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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 18th May 2020 via Zoom Online Conferencing


Present:  Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice Chair), Mr R Jamieson, Mr S Henderson, Mr A Ross, Mr J Saunders,

         Apologies:           Mr J Nicholson,

        In Attendance:     K Lonsdale (Clerk), Cllr A Priest (Elected Representative North Isles),      Cllr Duncan Anderson (Elected Representative North Isles), Cllr Ryan Thomson (Elected Representative North Isles), Ms F Browne (North Isles Community Development Worker), Mr M Duncan (Community Liaison Officer SIC)


L Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting and then formally paid tribute to and gave thanks to everyone who is working through this pandemic.  To the NHS staff in the hospitals and also in the community, the care home staff and home care workers,  the ferry staff, the shop workers, bus drivers, post and delivery workers. And to all the others who in any way are supporting the community through this crisis. A big Thank you to you all.



F Browne declared an interest in the Shetland Space Centre item.


5/20/2 RECORD SHEET 13.4.20

13th April 2020- The record sheet for the gathering on 13th April was approved by Mr R Jamieson and Mrs A Jamieson.


5/20/3 MINUTES

16th March 2020- The minutes for the March meeting were approved by Mr R Jamieson and Mr L Odie

ACTION: clerk to forward to CC Liaison, NI Dvp Worker, Police, SIC Elected Representatives and post on the website.


5/20/4 UPDATE ON Community Anchor Organisation

Mrs A Jamieson provided an update on work being carried out by the CAO during the current pandemic.  The CAO comprises Mrs A Jamieson and Mr L Odie as representatives of YCC as well as members of the public across the isle. Meetings are also attended by F Browne.


Funding has been secured from HIE Supporting Communities Fund for £20,000 as well as SSEN Resilience Fund for £1550.  The SSEN funding is allocated specifically to provide assistance for the over 70s, members of the population who are shielding and pregnant people.


The CAO has distributed a newsletter via post, email and Facebook post to all residents in Yell indicating that support is available to those impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.  The group is starting to receive some feedback as a result.  This week members of the group and volunteers will begin making telephone calls to Yell residents who have been identified as possibly requiring contact.


A Jamieson acknowledges that it may be difficult for people to approach the organisation for help and encouraged Community Council members to refer people to the CAO if they felt they may require assistance.


Mr J Saunders and Mr M Duncan arrived at the meeting 20:15




Ferry restrictions

A restricted timetable is currently in operation due to the current pandemic.  YCC notes that the reduction in the timetable has caused problems for essential workers as well as business in Yell.

Mr L Odie brought to the attention of YCC that the guideline for booking ferries increased from 30 minutes before departure to 60 minutes before departure without consultation with relevant Community Councils.  Mr L Odie contacted Sellaness to urge them to return to the 30 minute limit as the change would negatively impact businesses in the north isles. Unst and Whalsay Community Councils also raised concerns. 

Following these correspondence the booking system remains at 30 minutes prior to sailing.  Members noted that this update has not been widely shared with the travelling public.

Members also asked that any changes to the timetable be highlighted when a new timetable is released.

ACTION: Cllr R Thomson to raise concerns and suggestions with Ferries


Members noted that the signage at Tingwall currently displays incorrect information stating that vessels are running a ‘Normal Service’ when they are only running a ‘Single Vessel Service’.

ACTION: Cllr R Thomson to inform Ferries


YCC requested information regarding changes to the planned maintenance schedule of the ferries due to the current pandemic.

ACTION: Cllr R Thomson to request information

Cllr R Thomson informed YCC that all efforts are being made to reinstate a nearer normal timetable following guidance from the Scottish Government tht restrictions may be eased soon.  It was felt that YCC should be consulted on these changes before the June meeting.

ACTION: Cllr R Thomson to set up a meeting between North Isle’s CCs and Ferries



Cullivoe Road

YCC noted that restructuring and resurfacing of the Cullivoe to Gutcher road is currently taking place. Members are, however, disappointed to hear that it may take 7 years to complete the new road.

