choice for a joint North Isles Project.




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Passenger figures for 1st Sept – now that the Yell Show has passed, YCC request the passenger data for Yell Show Day. To include passengers carried and those unable to transit. No reply to date.
  2. Bus & Ferry tt changes –. Clerk to check with Michael Craigie for any updates. No reply to date.
  3. Single ferry waiting for the bus – on Saturdays the town bus arrives at Toft in time for passengers to get the 8.45 ferry, ferry operations have now also queried why this can’t happen on weekdays too as this would eliminate this problem. Nothing further on this to date. Mr Odie has spoken to Cllr Thomson about this issue.
  4. Booking Office closure – YCC were not aware of any notification that the booking office was going to close on Sundays. No reply to date


7.1 FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Bookings after 6.30 – YCC query why the online bookings for the bookings only ferry finishes at 6.30 when you can book any other ferries for the evening after this time, surely if those bookings are being logged with the boat then the bookings only one can be logged too.
  2. Phone bookings – YCC also query why the phone bookings stop at 4.30pm when you can go into the office until 5.30 and book.
  3. Windy days – it is understood that the reason for the boat being tied up on windy days is due to the gangway blowing and being dangerous. YCC query why this is different in recent years and are concerned about the number of days the day boat is being tied up recently.



7.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

  1. Brig at Stoness – YCC members are due to meet with roads dept to discuss the proposed layout. Nothing further to date.
  2. Mid Yell Signs – There is still no sign for Mid Yell at the head of the voe. This sign has been missing for a considerable time and is also the sight of an accident in recent months. Nothing further to date.
  3. Burravoe School Junction – at the sharp bend in Burravoe at the school there are no lines on the edge of the road. This bend has a low curb which is not easy to see and someone not knowing the road might think this is a double width road. No reply to date.
  4. 30mph signs at Hillend – still outstanding
  5. Flashing sign outside school – The 20mph sign outside MY school still does not flash at school times. The school is now chasing this also. Clerk to contact education dept and also query where these are being controlled from.
  6. Roadworks cancellation – the road between Mid Yell and the Mid Yell junction was due to be closed on Sunday 16th for major roadworks. Due to this planned works some local events were cancelled. The road works then never happened with no notification. No reply. The road still needs to be resurfaced.
  7. Double width – YCC query if the road between Mid Yell and the Mid Yell junction can be made double width for the whole length. No reply to date.

Action: clerk to find out how long items have been outstanding.



  1. Health & Care Project Yell – YCC were sent the terms of reference for this new initiative. As there have been similar discussions in the past YCC query why this data can’t be used as a starting point instead of starting from beginning once again. Members discussed possible folk from the community for this, members to talk to various people about this. Some cc members are required for this project too which can be arranged after the upcoming cc elections.
  2. Recruitment in Yell - As Yell is experiencing recruitment problems for the care centre YCC query why there is no mention of Yell when advertising caring roles. YCC also query how long the recruitment process for these posts take. It should also be noted that help is available to those doing the SVQ training for the caring roles.
  3. GP post – nothing further to date.
  4. Nurse update – interviews were held at the end of September, nothing further to date.
  5. Dental list – YCC further query what progress is being made on the waiting list for dental patients.




  1. Costs of Social Care – clerk to request the costs of Social Care in Yell



  1. Local Energy Scotland meeting – The previously cancelled meeting is still to be re-scheduled.
  2. Questionnaire - the questionnaire that was available at the public meetings has now been received, members commented that the questions were quite leading and not very useful.
  3. Ethics and Training – ethics training is still to be arranged.
  4. Share Option – members discussed the share option but this is still unclear.


7.5 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – YCC have requested Sean Haughy to attend a YCC meeting with an update. No reply to date. Clerk to chase

7.6 MID YELL POST OFFICE – Mrs Jamieson attended the Constituency Advice Surgery on 25th Sept. and discussed the problems of not having a main post office on the island, Mr Carmichael was unaware of the problems that this caused and will look into it further.

7.7 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – this is now been passed to Building Maintenance, there is intent to apply for a demolition warrant. Nothing further to date.

7.8 MID YELL PIER– Fendering –works scheduled for this financial year. The hole on the pier has now been repaired.

7.9 WAR MEMORIALS – The kirk has now been sold. Mrs Jamieson has submitted the listed building consent and things are progressing.

7.10 MAKE A DIFFERENCE TRAINING – this has been put on hold until after the CC elections in November.



There were no new planning applications.

2018/090/PPF to erect a 5kw turbine at Ulsta ferry terminal. YCC had concerns about this application. Reports are still ongoing. Clerk to request an update on this.




  1. Many funding emails were received.
  2. The following cheques were approved by Mr G Hughson and Mr A Priest
    • Mr K Nisbet ferry hire grant of £250
    • Mr A Leask road grant £266.47
    • Mid Yell Hall CDF grant to update some kitchen equipment £400
    • Yell Youth Café CDF grant towards a new camera £140
    • Cullivoe School CDF grant towards repairing and renewing their musical instruments £480
      • Clerk to re-advertise grant funding availability




  1. KSB Beach Report - YCC received the report for both of the KSB beaches in Yell. This contained a number of issues that needs to be dealt with before the next season. YCC to look at this before the next meeting.
  2. Yell Welfare Trust – this group has been dormant for many years but still has funds, the group will meet to dissolve the group and re-distribute funds. Mr Jamieson to find out the balance before the next meeting.
  3. Ambulance coordinator – YCC are concerned that the ambulance coordinator still has no contract, clerk to query this and ask for an update.
  4. Community Learning and Development – Community Conversation meeting 30th October at 6.30pm in Mid Yell School. This is to discuss how the CLD will be delivered over the next 3 years.
  5. Call for Sites – this is part of the Local Development Plan and has been launched to identify land that could be used for housing, business and industrial use. Further details can be found at:
  6. 4G Notspots – Scottish Gov’t have launched a consultation to find areas with no 4G coverage, this ran until 8th



Shetland Recreational Trust Annual Report for 2017/18 was received and can be found: srt/annual-reports/



Clerk to remind YCC members to put in nomination papers if they want to stay on as members.

Clerk to query if Amenity Trust has been notified of the car at the head of the voe.




The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 17th November 2018 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm


Visitors  - The are no planned visitors

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