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YCC meeting with Health & Social Care to discuss the long term social care needs in Yell.

Wednesday 16TH January 2019 at 7pm in Mid Yell School


Laurence Odie, Chair, YCC                             Cllr Alec Priest                   Cllr Ryan Thomson

Robert Jamieson, YCC                     Jaine Best, Executive Manager, Community Care Resources, SIC

Norma Farmer                   Dan Thompson                 Graham Stiles                    Julia Lyth, clerk, YCC

Apologies: Andrew Nisbet, Annette Jamieson, Stuart Hannay

The purpose of this group is to look at what the community needs in terms of health & social care and primary care.

Last year there was a staffing crisis at Isleshavn and the care provision needed to be cut down from a maximum of 10 residents to a maximum of 7. This was so the right ratios of staff were in place, the ratios are set by the care inspectorate and these must be adhered to. There are currently 3 permanent residents at Isleshavn plus there is provision to have 2 more needing respite care. Care in the residential setting is becoming more complex, it is not enough to provide food and care for residents, a more holistic approach is needed for their overall health & well-being.

An audit carried out in 2015/16 found that 39% of residents could have been at home if the right facilities were available. Most elderly people would prefer to stay in their own homes if possible.

Many different options need to be looked at for the future, with the demand for care increasing but staffing at the care centre falling. The staff at the centre are looking deeper into care at home and ways to expand and improve this, this includes tele-health, tele-care and even ways to provide 24/7 care at home where needed. They are a very flexible workforce who are willing and able to try new things.

SIC are looking at ways to tackle the obstacles currently in place. There are issues around lone working which needs to be addressed. SIC are not expecting carers to use their own cars so they have leased a vehicle and looking at getting more. They have applied for ‘Spend to Save’ funding for this. They are also looking at ways to increase the daycare provision.

Bressay CC, SIC social care and NHS primary care have recently teamed up and created ‘Caring for Bressay’. Information leaflets were delivered to each household with details of clinics and community transport etc. The group are looking at ways to help keep out of the care centres where possible. A team also went to Bressay with lots of information about future-proofing yourselves, things like having a power of attorney in place, making sure you have level access into your house etc.

Although there is room to have 4 respite care beds the centre is currently using agency staff which is very costly.

Recruitment is an issue in a number of care centres in Shetland. Although adverts have been placed in the Shetland Times for care workers, none of these have mentioned Yell which is very disappointing. New recruits have to go through SVQ training and It is thought that this could put some people off applying for a post but this is a legal requirement by the Care Inspectorate. Help is available for this. Although there are a number of hours still vacant at Isleshavn there are quite strict shift patterns that need to be adhered to so that shift handovers can run smoothly, this is not helping the staff shortfall and preventing some very capable people from taking up a position.

There is a lot of local speculation about the future of Isleshavn and YCC are concerned that uncertainty for the staff is an issue and could lead to stress or other mental health issues for them.  If they think their future is not secure there is also the chance they will leave for a more secure post elsewhere.

Cllr Thomson suggested having anonymous interviews with past and current staff to see if there any underlying issue at this particular care centre.

Another meeting to be scheduled within the next month. Jaine Best to contact Enda Watson and Lisa Watt and suggest some dates.

Mr Odie thanked everyone for attending.

The meeting ended at 8.50pm


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