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Fixed links

Cllr Ryan Thomson has sent a letter to the new transport minister asking for the latest news on where we are at in relation to fixed links. Work is being done on Island Connectivity within the Islands (Scotland) Bill and SIC are talking to Transport Scotland and helping to gather evidence

Transport Planning to monitor and report developments

Scottish Government have confirmed that fixed links within islands are included in the considerations of the National Transport Strategy review they are current conducting. The output of that review will inform the Strategic Transport Projects Review which is timetabled for next year. At this time no firm decisions have been taken about which specific projects will be included in that review, but Shetland continues to campaign for fixed links between islands to feature.

Bad weather and other stoppages

It was noted that there are most stoppages recently, these are due to bad weather, crewing issues and mechanical breakdowns. Members acknowledged that a skipper must feel confident to crew the ferry in bad weather and that safety is paramount but also queried if the newer skippers could travel with more experienced skippers during bad weather to build their confidence. This will be looked into.

Ferry Operations to update on training

No bad weather experienced since last meeting, Masters to follow the SMS procedures as they are in command of the vessel.

Sickness cover

Some of the relief staff have other work so it is sometimes hard to find cover for sickness etc.

Ferry Operations to monitor and report

No sickness interruptions since last meeting. Procedure is, if crew are unfit for duty they call the vessel or route master immediately. The route master will then make arrangements to obtain cover.


Ferry usage figures

YCC have been asking for ferry usage and unable to transport figures for some time. These items are being monitored daily so there should be no problem in sending them to us on a regular basis.

Ferry Operations to supply / publish figures

Stats are now included on the graphs online which are updated every month.




2ND electronic sign for toft

Members asked Mr Smith if it would be possible to get a 2nd electronic sign for the Toft queued traffic as it is not possible to read the signs if you are up the queue.

Ferry Operations to investigate and update

A flip down sign is still available up the road.  The information could be reviewed and used again. It was always used before the B600 vessels arrived when vehicles were waiting for many hours before travelling. Other options will be followed up in the next few weeks to ascertain cost etc.


Single ferry procedures

Members explained the problem of when there is a single ferry and there are folk on the bus from town, they get to Toft after 8.45 ferry has left and then there isn’t another ferry that will link up with service buses on the other side, if the ferry could wait for the bus from town to arrive it would solve all these problems.

Ferry Operations to confirm the “Single Ferry” timetable and liaise with Transport Planning to see it fits with Bus Timetables

Ferry operations have consulted with transport planning about review of the ferry / bus timetable. If connections could be made with the shift boat timetable this problem could be solved.


Single ferry procedures

Another problem experienced with single vessels when bookings are suspended is folk with planes to catch and hospital appointments. The procedure for this is for drivers to put on their hazard warning lights, although this is noted on the SIC website it is not well known. This can be advertised more to bring awareness.

Ferry Operations to consider how this can be better communicated.

Shuttle service timetable was trialled for the Yell Show day.  This provided 2 additional timetabled sailings.  This shuttle timetable will be published on the next timetable review.


Repainting lane numbers at Ulsta

The lane numbers at Ulsta have worn away which makes it very confusing for visitors.

Ferry Operations / Roads to update on progress and plans

Programmed to be undertaken within the next 2 weeks



Sunday morning ferry service

Members query if this can be made the same as the Saturday morning service.


Ferry Operations / Transport Planning to review and feedback

Currently being investigated for inclusion in the next timetable if practicable.


Bus and ferry timetable changes

The bus and ferry timetable will be changed in time for the new school term to accommodate the new school timetable. Transport Planning have taken on board the views from the bus companies and the views from the public. Some folk were in favour of the changes and some were not. These changes have been brought about so children from outer areas can go to the Anderson High School. This not only allows a greater choice of schools but also a wider choice of subjects. SIC will monitor the impact of these changes once they are in place.

Transport Planning / Ferry Operations to update on consultation timetable and plans for implementation.

Currently being investigated further including additional ferry staff consultation for consideration in the next timetable.


Meeting for Xmas TT changes

YCC request a joint NI meeting with ferries to discuss the proposed bus and ferry timetable for the xmas period.

Transport Planning

Although it was not possible to conduct this meeting discussions with individual community councils have resulted in an amended timetable for this year being adopted.



