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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 18th March 2019 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr S Henderson & Mr R Jamieson

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk), Cllr R Thomson (ex-officio), Ms F Browne (North Isles Development Worker) & PC Simon Findlay

Apologies:            Mr J Nicholson, Michael Duncan & Mr A Ross.

Visitors:                2 members of the Yell Ambulance crew


03/19/3 VISITORS – Yell Ambulance Crew

Mr Odie had invited members of the Yell Ambulance crew to come to the meeting to discuss the service and the obstacles they were facing.

Contracts and training need sorting out as a matter of urgency, there are people wanting to help with this and are left frustrated that training is not being offered. It is also most important to improve the method of calling out the volunteers.

  1. Recruitment - Several people have applied for positions with the Scottish Ambulance service, some of those have not had any acknowledgement of their application and some have finally had a reply after months of waiting.
  2. Training - New members are waiting to be trained and although there are qualified trainers on Yell, these are not being utilised. Training of existing crew is not being kept up to date and some certificates have now lapsed.
  3. Payment - No system is in place to pay the volunteers who have not received any remuneration for several years
  4. Cleaning & waste - The crew are taking the vehicle home to be cleaned which means that clinical waste is being put with household rubbish, yet an NHS driver comes to Yell every day and could easily take this to the hospital to be disposed of appropriately.
  5. Equipment - Equipment donated to the Ambulance Service is not being recognised by them and is not regularly maintained by them.
  6. Fuelling - Problems have occurred with fuelling the vehicle as previous invoices had not been paid.
  7. Coordinator - A coordinator has been appointed but they are still waiting to officially start.


Action: clerk to request urgent meeting with SAS



03/19/4 MINUTES

25 February 2019 – the minutes from the February meeting were approved by Mrs A Jamieson & Mr R Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police and post on website



Mr R Jamieson & Mr S Henderson declared an interest in the proposed Energy Isles wind farm in North Yell.

Mr R Jamieson & Mrs A Jamieson declared an interest in the Yell Welfare Trust


Ms Browne to find out more information on declarations of interest for clarification.  To research the level of interest which should be declared and feed back to members after the cc elections.


03/19/6 COMMUNITY WORK      

Childcare meeting – there is a meeting at Mid Yell School on Wednesday to look at the childcare shortage in Yell. FB will attend.



03/19/7 POLICE

YCC were concerned about the number of incidents in the last Police report, PC Findlay assured members that this was mainly an ongoing neighbourhood dispute. More recently there had been one neighbourhood dispute and a separate incident of an act of vandalism at the Hillshop. PC Findlay will be leaving in the summer, YCC wish him and his family well for the future. PC Angela Manson has been recruited as his replacement, she is currently in Lerwick and will start shadowing Simon shortly. The speed gun has been used a few times at Gutcher to help slow traffic down on the approach. There has also been a Police presence in the isles on Saturday nights to try to deter drink driving, this will continue.





SIC have published an update for the current inter-islands transport studies.

It focuses on the 4 Outline Business Cases that are currently underway and to be concluded in the next few months. YCC are disappointed with this study as it is not looking at joining Shetland up and not taking into account the traffic who will visit the isles with tunnels in place. Cllr Thomson thinks it would be quite feasible to put a bridge over Bluemull Sound. The saved revenue could then be spent elsewhere. The council policy is to put in fixed links if feasible. YCC query if it would be possible to get a feasibility study on this. Fixed links would have a huge positive impact for the North Isles.


FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Bus & Ferry time table changes – the draft timetables were received and show the revised starting times to accommodate the bus leaving slightly earlier. YCC are pleased to note that the bookings only ferries can now be booked online up to 2 hours before sailing.
  2. Late bus – on a day when the bus was late the ferry left before the bus had arrived leaving passengers stranded at Toft for an hour. YCC request that ferries wait for the bus even when it is running late. Ferries investigating
  3. Budget shortfall – following a report on Radio Shetland, YCC were concerned that SIC were not going to get full funding or ferries from the Scottish Gov’t. The impact of any reduction in inter-island ferries services would be detrimental to the islands, Members hope the North Isles elected members can assure YCC on continuance of the current level of service in light of the financial challenge. Concerns will be passed on.
  4. Linkspan replacement – although the schedule for replacing the linkspans starts in Winter 2020, it is thought that it will happen on Yell Sound in winter of 2021, there will be plenty of notice given for this.


FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Ferry meeting feedback – at the meeting with ferries in January, ferries dept took away a lot of suggestions and queries. YCC request an update on these please.
  2. Government funding – SIC have asked the Scottish Government to pay for the inter-island ferries, they are still waiting for the outcome of this.
  3. Dry dock – now the Yell Sound ferry is in dry dock it is the small ferry that is ties up all day each Monday. YCC further query the maintenance schedule and if this cannot be done some other way.



