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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 21 May 2018 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr S Henderson, Ms L Cunningham, & Mr G Hughson.

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk)

Apologies:            Mr R Jamieson, Mr J Nicholson, Mr A Priest & Ms F Browne (NICW)

Visitors:                Marine Spatial Planning Officers Rachel Shucksmith & Clarlotte Slater from NAFC Marine. Marjorie Williamson - Chair of Integration Joint Board, Cllr Allison Duncan – Vice-Chair of the IJB, Simon Bokker-Ingram – Director of Health & Social Care, Ann Robertson – Interim Community Care Resources Manager, Lisa Watt – Primary Care Manager, NHS Shetland.

Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


05/18/3.1 VISITORS – Marine Spatial Planning Officers Rachel Shucksmith & Charlotte Slater from NAFC Marine Centre

As part of their ongoing work of the Shetland Regional Marine Planning Partnership NAFC are going to be holding a number of public events over the summer to allow consultation on the next steps for the Shetland Islands’ Regional Marine Plan. They came to the meeting to discuss the issues relating to the marine environment in the local area that the community may have identified, consider potential opportunities for actions to address these issues and find out what is valued in the community in relation to the marine environment. This consultation is for the whole of Scotland but unlike many other areas, Shetland already have marine plans from the past they can use and will look at updating this rather than having to start from scratch. Rachel gave out some questionnaires for members to fill in to help gather information, these will also be used at public events. In the consultation all development issues and possibilities will be looked into whether that is restricting or developing industries. They asked if there were any specific issues currently restricting industry and ways it can be improved. Members spoke about how restrictive the ferries were and how fixed links would resolve this.

There are already Marine Protected Areas around Shetland and areas protecting birds along Bluemull Sound. YCC noted that they are very aware of the economic value of aquaculture in Shetland and Yell in particular and it is important that the consultation does not use a one size fits all approach. Mr Thomason from C&A Thomason Shellfish added that although mussel farms are often thought of as negative for the environment, in fact the opposite is true and this should be taken into consideration.

The consultation should begin in October.


NAFC and Mr Thomason left at 7.40pm

05/18/3.2 VISITORS – Simon Bokker-Ingram, Lisa Watt, Ann Robertson, - NHS Shetland. Marjorie Williamson & Cllr Allison Duncan - IJB

Mr Bokker-Ingram came to the meeting to talk about the recruiting challenges they are experiencing in social care, both for the care centre and for care at home. The care inspectorate dictate the minimum staffing levels for care centres and Isleshavn is at minimum levels for this. Staff turnover is at roughly 15% which is about average for the industry and although other areas have better turnover, Yell is the same as the West side. When jobs have been advertised there have not been many applicants, it is thought that this could be that the age of the workforce in Yell is quite high. YCC members believe this is because many younger folk are now settling in the mainland instead of staying in the isles due to the ferry issues. This of course would be resolved if there were fixed links as this would also open up Yell to folk from Unst and Mossbank. Ms Watt stated that all of the feedback she had received for the Health & Social Care Project stated that adding fixed links would resolve many issues. Ms Cunningham suggested that the adverts should state that the positions are open to flexible working and different types of work (care at home & in the care centre) and if possible to offer term time contracts and student contracts to cover the school holidays. Another option that is available is to work as a personal assistant working directly for the cared for person, this is available through self-directed care.

GP – Ms Watt told members that Dr Lord who visited Yell and worked alongside Dr Gardner in April enjoyed his time here. He is coming back in August to work on his own to get a better feel for the job before deciding if he would like to accept the permanent GP position.

Ambulance Coordinator – Members briefly spoke about the ambulance coordinator role which has now been filled. Members are delighted about this but are disappointed that the role was never advertised which meant the job was left empty for over a year. Cllr Duncan will contact Mr Odie tomorrow to discuss further.

Delegates from NHS Shetland and the Integration Joint Board left the meeting at 8.20pm


05/18/4 MINUTES

16 April 2018 –the minutes from the April meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson & Mrs A Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police, NICWO and post on website



Between meetings Ms Lynn Thompson resigned from her position as a YCC member. Details were sent to SIC to keep the register up to date. The vacancy will be added to the notifications for the elections in November.




