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        Shetland Policing Report June 2018     




Date     05/07/2018


To         Shetland Community Councils


From     Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch  




The public consultation is for you to tell us what is important to you in your community. Your opinion is valued – we need your opinion to inform our policing. Having your say in the decision making process of Police Scotland is a vital tool for residents of Scotland to be able to shape the way their public services should operate.


It's a very simple process that should only take a few moments of your time but will shape the way that policing is coordinated across Scotland and in your local community.


Please take time and encourage others to complete this questionnaire which can be found at









National Firearms Surrender Campaign


The National Firearms Surrender Campaign ran from Monday 18th June 2018 for two weeks until Sunday 1st July 2018.


The purpose of the campaign is to remove firearms from criminal availability, thereby reducing the risk of harm to the public and our communities.


During the campaign the following weapons were surrendered at the police station in Lerwick


3 x Shotguns

4 x Air weapons

3 x Handguns

Variety of ammunition


Shetland Child Protection Committee


Eyes open approach encouraged for children at risk


Everyone in Shetland should keep their Eyes Open for children at risk during the school holidays.


In the week that Shetland schools break for the end of term, Child Protection Committees across Scotland are encouraging the public across the whole country to be extra observant to help protect potentially vulnerable children when school’s out for summer.


Child Protection Committees Scotland, a nation-wide grouping of child protection professionals, hopes their Eyes Open campaign will raise awareness that members of the public can play an important role to keep children safe from harm in the holidays. The group believes that everyone is responsible for child welfare in Scotland.


Anne Houston, CPCScotland Chair says, “Children across the country are about to be away from the usual school routine for a few weeks. For most local children this is a time of year filled with fun and free time, but for some families the summer holidays is a time of increased stress and pressure.  In some cases, children are not supervised or cared for adequately, others might even experience serious neglect.”


By taking an Eyes Open approach, the Shetland Child Protection Committee (CPC) also hopes that members of the public will take a more active, watchful role when it comes to protecting children in the area, and take action if they’re concerned for a child’s wellbeing.


Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch, Chair of Shetland CPC said:  “By keeping our eyes open, we might spot the tell-tale signs that a child is at risk.  Seeing children wandering about at all times of day and night, children who are dirty or unfed, unsupervised children going into “party” flats, or whose parents are drunk in charge of them. However, spotting the signs isn’t enough. If something doesn’t seem quite right for a child, or a family of children, it’s better to say something than do nothing.”


Anyone who has concerns about a child or children can ask the child if they’re okay, offer the family some support, or contact Shetland Islands Council’s Social Work department on 01595 744421 (01595 695611 out of hours), or contact the police on 101 in non -emergency situations, and 999 if a child is at immediate risk.


























We are appealing to Knitters to assist us with a project that is a partnership project between Children 1st, Scotland and Police Scotland where knitted teddies are given by Police Officers attending incidents involving young victims or witnesses.


Trauma teddies will be given as a simple distraction to help take their focus away from potentially upsetting circumstances and help Police Officers build a relationship and turn the experience from a negative to something positive. When a Teddy has been given recipients will be offered a follow up call from Children 1st, to review the young person’s well-being and to address any subsequent needs identified after the incident.*


Consideration may be given to providing a trauma teddy on occasions where a young person has witnesses a road traffic accident, criminal offence, being lost and any other incident as deemed appropriate to provide a teddy to offer comfort.



Your interest in supporting this project is greatly appreciated. In order to comply with recommendations provided by Police Scotland Legal Department and to ensure good Health and Safety practice it is requested that all donations adhere to the following guidance:

  1. Donations must be hand-knitted and meet the pattern specifications provided.
  2. Teddies must not include buttons, zips or anything else which could be accidentally or forcibly removed.
  3. Seams must be securely fastened. Should access be gained to any fibrous filling material within the teddy through a seam, this may present a chocking risk if swallowed. Seams should be tension-tested to ensure they are as secure as possible.
  4. Prior to their distribution, pre-prepared labels will be attached to each donated teddy, advising of the need to take care of the item, given that this has been hand-made. Labels will be provided to Police Scotland by Children 1st, Scotland and attached with string to the teddy.


Patterns can be located within, Loose Ends, Andersons, and Jamiesons Knitwear. Completed teddies can be handed into Lerwick Police Station. Thank you.




The following is a summary of some of the reported incidents attended by Police Scotland in your ward area during the month of June. Not all incidents attended will be included in the summary due to anonymity but hopefully this will provide an indication of the ongoing police activity in your area.




There have been no incidents recorded for Bressay.



There have been three incidents recorded for Yell, one of which includes report of vandalism.



There have been two routine incidents recorded for Unst.



There have been no incidents recorded for Fetlar.



There have been no incidents recorded for Whalsay.



There have been twelve incidents recorded for Scalloway.

3 drivers cautioned and charged speeding

1 driver cautioned and charged dangerous load

1 house searched and drugs recovered.


Burra & Trondra

There have been two routine incidents recorded for Burra & Trondra.


Sandsting & Aithsting

There have been three routine incidents recorded for Sandsting and Aithsting



Walls & Sandness

There have been five routine incidents recorded for Walls and Sandness,



There have been eleven incidents recorded for Dunrossness. This included report for vandalism and a road traffic collision whereby a bus went off the road at Bigton. No passengers were injured.



There have been nine incidents recorded in Sandwick. This included the search of a house and recovery of drugs.


Concerns have been shared regarding the speed of vehicles outside Sandwick School. Officers have carried out speed checks in this area. As yet, no drivers have been charged.



Nesting and Lunnasting

There have been four incidents recorded for Nesting and Lunnasting

Two drivers cautioned and charged speeding and one driver has been charged with careless driving following a collision.



There have been sixteen incidents recorded for Delting. These incidents include,  

 Search of a house and recovery of drugs. A number of road traffic offences including drivers charged with speeding, no MOT, and another with driving while over the drink drive limit.



There have been four routine incidents recorded for Northmavine


Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale

There have been thirteen incidents recorded for Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale including a driver charged with speeding and report of an assault.


Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh & Quarff

There have been six routine incidents recorded for Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh and Quarff














There have been 229 incidents recorded for the Lerwick area.

A summary of the incidents of note can be broken down to the following categories


  1. Nine Noise Neighbour calls
  2. One Drink Driving
  3. Assaults – 8 (2 in a Licenced Premises)
  4. Three Breach of the Peace/Disorder Offences
  5. Three reports of Vandalisms
  6. Six people searched and found in possession of drugs.
  7. Four houses searched under warrant and drugs recovered4
  8. Two reports of Theft
  9. One person found Drunk Person and Incapable.
  10. Three anti- social behaviour Fixed Penalties tickets.


The remainder of the calls and incidents have been of a routine nature. There has also been a number of road traffic offences detected in and around Lerwick which have included one charged with using a mobile phone, two charged with no MOT,     three charged with speeding and a number of other road traffic offences.




Contact can be made with Police Scotland through the 101 national number, or Crime Stoppers which is anonymous on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively you can use




Lindsay Tulloch

Area Commander



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