There is to be a meeting later in the week between the roads department and the North Yell Development Council. A clearer picture of the timescale for the road may be available soon.  Cllr R Thomson will attend the meetinging and feedback the outcome to YCC.  It is hoped that the planning restrictions in North Yell may be lifted in the future.  The planning restrictions are having a severe, detrimental effect on the community and business in North Yell, YCC feels it is vital that these restrictions are lifted.


Adoption Water Scheme Road, Hillend, Mid Yell

Residents of Water Scheme Road were unsure of the protocol for council business during the current pandemic but have been encouraged to contact both the Roads Department and Scottish Water to proceed with their application to have the road adopted by the council.  YCC supports their application


Resurfacing schedule

YCC note that the resurfacing schedule may be reassessed due to Covid 19


Crash Barrier Sellafirth

Work due to be carried out on the crash barrier at Sellafirth has not been completed.

ACTION: Clerk to request update.



Discussions on the proposed NHS project will be picked up at a later date



Following the ASCC meeting in March, work is being done to compile and complete an accurate list of the locations of all the defibrillators in Shetland.  YCC will expect that later in the year they will be contacted to check the list and provide updates.  When completed the list will be distributed and available online through the Scottish Ambulance Service.



YCC have submitted the application for the Keep Scotland Beautiful Beach Award.  Due to the current pandemic the intent is that the award will be carried over from last year. KSB are sensitive about  the date for announcing the awards due to the pandemic.



The refuse collection service on Yell is now staffed from Mainland Shetland.  YCC regrets the loss of two jobs from the isle.  Before the Covid 19 pandemic and correspondence from Colin Bragg SIC informed YCC that the job would be advertised on the isle.

ACTION: Clerk to request update



Mid Yell Development Group have secured funding for the upgrade of the toilets at the pier but the process has been put on hold due to Covid 19.  They have secured additional time to carry out the work which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.



A constituent of Aywick brought to the attention of YCC the state of the footpath leading to the Aywick shop.  An estimate from the SIC for the work was far more than YCC would be able to spend on the project.

YCC raised the concern that the pathway is an informal shortcut and the permission of the land owner would need to be sought.  Mr M Duncan suggested YCC list the pathway as a potential project with Active Travel in the hopes of receiving consideration of funding for the path and that discussions with the landowner could happen at a later date.

ACTION: Clerk to contact Robina Barton, Active Travel



YCC recognised the need for a bus shelter at Heatherlee, Burravoe at the March meeting but progress was halted due to the current pandemic.

ACTION: Clerk to contact Michael Craigie, Transport Planning and Roads Department.




YCC discussed the plans to centralise Air Traffic Control from Sumburgh to Mainland Scotland.  The SIC have urged the consultation process but halted until an Island Impact Survey can be undertaken.  Cllr R Thomson encouraged the YCC to give feedback into this consultation as stakeholders on it.  Mr M Duncan will feedback concerns to the ASCC.

YCC discussed the various implications of centralising air traffic control. Concerns were raised over the safety of a centralised system and the effect it will have on the service.  Connectivity and infrastructure is an ongoing issue throughout Shetland and could result in flights being grounded.  Similarly the adverse weather conditions often experienced in Shetland could result in a poorer service as cameras used for visuals are less effective than people on the ground.  The suggested changes would also result in the loss of skilled jobs in Shetland.

ACTION: Clerk to summaries points for feedback



YCC noted the consultation information received.  Concerns from the public have been raised with the elected representatives who advise that there is a lot of misinformation at the moments and that people be encouraged to seek out the correct information.  Cllr A Priest would provide a link to the consultation.<>




2020/071/PPF | Installation of a single 0.6Mtr Dish Antenna, Installation of a 0.9Mtr Dish Antenna on an existing BT Radio Mast | Mid Yell BT Station Shetland

YCC supports this application


5/20/8 FINANCE

YCC note that the core funding has been received



Applications for the Distribution fund were put on hold due to the current pandemic but have now been reopened and YCC have submitted the application.  YCC expects to hear a decision by early June.