Whalefirth Men’s Shed have applied to OSCR to become a SCIO and have been helping Herra Hall with the electricity costs while they are waiting for the transfer of the building.

Ms Browne has been to see the Royal Voluntary Service about their volunteering schemes and will update YCC on these at the next meeting.

Adult learning are conducting surveys with preschool parents about childcare as this is becoming an issue for folk. These items can be fed into the Locality Planning process.




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Community Runs – YCC were sent the information on the number of c hire ferry runs each area were allocated.
  2. Transport meeting – Mr Odie had a very positive meeting with Mr Craigie, they discussed many of the current issues.
  3. Yell Show Day – The 2013 Yell Show Day timetable did not function well as the turnarounds were too tight but Mr Robertson will try to fit in a few extra ferries for Yell Show Day.
  4. Booking Office telephone – YCC queried if it was possible to have a queuing system for the booking office phone instead of the simple message stating ‘the office is busy, please try later’. Reply: The system has recently been upgraded so this will be investigated and the online booking system is about to be upgraded to allow customers to manage their own bookings, this should reduce the pressure on the booking office and allow more calls to get through.
  5. Vehicle checks – YCC query if during busy times booked vehicles could be checked as there are occasions when vehicles swap lanes to ensure they get on, this is not fair on those who use the system properly. Reply: Crews have been informed to only accept the name on the booking sheet.
  6. Waiting for bus – YCC asked if, during breakdowns/single vessel, could the ferry due to leave Toft at 8.45 please wait for the service bus coming from Lerwick. Otherwise folk get to Ulsta and have missed the service bus, they then have to wait around for many hours. Reply: we endeavour to operate as close as possible to accommodate the arrival of the service bus but they will monitor the situation.

7.1 FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Monday 21st May – the 7.45am ferry from Ulsta has become very unreliable. This morning it did sail but then a crew member got off at Toft and went to a course in Scalloway which left the ferry short and therefore could not sail. This has become a poor service when commuting staff rely on it the most to get to work.
  2. Late Hire Grant – members discussed what level of grant could be offered and any criteria for this. The offer letter needs to be finalised.
  3. C Hire request – Mid Yell Hall with the Mid Yell Boating Club have requested a community hire ferry following the Mid Yell Regatta. Mr Hughson declared an interest. Approved by Mr Henderson and Ms Cunningham. The 4 allocated community hires are now all booked.



7.2  ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Road signs for Mid Yell – the contractors have been busy with the safety barrier repairs at Dales Lees, the Mid Yell signs should be done in April/May.
  2. Mid Yell sign - the Mid Yell sign from the head of the voe is still missing, this was due to be done in April.
  3. Meadowbank Road, Burravoe – the section of road from the Old Haa to the Swedish houses on Meadowbank Road has no path and is very narrow. This could be put forward as a project under participatory budgeting, SIC will look at the land ownership. Nothing further to date.
  4. Cunnister Road – There is a large pothole on the Cunnister Road near the Portland Quarry. This will be added to the patching list.
  5. Hill Road, Cullivoe – ditching work is needed, during the winter water was on the road, it then froze and has caused potholes. Ditching work has been done on this section of road, Roads dept will check for potholes and prioritise as needed.
  6. Westsandwick Graveyard Road – this road is looked after by the graveyards dept and has had some limited repairs done to it.


7.2 ROADS – Matters arising

  1. ASCC meeting – Roads dept will be attending the next ASCC meeting.
  2. Flashing signs, Mid Yell – The 20mph signs outside Mid Yell School don’t flash, the school are unaware of them not functioning properly.
  3. 30mph Gutcher – YCC query when the 30mph signs will be erected at Gutcher.
  4. Poor quality repairs – YCC note that the quality of the repairs between the shell dump and the grid approaching Mid Yell are of poor quality and query if this is just a temporary fix.
  5. Gutcher/Cullivoe junction – this is a very tight junction and has some large slow vehicles coming out of it which is very dangerous. This junction was on the list of improvements about 2 years ago. Is it possible to get a ‘heavy plant crossing’ sign or similar.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept



  1. GP vacancy – as above, Dr Lord will be coming back in August.
  2. Ambulance in Yell – an ambulance coordinator for Yell has now been recruited. The role will be similar to the old role but with some changes. HMRC have introduced new rules for contractors and 3rd party payments so this is causing an issue with payments for the volunteers but this will eventually be resolved.
  3. Dental services – YCC queried if folk who had left the dental practice would be able to return to the Yell practice now there is a dentist in situ. This may be possible in the future but this will need to be discussed with the Yell team. YCC query how many patients have left the Yell practice.
  4. Health & Care Project Yell – all information from the responses are being entered and sorted into themes.
  5. Care Centre – YCC queried if there were places available at Islehavn if needed. As above, currently utilising 7 of the 10 beds due to staff shortages.