Community hires

Mr Odie described the previous community hire procedure and how well this worked for everyone for a number of years. Although YCC are only allocated 4 community hire runs per year, by charging everyone a half hire charge YCC were able to stretch this to 8 runs per year. This procedure was challenged at the end of last year and YCC were told they were not allowed to do this anymore. Community Hires had to be free of charge and all other users had to deal direct with ferries and charter the ferry themselves at the full cost. Mr Smith said he would look into this.

Ferry Operations & Transport Planning to review and respond.

Legal advice last year said YCC could not charge for a free service allocated to them.  This was to define the 4 YCC hires and the remainder to be Private Hires.  CC hires are for community events.  Private hire are usually for weddings etc. This matter will be investigated further.


Online commercial vehicle bookings

It is still not possible to book online for commercial vehicles as there is a query for carrying dangerous goods. This makes it very inconvenient for businesses.

Ferry Operations & Transport Planning to review and respond.

One operator has overcome this by booking several car spaces to make a truck fit.  This can work for fish but dangerous goods will have to be refused if space is not available. Booking software updates should allow for a more complete solution.


Funeral messages

When the ferries are stopped so staff can go to a funeral it is thought that a more compassionate message could be displayed on the board. This will be looked into.

Ferry Operations to review and respond.

SMS and voicebank messages will be amended. Signs shall only display disrupted service and the next sailing.


Card payments

The ability to pay by card on ferries should be possible later this year. The saltire cards have the capability to act as a payment card and can recognise if a discounted fare is applicable but this part needs to be unlocked by the Scottish Gov’t.

Ferry Operations & Transport Planning to review and respond.

Credit/Debit car payments is currently being investigated.  If feasible then a trial will be initiated.  However this is still in the early stages of understanding the required processes, costs, venders, equipment etc.



5 day week 2 vessel ferry service

YCC request that the ferry service is once again looked at for the possibility of going to a Monday to Friday service and moving the Maintenance to a Saturday.

Ferry Operations & Transport Planning to review and respond.

To be investigated as part of the “Ferries Revenue” Outline Business Case which is now being worked on with a March reporting target..


Horsa building

Mr Smith agreed that this building is unsightly and will get it demolished as soon as possible.

Estate Operations

This is in hand and has been passed on to a Building Maintenance Officer to investigate and report back on.


Outstanding road signs, mid yell

The 30mph sign at Hillend and the Slow Down sign at Sunnyside have been promised for a very long time and are waiting for contractors. Mr Smith will chase the contractors.


This uses the same contractor as the Safety Barrier programme. This has therefore been prioritised for action when contractor has completed the installation of the Dales Lees safety barrier in approx. 4 weeks’ time.


Road closure signs

Members described the confusion that happened with road closure signs in Mid Yell last year. Mr Smith will ensure signs are more clear.


Additional signs have been prepared for the closure


30mph sign at Gutcher

The 30mph sign at Gutcher has been installed but it is too close to the bend, it is not visible until you are nearly at the sign.


Sign location to be double-checked but appears to have been installed at the extents of the limit as consulted.


Bad dip in road

The road at the back of Gardie Ness has a very bad dip in it. This is being looked at this week.


 Scheduled to be done on next visit of resurfacing squad to Yell which is programmed for approx. 2 weeks’ time.


Bottle banks

With the new recycling bins coming there should be room to have more glass recycling banks at the same locations. The single banks are being filled too quickly for the 6 weekly collections.

Waste Services

All recycling bring sites will see current can recycling banks become additional glass recycling capacity – with residents now using their grey-lidded recycling bins for cans. The only bring site in Yell without an existing can bank is Burravoe Public Hall. We will monitor this particular site to see if additional capacity is required. We will continue to monitor all glass collection arrangements in light of the impact of new kerbside recycling services – as we hope for an increase in glass recycling as a result of increased waste separation activity in households.



Pier fendering and skips

There is currently no fendering on the Mid Yell Pier, divers are in next week to look at what the best option for this pier will be. The skip at the pier which should be for marine waste only is being filled with other items. It could be possible to get a lock on it but the pier may be getting CCTV. The recent repair to the pier has already been damaged, this can be looked at to see if there is any further damage underneath.

Port Operations

Fendering – Divers report received and being examined to consider best way forward. Works still planned for this financial year.


Recent repair has been investigated and will be re-done, with a more robust repair which should solve the issue.


Skip – to be discussed with the management team.



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