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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 25th November 2019 in the Mid Yell School


Present:  Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr R Jamieson, Mr J Saunders, Mr S Henderson

Apologies - Mr J Nicholson, Mr A Ross

In Attendance: Cllr A Priest, North Isles

Ms F Browne (North Isles Development Worker), PC A Manson, Police, K Lonsdale Clerk 

Visitors: Mr Dave Coupe- Executive Manager- Roads, John Duncan- Team Leader- Maintenance- Roads


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting. 


11/19/1 MINUTES 

7 Oct 2019 –the minutes from the October meeting were approved, by Mr R Jamieson and Mr L Odie

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, NI Dvp Worker, Police, SIC Elected representatives  and post on website 



Mr R Jamieson, Mr S Henderson, Mr J Saunders and Mr A Priest declared an interest in the item on Proposed Wind Farm at Gloup.


11/19/3 COMMUNITY WORK F Browne

Dial a Ride Flexibility- F Browne has contacted  Elaine Park regarding the issue with no response to date.

Action F Browne to recontact E Park  and CC to advertise outcome

Childcare- F Browne advises that the Scottish Government are consulting on ‘Out of School Care’ in Scotland.   The consultation asks parents what they think is needed to provide childcare for school age children to enable them to access learning or employment.  The team investigating this have visited Mid Yell Junior High School and spoken to Mark Lawson and Frances Browne. A post will go out on YCC facebook page to encourage community to add to the consultation and childcare related questions could be added to the Locality planning questionnaire to be discussed in December.

Action Clerk to post link to consultation on YCC Facebook page 


Locality planning- T Coutts to attend December YCC meeting to speak about business questionnaire.

Lack of elected member attendance at meetings-YCC members had expressed concern about lack of elected representatives at their meetings to provide feedback to the SIC. 

Action monitor SIC representative attendance at meetings

11/19/4 Visitors – Mr D Coupe- Executive Manager- Roads and Mr J Duncan- Team Leader, Maintence- Roads attended the meeting to discuss outstanding Roads matters. 


4.1 ROADS – Matters outstanding


Cullivoe to Gutcher road -  Mr D Coupe reported on the results of the Action Plan for the Strategic Road Network report which was presented to the Environment and Transport committee of the SIC on 20th November where it was approved that the Cullivoe to Gutcher road was a top priority,  This was welcomed by YCC. The improvements could ensure the future of business and development on the North Isles. The condition of Cullivoe to Gutcher road was the reason the capital investment improvement of approximately £4.3M was proposed.- Mr D Coupe stated that in its current condition the road needs to be maintained but cannot be fully repaired.  Following work done last year by the Road Master machine, to seal cracks in the road it will now be possible to monitor and to ascertain the projected lifespan of the carriage way. Other cracks and holes that need to be addressed will be monitored and additional small repairs will take place with the Road Master machine possibly next year for any additional repairs and sealing required.  Members had a number of questions and look forward to the planned drop in event to review the proposals.


Mr Coupe informed YCC of a proposed drop in event for the public to give opinions and views for the proposed formats of the new road. 8-10 options will be presented to the community for discussion.  The likely date for this meeting will be 10th December likely to be held in the Cullivoe Hall. Members had a number of questions and look forward to the planned drop in event to review the proposals.


Stonganess Corner bridge replacement- Mr Coupe informed CC that although funding was set aside for renovations to the bridge at Stonganess it was no longer a priority as to do so as bringing in plant and equipment would further damage the road and the priority has to be the Cullivoe to Gutcher road.  The bridge is still structurally intact and viable, He advised no work would be done there in the next 12-24 months. CC raised concerns not only about road condition but road safety with regards to obscured views by trees on the corner. Mr Coupe advised he would look into this issue. 

Action clerk to follow up with D Coupe about visibility issue


Aywick shop- Improvements to the ramp for disabled access and a sign to be sited, work to be carried out in next two weeks. 


Mirror at Gutcher- Mr Coupe advised that it is not feasible to place a mirror at this junction as it is a 60mph road and would be ineffective.  They are aware of the concern and the cause is a peat stack obstructing the view which they are trying to resolve. 


Additional road matters-Head of Mid Yell Voe to Hillend Junction, Aywick Shop tarring and Setter bend to be addressed next year.


Road Marking including Sellafirth parking bays- Crews to be in Yell early 2020.

