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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 15th February 2021 via Zoom Online Conferencing


Present:  Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson, Mr A Ross, Mr R Jamieson, Mr S Henderson Ms F Browne (North Isles Community Development Worker)


Apologies: Mr M Duncan SIC, Mr J Nicholson, Cllr D Anderson (Elected Representative North Isles), PC A Manson


In Attendance: K Lonsdale (Clerk), Cllr R Thomson (Elected Representative North Isles)


L Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.



R Jamieson, S Henderson, Cllr R Thomson, L Odie declared an interest in the item Energy Isles Wind Farm. 


L Odie declared an interest in the grant application for Burravoe School


2/21/2 MINUTES

18th January 2021- The minutes for the December meeting were approved by Mr A Ross  and Mrs A Jamieson.

ACTION: clerk to forward to CC Liaison, NI Dvp Worker, Police, SIC Elected Representatives and post on the website.


Members noted the police report.



F Browne is continuing to work with the Herra Hall and the Whalefrith Men’s Shed to complete the transfer. 




Emergency timetable- The ferry timetable has now reverted to the regular timetable but members would like to ensure that there is consultation with Sellaness in order to work out an emergency timetable that best suits business and travellers in the North Isles should it have to be in effect in the future. 

Cllr Thomson assured members that consultation should be ongoing and he will ensure that YCC is contacted as part of this consultation.  In the meantime, members who have feedback for the consultation will email their viewpoints to the chair so YCC is prepared to offer feedback when requested. 

ACTION: Members to email suggestions to Clerk and Chair


Old Gutcher Pier- nothing to update


Community Runs- YCC will have 4 community runs allocated for the next financial year, from 1st April, and the advice from Michael Craigie, SIC, is that the cost of runs are unable to be split to allow more runs as they have been in previous years. 


Fares Consultation- YCC are still waiting to be consulted regarding ferry fares but this is expected in due course.


Fixed links- Members support the ASCC’s letter of support to the Scottish Government to consider fixed links between the main islands.  With increased, large scale developments on the North Isles this is an ideal time to have these conversations. 


Service levels- S Henderson asked Cllr Thomson if ther was  support from the SIC for increasing the levels of service on the ferries as a result of the Scottish Government’s agreement for ‘fair ferry funding’ and whether there was the possibility of a reduction in fares.  Cllr Thomson said it was unlikely that fares would be reduced but it may be possible for them to be frozen.  Cllr Thomson was fully in support of requesting that the ferry provision for Shetland be brought in line with the Scottish Government's Routes and Services Methodology which it currently falls behind on.  This could include a five day full service.



Cullivoe Road Land Acquisition- Nothing to report

Resurfacing and restructuring- Nothing to report

Sign at the head of Mid Yell Voe Nothing to report

Blind spots, trees at Stonganess, Gutcher Junction- Nothing to report

Water on the road at the Bus Stop Ulsta- Nothing to report

Hamnavoe Graveyard Parking Spaces-  The roads department required clarification of which spaces YCC were referring to. 

ACTION:Clerk to indicate on photo the spaces required and send to L Odie for approval before submitting to roads.

 The chair asked the clerk to contact the roads department to thank them for the efficient and timeous response during the recent prolonged winter weather. 



GP resignation- Members are disappointed to be informed of the resignation of the Yell and Fetlar GP, her last working day will be 24th March.

Members are keen to know how the recruitment process is progressing and would like to invite NHS representatives to attend the next meeting of YCC to discuss recruitment and other health related issues.

ACTION: Clerk to invite Edna Mary Watson and Brian Chittick, NHS, to the next meeting.

GP Resilience- No response

ACTION: Clerk to follow up

Vaccination Clinics- clerk to contact the Yell Health Centre to thank them for the efficient, safe and well run recent vaccination clinic.



Nothing to update. 



Staffing- The new crew and schedule based in Yell is welcomed by YCC


West Sandwick Beach Bin-  No response

ACTION: Clerk to follow up



Feedback from CLG-  A Jamieson fed back from therecent  Community Liaison Group meeting. The development is still facing outstanding issues from Nature Scot regarding visibility of turbines from significant natural viewpoints and SEPA regarding the removal of peat.  These issues could result in reallocation of a small number of turbines or reducing the total number of turbines. The project may go before planning in June.

