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 Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 17th February 2020 in the Mid Yell School


Present:  Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair),Mr A Ross, Mr R Jamieson, Mr J Saunders

         Apologies:           Mr J Nicholson, Mr S Henderson, Cllr D Simpson,

In Attendance:    Ms F Browne ( North Isles Development Worker), PC A Manson (Police), K Lonsdale (Clerk)

Visitors: Mr E Tait (Citizens Advice Bureau)


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


02/20/1 MINUTES

20th Jan 2020 – The minutes from the January meeting were approved, by Mr R Jamieson and Mr J Saunders

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, NI Dvp Worker, Police, SIC Elected representatives  and post on website



Mr R Jamieson and Mr J Saunders declared an interest in the item on Proposed Wind Farm at Gloup.

Mr R Jamieson declared an interest in the road grant application of Miss A Jamieson

Mr R Jamieson, Mr J Saunders and Mr L Odie declared an interest in the Cullivoe Up Helly Aa grant application.



PC Manson advised that there was no crime to report in the previous month in Yell or in the current.  PC Manson said it would be useful to have information about the locations of Defibrillators in Yell and advised that a list of locations made available to the public would be of use.

ACTION: Clerk to compile a list of Defibrillator locations and publish on YCC Facebook page and in local shops.





Response from A Galbraith, of Scottish Ambulance Service reported a positive progression for the ambulance provision on Yell with 8 people on their roster and reporting close to 100% coverage.

ACTION: Clerk to invite Angus Galbraith, Ambulance Service, to April meeting



Aywick shop sign- The ‘Give way’ sign is in place at the junction between the shop and the road to the Haa, Aywick but there are no road markings


Road sign at the head of Mid Yell Voe- The sign was removed due to badly corroded sign posts and will be replaced once the new passive safety poles have arrived.


Seafield, Camb Road- Mr John Ducan, SIC Roads maintenance, is responding to the maintenance issue.

ACTION: Clerk to contact


Crash Barrier at Sellafirth Bend- The damage was noted by SIC and will be checked and necessary repairs carried out.

ACTION: Clerk to request update


5.3 Cullivoe to Gutcher Road

The Cullivoe to Gutcher road is proceeding through the council’s business case process.  The “Strategic Outline Case” which sets out the strategic need for the road will be reported on at the next Environment and Transport Committee on 19th Feb, which will then be followed by the more detailed “Outline Business Case” which will be reported on at the March meeting of the Environment and Transport Committee.  This will be followed by a land survey of the route so a detailed design and more accurate costs can be estimated.

ACTION: Clerk to continue to request updates as the project proceeds


PC A Manson left the meeting at 19:28pm


Mr Elliot Tait (CAB) arrived at 19:28pm




Mr Tait outlined the work that the Citizens Advice Bureau is doing to combat carbon emissions and fuel poverty in Shetland.  It is recognised that fuel poverty is a big issue in Shetland due to the age of properties, local authority ownership, outdated storage heaters, lack of gas powered heating, and the weather. 

The Citizens Advice Bureau, with funding from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund, have been doing home visits around Shetland to see how they can improve energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.  This process can range from changing light bulbs or draft exclusion methods, to better insulation, or providing help in accessing grants for whole new heating systems.  They also do outreach to local schools to discuss climate change and carbon emissions as well as events such as the food festival where they highlighted the need for lower carbon food.

Outreach in the community, so that people know how to access this information and that the Citizens Advice Bureau covers this remit, is key to the success of the project. YCC is keen to support this outreach work in Yell with particular regard to fuel pverty. It was suggested that E tait submit an article to the North Isles column in Shetland Times and that a representative from CAB could attend ‘Stepping Out’ to talk to people who may qualify for grants and who are affected by fuel poverty.

Mr Tait informed YCC that the project is currently awaiting to hear whether they will receive more funding to continue the work.

ACTION: Clerk to share Greener Warmer Homes Facebook page on YCC Facebook


Mr Elliot Tait left the meeting at 8:09



Dial a ride- A response was received regarding publicising the dial a ride service but contained no actionable information.

ACTION: F Browne to follow up.


Business Survey- F Browne provided a list of business on Yell for review. who could be contacts for the business survey. The list was reviewed by members and amendments and additions were made.  F Browne advised that once the survey is drafted it would be sent to YCC for approval.


Childcare- There has been no further development.


Lack of Attendance of elected members at YCC meetings YCC are very concerned that in the past year there has only been 1 attendance of a SIC elected representative at their monthly meetings.  This matter has been referred to the SIC.





L Odie and S Henderson attended a meeting at Sellaness where outstanding ferry matters were discussed.  L Odie gave a verbal report of the meeting.  Minutes of the meeting will follow in due course and be noted in next month’s minutes. 



Hillend Road- YCC had received a letter from the the five residents in the Water Scheme Road Hillend asking for support regarding the condition of their unadopted road. YCC support the residents request to have the road adopted and maintained by the SIC.