8.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

  1. Burravoe School Junction – the Give Way road marking will be re-instated.
  2. Re-surfacing Mid Yell, Hillend to junction at head of Voe – still to be re-scheduled. YCC to ask SIC to look into the possibility of making this double width.
  3. Cat’s Eyes – the cat’s eyes along the main road at West Yell are in a poor state or missing. This will be assessed and scheduled for replacement next financial year where needed.
  4. Faded lines – the road marking lines between Ulsta and Westsandwick are now very faded. This will be assessed and programmed for March where needed.
  5. Pot Holes at Aywick – the large potholes at Aywick shop have now been filled. Further improvements are scheduled.


  • ROADS – Matters arising
  1. Repair schedule – YCC noted that the repairs for the back of the ness in Mid Yell were not on the repair schedule for 2019-20. Reply: the reason this is not on the schedule is because this is not classed as a major works.
  2. Traffic counter – YCC query if a traffic counter can be put on the road Hillend to Head of the Voe junction.

Action: clerk to contact Roads dept.




  1. Health & Care Project Yell – the next meeting is scheduled for 21st March, the terms of reference still need to be addressed.
  2. GP post - nothing further to date.
  3. Dental list – YCC further query what progress is being made on the waiting list for dental patients. No reply to date.
  4. Ambulance coordinator/drivers – an advert for emergency responders was received and put on the YCC FB page. Clerk to request an update. There is concern that the ambulance is not being cleaned, there were no blankets on one occasion. The ambulance was taken to Ulsta for fuel but was refused as the account had not been paid. Reply: These issues have now been dealt with

Action: as noted



3D video of images – Mr Odie has been invited to see a 3D video of images of the proposed wind farm.


8.5 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – nothing further to date.

8.6 MID YELL POST OFFICE – The old Linkshouse Stores has now been bought. The new owner would like the local community to set up a community shop and has approached the Post Office about re-instating the Post Office facilities. This could also include re-instating fuel sales at the site. As yet they are not sure what the whole premises will be used for but are looking into lots of options. Details to be passed to local development groups

8.7 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – waiting for the building warrant. It will probably be late Spring before this can proceed.

8.8 MID YELL PIER FENDERING – works scheduled for financial year 2018/19. This should now happen by the summer.

8.9 WAR MEMORIALS, MID YELL – nothing further to date.


8.10 KEEP SCOTLAND BEAUTIFUL BEACH AWARDS – clean up rotas have now been done and photos submitted.

8.11 SULLOM VOE MASTER PLAN – delegates will be coming to the YCC meeting in May. Members have heard that this plan may be detrimental to inshore fishermen, Mr Odie will invite to the May meeting.

8.12 YELL WELFARE TRUST – this group is now closed and the funds transferred to Yell Health Support Group. Mr R Jamieson and Mrs A Jamieson declared an interest.



No planning applications were received.



  1. Many funding emails were received.
  2. Core funding – members looked at and decided on the budgets for this years core funding.
  3. Sustrans funding – information about funding for paths was received. SIC are applying for this and all path requests for Shetland will be looked at.
  4. Funding request – YCC received a request for funding for a Marine Wildlife Roadshow. This was declined.
  5. Road Grant – a request for a road grant was received, this will be held over until next month when all other requests are in and dealt with together.
  6. Grant adverts – clerk to advertise CDF and road grant funding for submission at April meeting.
  7. CDF application – clerk to apply for £3000 distribution fund from SIC.
  8. Burravoe Hall – a cheque was written to Burravoe Hall for £30 for storage of files for the last 3 years.
  9. Clerk pay – members agreed to increase clerk pay in line with SIC guidelines.




  1. Fibre Optic Cables – SIC are bringing fibre optic cables to Yell & Unst for all SIC and NHS buildings. YCC welcome this.
  2. Scalloway CC – Scalloway CC has been featured on the Scottish Community Council website, it shows positive working partnerships between community councils and councils.
  3. Violence against women – YCC received information of an online to look at violence or abuse against women. The survey has now closed.
  4. Scottish Land Fund Info Session – an info session is set for Weds 20th March at Solarhus, North Ness
  5. Draft Knab Masterplan – SIC are currently seeking views on the Draft Knab Masterplan, papers are available at: and is open until 3rd YCC would welcome a caravan park to be included in this plan, this would be very useful for isles folk.




  1. Digital Forum – the next digital forum is scheduled for 11th April 2019
  2. Police Survey – Police Scotland launched a survey to gather views on the Annual Police Plan. This is now closed.
  3. Animal Health & Welfare Act Amendment – consultation seeking views on proposals to amend the act. This is now closed.
  4. SIC 2016-2020 Corp Plan update – a progress report for the plan can be found at:
  5. FROG platform – FROG is a new free platform for community groups to share the help and services they offer to the community. Any community group or organisation can upload a listing onto it. More details can be found at:










The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 15th April 2019 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm


Visitors – April –

May – Sullom Voe Master Plan

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