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Minutes of the Meeting of the Yell Community Council

Monday 16th October 2017 at 7.00pm in the West Sandwick Hall


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mrs L Cunningham, Mr A Priest.

In Attendance:      Mrs M Morris (Minute taker) & Ms F Browne

  1. Apologies:        Mr J Nicholson, Mr S Henderson, Mr R Jamieson, Mr G Hughson.


  1. Visitors -      There were no visitors.


  1. Minutes – There was one amendment to be made on the minutes of the 18th September, Mrs Elsbeth Clark’s name to have the “e” removed.

     The minutes were proposed by AJ and seconded by LO.

     JL (clerk) on holiday so MM has agreed to take the minutes at tonight’s meeting.

     The post of clerk was advertised and there had been no applicants. JL has now  withdrawn her resignation.

  1. Community Work – FB reported that the Men Shed at Whalefirth is coming on well, they are now waiting on their charity status to come from OSCR.

Peerie Breeks – are moving temporarily to Sellafirth hall as the lease at the old School is not manageable for the group.

FestiYell – FB has met with AJ & LO and plans are ongoing.

Health Improvement in the North Isles – Hazel Sutherland is heading this project. She has met with Fetlar Community Council and has a meeting with the Yell Health Centre on the 25th October. They have invited a member of the YCC to Attend and would like to work with the Yell Health Centre Support Group to set up a patient participation group. AJ to contact Elsbeth.

 5. Outstanding business – Transport

  1. Ferries – C Hire, posters, terms and conditions – LO had received an email from Craig Robertson and Maggie Sandison re Community Hire she replied that it was not in line with procedures for the booking office to take bookings for community hires, she added that there is no difference between community hires and private charters. She has asked for very simple explanatory guidelines to be produced so to avoid any confusion in the future. This was expected on Sept 22nd but as yet has not been received. LO has invited Maggie Sandison to the next meeting to find a solution to this problem.

It was also brought up at the Association of Community Councils meeting as folk from the mainland are finding it difficult to access the ferries for the Yell/Unst shows and other events.

YCC are very disappointed at the situation and why it has had to change when it has worked well for a number of years. The extra runs have meant that events have been able to take place in Yell ie Fiddle Frenzy, without these this would not be possible and would have a huge impact on the community.

YCC have asked for the usage figures for the ferries and have been told by Craig Robertson that these will be fed into the transport study. AP to email him tomorrow to request the figures once more.

  • Harbour - Piers - there has been a recent review of piers. YCC would like to be kept informed of the results of this.
  • Fixed Links – nothing to report.
  1. Roads – Burravoe footpaths – YCC have been told from Neil Hutcheson that there may be funding available for the work next year. YCC to thank him for his help.

Mid Yell 30mph sign – a “side road ahead” warning sign will be installed next month.

  1. Schools and Education – nothing to report. YCC would like to wish the new Anderson High School and Hostel lots of success for the future as they will be moving into their new buildings after the school holidays.
  2. GP update – no update received.

YCC have heard that the NHS24 out of hours service is going to be replaced by the doctor. YCC to write and congratulate the Health board and ask for a notice to be put in the Shetland Times to inform the community.

  1. Defib location list – LO received and will bring to the next meeting.
  2. Ambulance update – nothing to report.
  3. Community Energy – nothing to report
  4. Mid Yell Post Office – AJ has still had no reply from Alistair Carmichael but will request a phone call when he holds his surgery on the 26th There has been no public information issued.
  5. War memorial – still waiting on a reply from the Church of Scotland.
  6. Abandoned vehicles – the ones in Cullivoe have been removed. The Mid Yell ones have not as yet.
  7. FestiYell – mentioned in the Community Work report above.


  1. Planning lists/applications – there is notice of a development in Cullivoe, the YCC welcome the development.
  2. Finance/Grants – A cheque was signed for the Shetland Times (invoice for job advertisement) and SIC for community hire.

Redd Up – 10 groups have completed the survey required and will therefore be paid £50 each. There were other groups that completed the Redd Up but did not require payment. AJ moved the motion and AP seconded.

  1. New business – received and discussed.

Countryside Alliance Awards – a report has been received about Breckon and West Sandwick beaches detailing points to be considered. LO will speak to Breckon Croft about the car park and picnic bench issues.

The information boards which were originally issued by the Amenity Trust are now needing to be replaced due to wear and tear. Clerk to ask Gordon Thomson how Unst got theirs replaced.

Poor Kids documentary – emailed received from Emma Perring inviting YCC to a showing of the film at Mareel on Wednesday at 5.45pm.

OOH meeting/opportunity - Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie – author of the out of hours review is coming to Lerwick on the 26th Oct to give a 45min talk, YCC have been invited. Clerk to email Lisa Watt and ask for a copy of the transcript of the talk as no members able to attend

Police report – read and nothing to discuss.

  1. Lealflets/Annual report – nothing to discuss.
  2. AOB – Association of Community Councils – LO attended the recent meeting and reported the following –
  • The group will continue to meet and the admin will now be done by the SIC development department. There will be no membership fees in the future.
  • A speaker gave a talk about joint healthcare and said that all staffing issues were now solved. LO mentioned the fact that Islhaven were short staffed but the speaker said that this was because there was no demand for the extra beds so therefore no demand for extra staff.
  • Ferries – as discussed above.
  • Recycling Scheme – this will be rolled out through the Shetland.

Viking Energy Community Benefit Fund to be added to the agenda next month.

SIC website – LC asked if YCC could ask the SIC to add a page to their website for the community councils, this way each area could put on useful information for folk to access and links to the YCC etc. Clerk to enquire.

Community Council Elections – nominations and forms to be completed and submitted by the 17th October 2017. AJ asked if the vacancies can be put on the YCC Facebook page in the future as folk are not always aware that there are vacancies.

Meeting closed at 21.25. The next meeting will be 20th November in the Mid Yell school.







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