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        Shetland Policing Report January 2019     



Date     04/02/2019


To         Shetland Community Councils


From     Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch  



The public consultation is for you to tell us what is important to you in your community. Your opinion is valued – we need your opinion to inform our policing. Having your say in the decision making process of Police Scotland is a vital tool for residents of Scotland to be able to shape the way their public services should operate.


It's a very simple process that should only take a few moments of your time but will shape the way that policing is coordinated across Scotland and in your local community.


Please take time and encourage others to complete this questionnaire which can be found at





The Scambusters Shetland roadshow has visited a large number of community groups, organisations and businesses across the whole of Shetland in the last year. They offer information and advice on how to protect yourself and those around you from scams.


A Scambusters pack is available which has information in relation to –

Telephone Scams

Doorstep Crime

Postal Scams

Internet Safety

Leaflets for vulnerable/elderly residents so they can nominate a neighbour to be contacted on their behalf.

Leaflet to request to subscribe, free of charge, to the Mailing and Telephone Preference Services in order to opt out of receiving unwanted mail and phone calls.


Trading Standards and Police Scotland receive numerous calls from Residents about telephone/postal scams. It has been deemed that the longer you have a conversation with the caller the more information they manage to get from you. Advice is hang up.


The Safer Shetland Website has advice and information if you're concerned about an adult who may be at risk of financial harm including how to pass on your concerns.


If you would like Scambusters to come to your area/event, just get in touch by phoning the Adult Protection team on 01595 744411 or email




Festive Drink Drive Campaign


The festive Drink Drive Campaign commenced on 1st December 2018 and ran till 2nd January 2019.


During this period over 170 drivers were stopped and breathalysed on Shetland roads. This resulted in four persons being arrested for driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.   



Misuse of Drugs





Whatever your view is on drugs, they can be very dangerous to your health and CAN KILL.


The advice of Police Scotland is straightforward – DON’T TAKE DRUGS.

  • There is no ‘safe’ way to take drugs – there is always a risk.
  • The only way of staying safe is to avoid drugs altogether.


How can I keep myself safe?


  • If you think you could be pressurised into taking drugs, plan what you will say and do if you’re offered drugs before it happens.
  • Make an excuse not to be given the drug.
  • If you’re offered or given the drug then don’t take it.
  • Encourage any friend you’re with not to take the drug.
  • If you have taken a drug and feel unwell then seek urgent medical advice.
  • If you are a young person then tell someone responsible about what happened.


If I have a drug conviction will it affect me in later life?


  • Having a drug conviction can prevent you getting a job, especially since employers can now request information about previous convictions.
  • Having a drug conviction can also stop you entering countries such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand and many others.



Can I be charged with being a dealer if I give a controlled drug to my friend?


  • Giving, selling or even sharing any controlled drug, such as an ecstasy tablet or cannabis, to or with a friend or anyone else is classed as supplying an illegal drug and this carries a stiffer penalty.
  • Even though you made no money, you are still supplying drugs.


What are the penalties for drug related offences?


Controlled drugs are classified as A, B or C depending upon how much harm they can cause to the user and to society generally. The most severe penalties relate to dealing or possessing Class A drugs, which includes drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.



If you have any information about drugs being taken illegally or sold in your community please notify the police or Crime Stoppers


Contact can be made with Police Scotland through the 101 national number, or Crime Stoppers which is anonymous on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively you can use





Following concerns received last month from the Community Council regarding parking issues on Commercial Street, officers have carried out daily checks of the town which has resulted in ten drivers being issued with parking tickets for being parked unauthorised in disabled parking bays.


The concerns highlighted have been shared by the Area Commander at a meeting of the Road Safety Advisory Panel.  As a result the Local Authority Roads Department will re-visit the de-criminalisation of parking.



Following is a summary of some of the reported incidents attended by Police Scotland in your ward area during the month of January. Not all incidents attended will be included in the summary due to anonymity but hopefully this will provide an indication of the ongoing police activity in your area.




