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        Shetland Policing Report March 2019     




Date     11/04/2019


To         Shetland Community Councils


From     Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch  




The public consultation is for you to tell us what is important to you in your community. Your opinion is valued – we need your opinion to inform our policing. Having your say in the decision making process of Police Scotland is a vital tool for residents of Scotland to be able to shape the way their public services should operate.


It's a very simple process that should only take a few moments of your time but will shape the way that policing is coordinated across Scotland and in your local community.


Please take time and encourage others to complete this questionnaire which can be found at








Road Safety remains a priority for local policing in Shetland. As previously reported, due to ongoing concerns regarding speeding and inconsiderate driving, dedicated resources have been directed to enforcing road traffic legislation. This has led to an increase of 100 road traffic offences being detected in the last 12 months in comparison to the previous year.


The following is a breakdown of road traffic offences detected during the year 2018/19





Total number of Road Traffic Offences detected







Number of drivers charged with Dangerous Driving







Drink/ Drug Driving offences







Driving over the speed limit



Driving while disqualified







Driving without insurance



Driving without a licence



Seat belt offences



Mobile phone offences



Careless driving



Neglecting traffic directions



No test certificate



Other miscellaneous road traffic offences









Police Scotland in collaboration with Crime stoppers have launched the County Lines Campaign to highlight the pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns.


The campaign aims to raise awareness of County Lines, which is when criminals from major cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, London and Birmingham are expanding their drug networks to other areas, bringing with it serious criminal behaviour such as violence, exploitation and abuse.


What is County Lines?

County Lines is when criminal networks export illegal drugs into rural areas of the UK and use any means to achieve this.


Violent behaviour, exploitation and abuse is having a massive impact on rural communities as well as vulnerable children and adults who are being recruited in major cities to fund and expand various drug networks. These vulnerable individuals are then forced to transport cash and drugs all over the country, so that the criminals behind them can remain detached and ultimately less likely to be caught.


The criminals use a variety of tactics including setting up base in rural areas for a short time, taking over the home of a vulnerable person by ‘cuckooing’ and using adults and children to act as drug runners.


Police Scotland have made significant strides to assist and a number of arrests of people involved in this type of activity has taken place. These arrests have resulted in a number of vulnerable adults and children who were coerced into this type of activity now being safeguarded.


Vulnerable people in Shetland have become and continue to become victim to Organised Crime Groups who are setting up bases and networks in the community to exploit and expand a market for the sale of illegal drugs in Shetland.


Your information can help get them removed and keep communities safe. I encourage you to please speak to us and pass on any information you have.


Contact the charity Crime stoppers, 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111 or use the anonymous online form at


If you would like more information please contact PC Carole Smith on 101 or





The following is a summary of some of the reported incidents attended by Police Scotland in your ward area during the month of March. Not all incidents attended will be included in the summary due to anonymity but hopefully this will provide an indication of the ongoing police activity in your area.




There has been one incident recorded for Bressay which relates to damage to a motor vehicle.



There have been four incidents recorded for Yell which includes:

Report of vandalism

Concern for person who was traced safe and well



There have been two routine incidents recorded for Unst.



There have been n0 incidents recorded for Fetlar.



There has been one incident recorded for Whalsay.

Concern for a person who was traced safe and well.



There have been twenty incidents recorded for Scalloway including:

Three reports of concern for people who were traced safe and well on all occasions.

House searched and drugs recovered.

Incident of Public Nuisance.

Two drivers charged with speeding.

One driver charged no seatbelt

A driver charged with dangerous driving, drink driving, no MOT, no insurance, driving whilst disqualified and failing to stop for police


Burra & Trondra

There have been n0 incidents recorded for Burra & Trondra



Sandsting & Aithsting

There have been three incidents recorded for Sandsting and Aithsting

Two reported incidents of concern for person calls whereby both were safe and well.

Report of bones found under garden shed which were found to be animal remains.



Walls & Sandness

There has been eight incidents recorded for Walls and Sandness.

Two of these incidents related to missing persons whereby both have been traced safe and well.



There have been twelve incidents recorded for Dunrossness which include:

Report of a road traffic collision.

Report of Embezzlement.

Fire – fire at Fair Isle bird observatory.

Neighbour dispute – advice given.

Person found in possession of drugs.



There have been three incidents recorded in Sandwick

One of which included a concern for a person who was traced safe and well.


Nesting and Lunnasting

There has been one incident recorded for Nesting and Lunnasting

Road traffic collision – vehicle in field, no one injured.



There have been thirty incidents recorded for Delting including:

Noise neighbour call – advice given

Report of careless driving.

Two reports of vandalism.

Six drivers charged with speeding offences.

One driver charged with dangerous overtake

One driver charged with drink driving

One driver charged for driving without correct category of licence.

Report of concern for a person who was traced safe and well.



There have been six incidents recorded for Northmavine including;

One report of disturbance.

Road traffic collision – vehicle in ditch, no injuries


Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale

There have been nine incidents recorded for Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale including;

Report of a missing person who was traced safe and well

Vehicle fire – no injuries

Road traffic collision – damage to road sign, no injuries

Road traffic collision – vehicle collided with road furniture, no damage to vehicle or furniture.



Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh & Quarff

There have been ten incidents recorded for Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh and Quarff including;

Report of sheep worrying

Report of attempted internet Scam.

Road traffic collision, minor injuries received.



There have been 248 incidents recorded for the Lerwick area.

A summary of the incidents of note can be broken down to the following categories

  1. Noise Neighbour calls– 17
  2. Drink Driving - 1
  3. Assaults –4 (2 in a Licenced Premises)
  4. Breach of the Peace/Disorder – 2
  5. Vandalisms – 7
  6. Two people searched and found in possession of drugs.
  7. One house searched and drugs recovered.
  8. Eleven reports of theft.
  9. Two reports of Anti- social behaviour.


The remainder of the calls and incidents have been of a routine nature. There has also been a number of road traffic offences detected in and around Lerwick which have included one driver charged with using a mobile phone, one charged with no seatbelt, two charged with speeding and a number of other road traffic offences.







If anyone has any information relating to any of the police enquiries or incidents highlighted in your area please pass this on to your community council officers or on the number provided.


Contact can be made with Police Scotland through the 101 national number, or Crime Stoppers which is anonymous on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively you can use




Lindsay Tulloch

Area Commander



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