Mr D Coupe and Mr J Duncan left meeting at 20:15

4.2Police Report – PC Manson gave positive feedback on the running of the Yellowe’en event in Burravoe.  PC Manson also advised that there was no crime to report in the previous month in Yell She did advise that there were some telephone scams affecting the community and she would provide wording for the YCC Facebook page to advise people what to do

ACTION Clerk to post FB message re scam calls


PC Manson left the meeting at 20.35




FERRIES – Outstanding matters


Feedback from Ferry Meeting at Sellaness on 25th November

Mr L Odie reported on the meeting he had attended along with Mr R Thomson, Mr R Jaimeson and Mr S Henderson, at Sellaness.


Monday Maintenance and single ferry- Due to budget restraints, it is not possible to change the maintenance to the weekend. YCC to consider requesting a change this to another day.

Single vessel timetable- The possibility of a special timetable for breakdowns etc when only a single vessel running is to be looked at.  When changing back to a normal timetable after a reduced one, the backlog will be cleared before bookings are reinstated. A new manually operated sign will be erected on the approach road to Toft.

 Timetable Consultation- The lack of consultation for both winter and festive timetables was noted. Summer timetable consultation will be done in February. 

Election night late crossing- Bookings will be taken for this crossing , but only through the booking office.

Toft Carpark- Both short term and long term parking was discussed, it was agreed that more longer term parking was required for both private and commercial vehicles.

Some safety concerns will be looked at.

Electronic Payment- Electronic payment for the purchase of tickets on the ferries is currently being trialled. 

Commercial online bookings- This should be available early next year.

Community Council runs- This is being addressed by the transport office.


5.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

As above 




Health Care Project- Update requested but no response.

ACTION A Jamieson to contact Mary Edna Watson for update

Following on from discussions on the costs of care in Isleshaven v Brucehall, Mia Hughson  (Acting Team Leader of Nordalea Services which includes Brucehall) : advisided that Tenants are responsible for paying their own rent, council tax, electricity etc within the property as you would with any tenancy.  In addition they pay a weekly service charge of £23.49 to cover some of the costs of the core house to which they have 24hr access. They do not pay for their care and support


Ambulance update- A Galbraith provided an update stating that they have started a new system in Yell where people are contracted staff and make their own rota, they currently have 6 people on the rota and a further 2 in the system.  He feels it is best to let this run for a few months before reporting back on progress or continuing recruitment. 

Action Clerk to follow up with A Galbraith and invite to attend January meeting



ACTION Clerk to contact M Lisk, SIC for an update.



Details of pier users passed on to A Inkster.  A Inkster advises that Claire Christey will pick up on  the project

Action Clerk to contact C Christey for an update



No action or update until a meeting takes place

ACTION Clerk and AJ to follow up




Mr L Odie to attend CLG meeting on 27th November



Mr D Coupe advised that it isn’t within the capital budget to make improvements like these and it is not currently a high priority,.

Re the weeds on pavements, Mr D Coupe explained that weeds on pavements are a persistent problem within Shetland and they are unable to use weed killers to solve this.



Alan Clark,Shetland Amenity Trust advises that they are awaiting an opportunity to remove and change out the figure head. 

ACTION Clerk to advise Mr L Johnson of the situation. 



The grass was finally cut last month.  Cllr Priest advised that the issue of graveyards not being cut was being discussed by the SIC    . 



 Mr Odie had said that the proposal of one elected member for each island was YCC’s preference however the proposal of two representative for the NI would be acceptable.

ACTION Clerk to inform Boundary Commission, Jan Riise and SIC Legal



The pavements have been pressure washed and cleaned. in the worst parts and will be reassessed next year. Regarding the clean up of cut grass the CC was advised that clean up this is part of the  contract of the business hired to cut the grass. 


5.14 YELL TOURIST LEAFLET- no update. 

ACTION A Ross to follow up



2019/285/PPF Installation of a public electric vehicle charge point and shelter at Cullivoe pier.- YCC support this application


YCC approved payment of grant to Yell Youth Cafe  of £486 on 20th May. Moved by Mr R Jamieson, seconded by Mr L Odie.




9.1 ‘ESSY KERT’ YCC had expressed concerns to SIC about the loss of 2 jobs from the island due to the retirement of the current driver and current contract holder , there has been no response from Brydon Sinclair- Waste Prevention Officer. 

Action Clerk and Cllr A Priest to chase up response



Dates were confirmed for YCC meetings throughout 2020.  Meeting will be held on the third Monday of the month every month except December 2020 when it will be held on 14th December. 

Action clerk to email dates, M Duncan and MYJHS and update the website. 


The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on 

Monday 16th December 2019

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