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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 18th June 2018 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr R Jamieson, Mr A Priest, Ms L Cunningham, & Mr G Hughson.

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Ms F Browne (NICW)

Apologies:            Mr S Henderson & Mr J Nicholson

Visitors:                There were no visitors.

Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


06/18/3 MINUTES

16 April 2018 – the minutes from the May meeting were approved by Ms L Cunningham & Mrs A Jamieson. Members agreed to forward the minutes to Ms Browne at the same time as members instead of waiting until they were approved at the following meeting.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police and post on website



Localities Planning Group – Ms Browne asked if any members wanted to join this group now that Ms Thomson has resigned as a member. Ms Cunningham is happy to carry on alone with this. The group has had 4 meetings to date and have invited local groups to contribute with the plan. The steering group is looking at doing a draft locality plan using the information they already have.

Whalefirth Men’s Shed is going ahead well, they have had some orders for benches since making the ones for YCC.





FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Community Runs – YCC were sent the information on the number of c hire ferry runs each area were allocated.
  2. Yell Show Day – the ferry timetable needs to be finalised for this event.
  3. Late Hire Grant - the grant form for this still needs to be done.


5.1 FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Revision of Bus & Timetables – due to the school timetable changes Zetrans are looking at changing the bus and ferry timetables to fit in better. This consultation was sent to YCC very late with no chance to talk to commuters for their views. Members looked at the proposals and discussed. While the changes would fit some folk better there would be knock on effects for others. Members felt it would be better to advertise the proposed changes and ask for feedback from the public and that a full impact assessment should have been carried out when looking at changing the school timetables. The changes will need to be finalised before the start of the next school term. Members are concerned with the lack of time and lack of public consultation on this important issue.
  2. C Hire cancellations – the community hire for the Mid Yell Regatta was cancelled due to lack of uptake and the Party @ the Pier has been cancelled, the community hire for this needs to be cancelled.
  3. Lack of Engineer – the lack of an engineer resulted in Yell Sound operating on a single vessel on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th Bluemull Sound sea-staff multi-task and step up when needed. YCC query if this is possible on Yell Sound. Once an engineer is trained it should be possible to ensure they are tied to the job for a set period.
  4. Clarity for single vessel – some clarity is needed for what happens when the ferries are on single vessel. If all bookings are cancelled then the signs should not change until back log has been cleared. On 18th June the ferry service was on single vessel and at approx. 5.45pm with a long queue of traffic the signs were then changed to normal service so folk then coming for the 6.05 were expecting to get into the booked queue. The signs should have changed after the 6.05 had left. No reason was given for the disruptions on that day.
  5. Bad weather training – YCC accept that skippers should only operate the ferry in bad weather if they are confident to do so but YCC query if a more experienced skipper could work alongside them to help them gain confidence.
  6. Improved booking system – SIC have improved the online booking system, it is now possible to cancel part of a journey. YCC welcome these improvements.
  7. Sunday Morning service – YCC have received some complaints from residents about the lack of ferry service on Sunday mornings.
  8. Bookings for Community Hires– it was understood that the booking office would take bookings as normal for community hires, this was not the case recently. Clerk to query this.
  9. Ulsta lane numbers – the lane numbers are no very clear at Ulsta and would benefit from being re-painted.
  10. Electronic sign at Toft – YCC query if it is possible to get a 2nd electronic sign for Toft, when you are far back in the queue it is hard to read the sign.
  11. Invite to meeting – Mr Odie has recently spoken to John Smith, Director of Infrastructure and has invited him to the next YCC meeting to talk about the ferry issues.



5.2 ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Road signs for Mid Yell – the contractors have been busy with the safety barrier repairs at Dales Lees, the Mid Yell signs should be done in April/May.
  2. Mid Yell sign - the Mid Yell sign from the head of the voe is still missing, this was due to be done in April.
  3. Meadowbank Road, Burravoe – YCC were sent a list of possible projects for paths and invited to add any suggestions. YCC will add the section from the Old Haa to the Swedish Houses on Meadowbank Road and also suggest adding some paths in Cullivoe between the housing estates and the school.
  4. Flashing signs, Mid Yell – The 20mph signs outside Mid Yell School don’t flash, they will be re-programmed soon in line with the new school timetables and checked at that time.
  5. 30mph Gutcher – these signs have now been installed.
  6. Poor quality repairs – it was noted that the quality of the repairs between the shell dump and the grid approaching Mid Yell were of poor quality and YCC queried if it was just a temporary fix. These repairs should last until a resurfacing in 2020.
  7. Gutcher/Cullivoe junction – this is a very tight junction and has some large slow vehicles coming out of it which is very dangerous. Roads dept will try to fit repairs to this junction in this year’s programme if there are available funds.


