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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 25th February 2019 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell School


Present:                Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair) & Mr R Jamieson

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Mr A Ross the incoming cc member, officially takes up post on 21st March 2019

Apologies:            Mr S Henderson.

Visitors:                Nina Høgmo – SIC Community Planning & Development

The meeting was not quorate to start. Mrs Jamieson welcomed everyone to the meeting.


02/19/3 VISITORS – Ms Nina Høgmo – SIC Community Planning and Development

Nina came to talk about a project called Voices for Equity, this is about tackling the inequalities throughout Shetland, to find out what those inequalities are and to reduce them where possible. This project has already started on the mainland but, to get a fuller picture they would like to recruit some folk from the North Isles onto this also. Community participants are matched with civic participants to discuss the lived experiences of regular folk to understand what problems they encounter. The plan is to meet approximately 10 times over a year. Although there is no absolute poverty in Shetland there is still relative poverty and in Shetland poorer people live in the same neighbourhood as affluent people, there is still a stigma about poverty. This project is not just looking at inequalities from poverty, there are many inequalities to be looked at, isolation & loneliness, elderly, sexual & gender inequalities, ferries, house building etc. Travel expenses and child care costs can be met for participants and it is also possible for the civics to come to Yell for meetings.

MR L ODIE ARRIVED AT 7.30PM (Meeting now quorate)

YCC query how they are going to recruit into this as it would be easy to offend. Nina recognises that this will have to be handled delicately. She asked members to think about individuals who may be able to participate, leaflets were left.



02/19/4 MINUTES

28 January 2019 – the minutes from the January meeting were approved by Mrs A Jamieson & Mr R Jamieson.

14 January 2019 – the notes from the ferries meeting were approved.

16 January 2019 – the notes from the Health & Social Care meeting were approved.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police and post on website



Mr R Jamieson declared an interest in the proposed Energy Isles wind farm in North Yell.


Ms Browne to find out more information on declarations of interest for clarification.  To research the level of interest which should be declared and feed back to members after the cc elections.


Mr Odie has spoken to legal dept about the discussions YCC have about the proposed wind farm in North Yell. As 3 of the current 5 members have an interest in the wind farm and there are only 2 who are not involved, the meeting is not quorate for this matter and no decisions can be made by YCC.

Members with a vested interest in the wind farm can get involved in Community Shares and Community Benefit on a personal level as long as they are not representing the Community Council while doing so.




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Bus & Ferry time table changes – timetables are currently under review. New proposals expected shortly.
  2. Carry over community hires – YCC queried if unused community hires could be carried over to the following year. Reply: This is not possible as any underspends will be used to offset overspends elsewhere.
  3. Linkspan works – YCC queried if public consultation will take place for the linkspan works which will affect ferries for 2 days at each terminal. Reply: Public meetings and notices will take place before this scheduled works which is planned for Winter 2020.

FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Late bus – on a day when the bus was late the ferry left before the bus had arrived leaving passengers stranded at Toft for an hour. YCC request that ferries wait for the bus even when it is running late.
  2. Budget shortfall – following a report on Radio Shetland, YCC were concerned that SIC were not going to get full funding or ferries from the Scottish Gov’t. The impact of any reduction in inter-island ferries services would be detrimental to the islands, Members hope the North Isles elected members can assure YCC on continuance of the current level of service in light of the financial challenge.



6.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

  1. Mid Yell Signs - the sign at Mid Yell junction is now in place.
  2. Burravoe School Junction – the Give Way road marking will be re-instated.
  3. Re-surfacing Mid Yell, Hillend to junction at head of Voe – still to be re-scheduled. SIC are looking into the possibility of making this double width also.
  4. Cat’s Eyes – the cat’s eyes along the main road at West Yell are in a poor state or missing. This will be assessed and scheduled for replacement next financial year where needed.
  5. Faded lines – the road marking lines between Ulsta and Westsandwick are now very faded. This will be assessed and programmed for March where needed.
  6. Pot Holes at Aywick – the large potholes at Aywick shop have now been filled. Further improvements are scheduled.
  7. Gritting priorities – the updated gritting priorities were received and put on the YCC web page.


  • ROADS – Matters arising
  1. Repair schedule – YCC note that the repairs for the back of the ness in Mid Yell are not on the repair schedule for 2019-20.

Action: clerk to contact Roads dept.



  1. Health & Care Project Yell – another meeting is scheduled for 27th February, the terms of reference need to be addressed first.
  2. GP post - nothing further to date.
  3. Dental list – YCC further query what progress is being made on the waiting list for dental patients. No reply to date.
  4. Ambulance coordinator/drivers – an advert for first responder was received and put on the YCC FB page. Clerk to request an update. There is concern that the ambulance is not being cleaned, there were no blankets on one occasion. The ambulance was taken to Ulsta for fuel but was refused as the account had not been paid.

Action: as noted



Community Benefit Workshop – Mr Odie & Mrs Jamieson attended the workshop on 3rd Feb. CARES have now visited twice, they can provide money to help with the process of buying shares. Community Benefit is only a suggested policy and is not guaranteed.


6.5 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – nothing further to date.

6.6 MID YELL POST OFFICE – It is now possible to get a vehicle licence at the post office in Aywick Shop.

6.7 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – waiting for the building warrant. It will probably be late Spring before this can proceed.

6.8 MID YELL PIER FENDERING – works scheduled for this financial year.

6.9 WAR MEMORIALS, MID YELL – Children from Mid Yell School have visited the memorials in their current location. The contractor is hoping to start work at the end of March.

6.10 KEEP SCOTLAND BEAUTIFUL BEACH REPORT – the applications for the beach awards have been submitted for Breckon and Westsandwick. New signs for the bins are needed. KSB would like some photos of the beach for the website. Clerk to organise a clean-up rota.

6.11 SULLOM VOE MASTER PLAN – YCC received a survey for those who did not attend the public events. This has been put on the FB page. It was noted that this survey was difficult to fill in as boxes did not line up and it was not very clear.

6.12 YELL WELFARE TRUST – closing of this group and transferring the funds is in progress. Mr R Jamieson and Mrs A Jamieson declared an interest.



No planning applications were received.



  1. Many funding emails were received.
  2. CDF grant funding – Mid Yell School Grounds Committee submitted receipts for a shed. A cheque was written for £840.
  3. VAS invoice – a cheque for £75 was written to VAS for membership and website hosting.
  4. Rotary Club – YCC received a cheque for £100 from the Rotary Club towards the senior Christmas lunch. A cheque for the same amount was written to Yell Friendship Group who organise this.
  5. Self-Build Loan Fund – YCC received information about the Self Build Loan Fund (SBLF) which is administered by Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust and backed by the Scottish Government. This is to assist self-builders where they have been unable to obtain mainstream mortgage finance. Clerk to put details on FB.





  1. Fireworks consultation – Scottish Gov’t are running a consultation about the sale, use and regulation of fireworks in Scotland. Details can be found at:
  2. Election results – Mr Andy Ross will be joining the Yell Community Council on 21st There are now 3 vacancies.
  3. Sheep in Mid Yell – there are currently sheep in Mid Yell and are getting into the graveyard.
  4. ASCC meeting – the next ASCC meeting is on 26th
  5. Police Report – the latest Police Report was received and has been put on the YCC website. Members are concerned that there were 15 incidents reported in January, this is higher than other areas. PC Simon Findlay leaves in June. YCC find it useful when PC Findlay attends the meeting, clerk to invite to next meeting.












The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 18th March 2019 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm


Visitors – there are no planned visitors

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