YCC will prepare an advert for The Shetland Times encouraging community groups to submit applications for grants.  This will also be posted on the YCC Facebook page and distributed via F Browne to local groups.  YCC notes that advertising in the shops is not possible at the current time.  The closing date for CDF applications will be before the July YCC meeting

ACTION: Clerk to draft advertisement



YCC will draft an advertisement for road grants to be distributed in the same way.  The closing date for road grant applications will be before the June YCC meeting.

ACTION: Clerk to draft advertisement



The applications for project grants have also reopened following the pandemic.  YCC discussed the possibility that a project grant could be used for the Aywick Path but determined that the grant would not be sufficient for this work.

YCC will submit an application for funds to provide skips in Yell. There is high demand from the public for skips and as non essential travel is likely to be discouraged for the foreseeable future it is difficult for Yell residents to access the dump in Lerwick.

ACTION: Clerk to submit Project Grant Application by 29th May

Mrs A Jamieson asked if skips could be provided in the meantime for the isle as the refuse facility on the mainland is set to reopen on 1st June but due to travel restrictions it is not appropriate for Yell residents to travel to Lerwick.

ACTION: Clerk to email Cllr R Thomson

Mr J Saunders left the meeting 21:1


An email which had come in to the CAO from the Seafield Seafront trust was referred to F Browne as it was without the remit of the CAO.  The trust was requesting matched funding due to their fundraising plans being hampered due to Covid 19.  YCC noted that the trust could apply for CDF in future but were not able to assist with the request at this time.



Mr L Odie had made enquiries into online banking for YCC to enable money to be paid out faster.  Due to the current restrictions posting cheques between the clerk and two signatories is time consuming and online banking could streamline this process.  YCC will consider the safeguarding implications of this service.

Mr M Duncan will investigate further with other community councils as well as the finance department and provide this information for YCC to consider before making a decision.

ACTION: M Duncan to revert with further information



YCC approved payment for £260 to Karan Hannay for the purchase of stamps for the CAO newsletter and £12.25 to Kate Lonsdale for the purchase of envelopes for the CAO newsletter. The payments were approved by Mr R Jamieson and Mr A Ross.

YCC are ultimately accountable for the funding from SSEN and HIE SUpporting Communities Fund and therefore it is important to ascertain the best method of effecting payments.  Mr M Duncan advised that a way forward would be for the CAP to administer the payments and to report spend at the next YCC meeting.




Currently one of the YEll sound ferries is in lerwick as it was scheduled for maintenance when the ‘lockdown’ was implemented. YCC members urge that when the ferry timetable movers nearer to ‘normal’ provision there is a need to ensure that there is adequate provision of ferries on Yell Sound.  The restrictions to the timetable are already adversely affecting businesses and shipment of fish and any further restrictions due to maintenance will cause additional issues.


9.2 CULLIVOE ROAD- user input

Members request that business users in the North Yell such as RG Jamiesons and Hendersons have input into the discussion on the planning of the new road. It was suggested that a meeting be arranged by Cllr R Thomson between the road department and YCC.  It is felt that the wider Cullivoe community should be consulted.  Members particularly wish to urge that a dialogue between the SIC and landowners starts as soon as possible.  The Legal department will also be invited to attend the meeting.

ACTION: Cllr R Thomson to arrange a meeting.


YCC asked elected representatives if the SIC will have any input into the lifting of restrictions or whether guidelines will come solely from the Scottish Government.  Elected Representatives advised that discussions are happening within the SIC about the island perspective but nothing can advance until the Scottish Government provides guidelines.



YCC noted an email from a resident regarding the desire to see seafood producers set up a farmers market locally.  YCC felt this was an excellent idea but without the remit of YCC to organise. F Browne offered to provide assistance by passinginformation from the Unst Farmers Market who are an independent constituted group.

ACTION: Clerk to respond to resident and pass on details




The next meeting of the Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 15th June 2020 via Zoom Online Conferencing.


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