5.2 ROADS – Matters arising

  1. Mid Yell Road Closures – YCC have been notified of the road closures at Sunnyside. Members are concerned that clear signage should be used to avoid confusion for drivers.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept


A nutrition consultation was sent to all school parents. The consultation is looking at reducing sugar and red meat and increasing access to fruit and vegetables in school menus. Noted



  1. Dental services – YCC queried how many patients had left the Yell practice to seek treatment elsewhere. Although it is not known how many had left to go private there were 215 patients had changed their registration to the Lerwick Dental Practice. YCC query what progress is being made on the current waiting list in Yell.
  2. Health & Care Project Yell – no data rec’d.
  3. Care Centre – at the May meeting delegates from NHS Shetland recognised that recruitment was an issue for the care centre yet the job adverts in the Shetland Times in the following weeks were only for Lerwick jobs, Yell was not mentioned. YCC query the progress on this, can we help advertise it either on local notice boards or on our FB page.


5.6 PROPOSED WIND FARM AT GLOUP – Mr Jamieson declared an interest. Public exhibitions will take place on 26th & 27th June. Mr Odie & Ms Cunningham attended a meeting of Energy Isles Community Liaison Group, both raising issues of public concern. Community benefit was also discussed at the meeting. Community benefit will be paid at the recognised rate.  It is uncertain whether the previous public shareholding offer is still available. Previous discussions have mentioned 3 free shares to the 3 North Isles with the option to purchase 2 more shares. Members of the CC will attend a meeting with Cares Development Officer on Wednesday 27th June, to discuss this further.


5.7 BOTTLE BANKS – Environmental services are looking into changing the current bottle banks with bins that will be emptied on a more regular basis.


5.8 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – SIC have been working on the development of the Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) for Yell. They have been working with several different partners to raise awareness of LHEES and of energy efficiency in general. All domestic properties were contacted and the responses are being processed. There will be an event held in Mid Yell Hall giving businesses advice about energy efficiency and information about the funding and tailored support available to them.


5.9 MID YELL POST OFFICE – Nothing further to report.


5.10 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – Nothing further to date.


5.11 MID YELL PIER SUBSIDENCE– upon inspection it was reported that this was not a serious issue, the damaged area is due to be repaired shortly.



  1. Fendering - YCC query what is the latest on this. There is currently no fendering on the pier.
  2. Skips – the skip on the pier has no signs on it stating that it is for marine waste only so it is being used by other folk for general waste.


5.13 WAR MEMORIALS – A grant was received from SAT to help with the costs of moving the war memorials. There was also a local fund raising event which raised over £1000. The CDF grant from SIC was not needed so the application was withdrawn. There is now enough money to proceed with this project. Mrs Jamieson is now talking to builders. War Memorials Trust need to be kept up-to-date as the project progresses.

5.14 MAKE A DIFFERENCE TRAINING – YCC queried if it was possible to have a local training event for this which tackles loneliness and isolation. It would be possible for a minimum of 8 people.



2018/165/PNT – erect 12m high pole with attached antenna at Mursetter. Noted.

2018/012/MAR – remove existing fish farming equipment and replace with 16x 120m cages. Noted



Mr J Johnson submitted receipts for his road repairs, cheque was written for £770 as approved at the March meeting. This is still subject to checking the road.



  1. The Great Get Together – this is an annual event inspired by Jo Cox who was killed on 16th June 2016. Community events will take place 22nd-24th More information is available on the website:
  2. Vehicle Uplifts – details of the new uplift service has been received for end-of-life vehicles. Requests via the website: org/redundant-vehicle-removal. For vehicles more than 30 miles away Autogreen will still be responsible for collections, further details can be found at:
  3. Democracy Matters – People across Scotland are being invited to join a conversation about community decision-making to help make public services more locally focused. More details can be found at: members to look at this in time for the next meeting.
  4. ASCC meeting – this will take place on Tuesday 26th





The latest Police Report was received and is available on the website:




The beach awards for Breckon and Westsandwick beaches have now been received.





The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 16th July 2018 in the Westsandwick Hall at 7pm


Visitors – John Smith, Director of Infrastructure, SIC

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