There have been no incidents recorded for Bressay.



There have been 15 incidents recorded for Yell

Due to recent weather conditions there were a number of calls regarding road traffic matters including 2 separate road traffic collisions – no injuries

1 concern for person call – traced safe and well



There have been three incidents recorded for Unst,

One road traffic collision

A driver cautioned and charged careless driving.



There has been one incident recorded for Fetlar



There have been five incidents recorded for Whalsay,

Three of these calls were for concern for a person who was traced safe and well.



There have been 26 incidents recorded for Scalloway as follows:

One disturbance call

A two vehicle road traffic collision – no injuires

A one vehicle road traffic collision – no injuries

Five drivers have been charged speeding offences

One driver has been issued a fixed penalty ticket for parking in a disabled bay showing no badge

One firearms incident

One concern for person call – traced safe and well

Fire – fire in the kitchen of NAFC Marine Centre, Police assistance wasn’t required

Public Nuisance – fireworks being set off in the Blydoit area, officers carried out a patrol of area with no sign of persons/fireworks

Due to recent weather conditions there were a few calls regarding vehicles building up in the Black Gaet area due to snow/ice.

Scalloway Fire Festival went without incident.


Burra & Trondra

There have been seven incidents recorded for Burra & Trondra

Report of a vandalism.

Missing Person – traced safe and well


Sandsting & Aithsting

There have been four incidents recorded for Sandsting and Aithsting

A driver charged no insurance and taking a vehicle without consent

The other calls in this area were advice calls.


Walls & Sandness

There have been nine incidents recorded for Walls and Sandness,

These calls were all of a routine nature.



There have been twenty incidents recorded for Dunrossness

Three vehicles vandalised at Sumburgh airport

One driver charged with no MOT

One person charged Disorder and Police Assault

Call reporting concern for a person – traced safe and well

Damage calls – Two separate incidents involving damage caused to vehicles.

Advice call regarding vehicles with no Tax or MOT



There have been nine incidents recorded in Sandwick

Police information call received regarding a vehicle off the road in the area due to road conditions – no injuries

Road Traffic Matter – vehicle stuck in ditch

All other calls were advice calls.


Nesting and Lunnasting

There have been two incidents recorded for Nesting and Lunnasting




There have been 28 incidents recorded for Delting

One driver charged with no MOT

One vehicle seized no insurance

Officers carried out a search warrant for drugs on a dwelling house in the area and illegal drugs recovered.

Two drivers charged speeding

One vehicle road traffic collision – no injuries

One report of vandalism

One vehicle road traffic collision – no injuries

Road Traffic Matter – various calls received regarding vehicles off the road due to weather conditions

Disturbance call – officers attended call, no complaints from either party. No further action



There have been eight incidents recorded for Northmavine

One disturbance call

One Road traffic collision – vehicle gone off road due to weather


Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale

There have been sixteen incidents recorded for Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale

Concern for person – traced safe and well

Neighbour dispute – advice given

Road traffic collision – vehicle gone off the road due to weather

Various call regarding black ice/weather conditions



Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh & Quarff

There have been thirteen incidents recorded for Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh and Quarff

One driver charged careless driving

One vehicle road traffic collision – no injuries

Domestic incident – one person arrested for vandalism and threatening and abusive behaviour



There have been 235   incidents recorded for the Lerwick area.

A summary of the incidents of note can be broken down to the following categories


  1. Noise Neighbour – 9
  2. Assaults – 3 (1 in a Licenced Premises)
  3. Breach of the Peace/Disorder – 2
  4. Vandalisms – 7
  5. Four people searched and found in possession of drugs.
  6. Two houses searched under warrant and drugs recovered.
  7. Six reports of theft.

The remainder of the calls and incidents have been of a routine nature. There has also been a number of road traffic offences detected in and around Lerwick which have included; one charged with using a mobile phone, one charged with no seatbelt, charged with no MOT and a number of other road traffic offences.



Lindsay Tulloch

Area Commander



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