ACTION: Clerk to forward the residents letter to Neil Hutcheson, SIC, requesting he advise the residents how to proceed.



Jaine Best, Executive Manager Community Care Resources, has sent a request to meet YCC to progress  Health and Care Project in Yell.  Members of NHS Shetland and YCC will attend the March Meeting of SIC to discuss the project.


5.6 MID YELL PIER- Fendering

The plan proposed by Claire Christey, SIC, following the meeting and feedback with the pier users is acceptable to the majority using the pier.

ACTION: Clerk to feedback to Claire Christey



Applications for both Breckon and West Sandwick beaches are ready to be submitted.  There are a number of small maintenance projects that will need to be completed to maintain standards.  The box at Breckon beach needs to be repaired and a larger bin needs to be places at West Sandwick beach, as well as benches that need to be painted.

An invoice for work done at West Sandwick beach to the walkway and information box was approved by Mr R Jamieson and seconded by Mr A Ross.

A estimate for work that will be done to the track to the beach at Breckon was approved by YCC

ACTION: Clerk to submit beach applications


Redd Ups

The allocation of the funds to give to Redd Up groups will be discussed next month to allow time to compile a list of completed Redd Ups and contact with the community groups involved.

ACTION: Clerk to contact Shetland Amenity Trust for complete list of community groups involved



Feedback from CLG- the feedback from the Community Liaison Group meeting reported that the overall size of the wind farm will be reduced by 6 turbines and that a further 6 turbines they will be reduced in size from 200m to 180m..


Memorandum of Understanding- Mrs A Jamieson raised the point that the Memorandum of Understanding for the Community Benefit Fund should contain a contingency for the circumstance if a Community Council no longer was operational, this will be advised at the next meeting of the CLG on March 6th


SCBF- Correspondence regarding the Shetland Community Benefit Fund and the new website were noted.



SAT would like to request access to the land before attempting the removal of the White Wife figure head, they are also concerned about health and safety implications of doing so in poor weather conditions.  YCC is keen that the figure head be removed as soon as possible and Mr L Odie will liaise with the tenant to ensure this can happen.

ACTION: L Odie to pass on contact details for landowner to SAT



Item can now be removed from the minutes due to an assurance from SIC that this kirkyard will be cut next year.



The new leaflet is going ahead, paid fro by subscription from advertisers and the item can be removed from the minutes



YCC is disappointed at the response from SIC that the refuse collection will be run from the Mainland until the end of the current financial year and that the plans for the future are still unclear. YCC to email the elected representatives to ask for their support in canvassing for the continuation of this service to be operated from the North Isles



YCC are still hoping to recruit a young person to the role of community counillor



YCC acknowledge the draft complaints procedure sent by Michael Duncan, SIC, and will await the outcome of the discussion at the ASCC meeting in March.



Planning Ref: 2020/002/MAR

Proposal: To Deploy 14 x 240M Twin-headline longlines at the location of an existing consented mussel farm (retrospective) and to deploy an additional 4 x 240M twin-headline mussel longlines (proposed)

Address: East Of Colvister, Basta Voe, Shetland.

YCC supports this application





YCC approved R Coutts requests for an extension to their road grant to await invoices.


YCC acknowledge that C Brown has declined the road grant offered of £300


YCC approve payment of £300 to Alice Jamieson for a road grant application 18/19.  Proposed by Mr A Ross and seconded by Mr J Saunders


7.2 Whalefirth Mens Shed

Invoice received and payment approved for grant of £400.  Proposed by Mr R Jamieson and seconded by Mr A Ross


7.3 Cullivoe Up Helly Aa Grant Extension

YCC approves an extension to the grant offered to the Cullivoe Up Helly Aa to the end of March to allow sufficient time for the work to be completed.   Proposed by Mr A Ross and seconded by Mrs A Jamieson.


ACTION: Clerk to contact Michael Duncan regarding CDF extensions


F Browne left the meeting at 21.55pm




8.1 Feedbaack from Youth Cafe Grant

YCC noted facebook post from the Youth Cafe about the equipment purchased with grant money from YCC


8.2 Mid Yell Pier

Toilets- YCC have been notified of the extremely poor condition of the toilets at the Mid Yell Pier.

ACTION: Clerk to contact Fiona Stirling, Mid Yell Development Group about this


Skip-  YCC have received complaints that the skip at the pier has been used for household rubbish disposal and not as intended.

ACTION: Clerk to contact Andrew Inkster to see what action can be taken


8.3 ASCC Meeting

Mr L Odie to attend the ASCC meeting in March



Old Haa- The OId Haa has a vacancy for a trustee which could be nominated by YCC

ACTION: Members to consider request


Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) Budget cut- YCC is very concerned about the Scottish government reduction budget cuts for the HIE and the impact it will have on our community.

ACTION: YCC to write to Beatrice Wishart,MSP to ask concerns to be raised in the Chamber





The next meeting of the Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 16th March 2020

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