Discussion was had regarding the financial benefit from the development.  YCC are in favour of the benefit being controlled from and distributed within the North Isles, weighted depending on community impact and population. Other members of the group would like to consider the option of the Shetland Community Benefit Fund sharing the benefit with a weighting towards the North Isles communities. 


YCC has difficulty discussing the development due to the number of members who have declared an interest in the development.  It has been suggested that YCC the three local development groups via Graham Hughson in order to garner a wider view of residents' views on the benefit. 


YCC will consider co-opting additional members to reach full complement and to provide a wider representation.



YCC set the provisional date of 13th March for the ‘skip day’ providing someone will be able to monitor all three skips.  The service is to be advertised on the YCC Facebook page as well as the North Isles column. People will be required to book a 15 min drop of slot with the clerk and pay a £20 drop off fee to use the service. 

ACTION: L Odie to arrange the skips and skip monitors

ACTION: Clerk to advertise service and set up bookings

It was noted that in future the skip scheme may be able to be financed via the Shetland Community Benefit Fund



Nothing to update



Nothing to update


Cllr Thomson left the meeting 20:10



The 100th anniversary of the loss of the ‘Bohus’ is in 2024.  Residents have contacted YCC regarding the poor condition of the White Wife.  Shetland Amenity Trust have previously stated that they will remove and replace the figure head but have been unable to do so yet. 

ACTION: Clerk to follow up with SAT to reassess the situation



Application- Members are happy to go ahead with the application for 2021, the deadline is 23rd April. 

ACTION: Clerk to arrange a meeting with A Jamieson, J Nicholson and K Hannay


Sign- quotes for the sign have been received and noted, a decision will be held over to next financial year. 




Documents have been sent to all Community Councils for acceptance and signature before applications from Yell could be considered.  However, following guidance from M Duncan SIC, YCC have concerns and are reluctant to sign. There are concerns regarding the application process and the data protection aspects that would need to be looked into more thoroughly.  Also the Community Council clerks have concerns regarding the processing of applications. The Chair will hold off on signing the documents until M Duncan provides more guidance. 


L Odie has resigned from the Shetland Community Benefit Fund Committee and asked members to consider being a local representative for Yell on the committee. YCC will advertise the role to the wider community. 

ACTION: Clerk to draft advert




YCC are unable to consider the grant to the Herra Hall for support for legal fees for the transfer of the Herra Hall. YYC will recommend the Men’s Shed apply through the Community Benefit Fund for this funding.  YCC feel that they offer grants to local groups to enable them to function in the community but approving a grant to the Herra Hall would be to enable them not to exist.  If the Men’s Shed made the application it may be better received. 

ACTION: Clerk to contact Ruby Finnie and Graham Stiles with recommendation



Members approved a grant for £300 to the Burravoe School to cover the transport costs for their Polygrub.  The grant was approved by R Jamieson and A Ross.



Cullivoe School Grit Bin- Cullivoe school have reported that in order to refill the grit bin the council have quoted £300 which they feel is an unacceptable price for one council department to charge another.  S Henderson will investigate the price of the grit to fill that bin and why it is so expensive for the school. 

ACTION: S Henderson to follow up and include Cllr Thosmon in emails.


NYDC Planning Issues- The NYDC are experiencing continued constraints for their development from the planning department and the roads department that is hindering the development and risking their grant funding.  YCC supports the NYDC and will get clarification on how best they can assist.

ACTION: R Jamieson to follow up with NYDC regarding best course of action. 


Beatrice Wishart MSP-  Beatrice Wishart offered to attend future YCC meetings. 

ACTION: Clerk to invite to March or April meeting

Co-option of new members- YCC will advertise for two new co-opted members on Facebook and in the North Isles column.  A Ross suggested a short piece highlighting the positive impact CCs have and the changes and benefits YCC have made. 

The facebook advert could include a link to the ASCC video about being a community councillor. 

In the past year YCC have achieved a number of positive outcomes for the island, such as ensuring employment was retained in Yell, providing skips, the beach awards, the Cullivoe road negotiations and the work done by the Community Anchor Organisation in response to COVID.  

A Jamieson will approach CAO members again to see if any of them would consider becoming co-opted community councillors. 

ACTION: Clerk to draft advert

ACTION: A Jamieson to contact CAO members




The next meeting of the Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 15th March 2021 via Zoom Online Conferencing.


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