7.4 PROPOSED WIND FARM AT GLOUP – Next meeting date 13th June with public exhibitions on 26th & 27th June.


7.5 NOTICE BOARDS – The information boards for the Catalina and the White Wife will be replaced in the summer. The White Wife memorial will also be taken to Lerwick for restoration.


7.6 ABANDONED VEHICLES – The revised car uplift scheme of end of life vehicles was received. Some makes will be uplifted by Autogreen, their website is some other makes will be uplifted by Shetland Amenity Trust.


7.7 BOTTLE BANKS – YCC queried the procedure for getting the recycling bins emptied and requested that a phone number was attached to the bins so folk could phone when full. YCC were told that the banks are emptied on a six week rotation but as the banks are often over full this is clearly not regular enough.

Action: contact Cllr Thomson

7.8 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – information regarding the grant system was received. Public meetings were due to be held during April. Nothing further to date, YCC request an update on this.


7.9 MID YELL POST OFFICE – Nothing further to report.


7.10 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – This unsightly building is still waiting for demolition, YCC query if a date has been set for this. No date has been set for this as yet.


7.11 MID YELL PIER – the subsidence at the pier in Mid Yell was reported to Sella Ness and investigated immediately, no reply to date.


7.12 PARKING CHARGES AT SUMBURGH – YCC wrote to HIAL stating their disappointment at the proposed charges and how this will effect folk.


7.13 WAR MEMORIALS – A grant offer from War Memorials Trust has been received. Other grants are still pending. Moving the memorials will depend on receiving further grants.

Action: clerk to action as noted.



2018/090/PPF – erect wind turbine at Ulsta Ferry Terminal. YCC have a number of concerns about this application including land sterilisation, development of nearby properties, location of turbine, noise levels and properties not noted on the application.



After checking the road grant details the following road grants were approved by Mr S Henderson and Mr G Hughson

Mr Anderson, Ulsta 132m tarring @ £6/m = £792

Mr T Robertson, Burravoe, 35m tarring @ £6/m = £210

Mr Strachan, Mid Yell, 36m tarring@ £6/m = £216

Mr Henry, Cullivoe, 40m tarring @ £6/m = £240



  1. Make a difference training – this is training to tackle loneliness and isolation. YCC query if local training can be arranged for this.
  2. Funding Website – this site is designed to assist community groups and voluntary organisations to search for funding opportunities. More details can be found at:
  3. Portacabin at Ulsta – a portcabin has been placed right next to the new picnic bench at Ulsta, this is a little disappointing but members decided it will be easier to move the table rather than the portacabin.
  4. PVG Consultation – the Scottish Government and Disclosure Scotland have launched a consultation document that will form the basis of the PVG scheme going forward.
  5. CC survey – YCC received a survey for cc members to fill in about how community councils make a difference in the areas they represent. Members to respond individually.
  6. SSMO member – SSMO have been in touch to see if there is any Community Councillor who would be interested in joining its board. The board meet approximately 9 times per year.
  7. Aa Trow Yell – Ms Cunningham is organising a family activity for the summer where families go about Yell finding Trow Doors. Land ownership was discussed to seek permission.
  8. Commemoration Beacons – there is a national project to commemorate the centenary of the cessation of the First World War which will take place on 11 Nov 2018. Details can be found at:
  9. Merchant Navy Day – YCC received details of the Merchant Navy Day, 3rd September 2018. Details can be found at:
  10. NHS Health Improvement Team – the Health Improvement Team are upgrading their website to make it more local. They are trying to make this a one-stop-shop to find anything that is going on in the local areas. More details can be found at: if any groups would like their activities added to this please contact Claire via email:



No new reports received









The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 18th June 2018 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm


Visitors – TBC

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