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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council


Monday 16th December 2019 in the Mid Yell School


Present:​Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr S Henderson, Mr J Nicholson, Mr J Saunders

        Apologies:​ Mr R Jamieson, Mr A Ross

In Attendance:​​Ms F Browne ( North Isles Development Worker), PC A Manson (Police), K Lonsdale (Clerk)

Visitors: None


Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


12/19/1 MINUTES

25 Nov 2019- The minutes from the November meeting were approved by Mr S Henderson and Mr L Odie.

ACTION: clerk to forward to CC Liaison, NI Dvp Worker, POlice, SIC Elected Representatives and post on the website.



Yell Community Council express their sadness on the announcement of the death, in October, of Mr John P Nicolson,formerSIC Councillor for Yell.  .



Mr S Henderson and Mr J Nicholson declared an interest in the item on the proposed wind farm at Gloup.


Ms F Browne arrived at the meeting 19:05pm



PC Manson provided a breakdown of calls received in the preceding month but advised that there were no crimes reported in that time.  She did advise that there was a road traffic incident involving a sheep.


Mr J Saunders arrived at the meeting 19:10pm



Locality Planning Questionnaire for Businesses-  Mr Tommy Coutts of the SIC will attend in January.  Ms F Browne provided the YCC with samples of similar questionnaires, including the Shetland Employment Survey and a Skills Survey.  She advised that YCC could think about what would be useful information to garner from a business questionnaire.  The point was raised that the information collected from the business questionnaire could also be useful in relation to the proposed road improvements to the Cullivoe to Gutcher road.  Mrs A Jamieson suggested the the Business Questionnaire might also be relevant to services that employ staff as well as business.

Dial a Ride Flexibility-  F Browne had contacted Elaine Park regarding issue with no response to date.

ACTION F Browne to recontact Elaine Park and CC to advertise outcome.



6.1 Ferries

YCC discussed the minutes provided from the meeting with SIC officials and representatives of YCC at Sellaness on 25th November.


Attendees were as follows   Andrew Inkster, Sheena Summers, Fiona Farquhar. Ryan Thomson, Laurence Odie, Steven Henderson, Robert Jamieson

1. Monday 2 vessel service and weekly maintenance and training – Andrew reiterated that it was not possible to reduce the time/duration of the maintenance and there was a general discussion in relation to options to move this maintenance to other days.  Various options were discussed and it was agreed that Yell Community Council would take the action to consult and come back with suggested alternatives to be considered.  It was agreed that in order to meet timetable deadlines, then if any changes were to be implemented the information would need to be received no later than the end of February.  Andrew also said that any options looked at should take into consideration the impact on the Unst service.

Action:  Yell Community Council will consult and feedback to Sella Ness by end of February 2020.

2. Toft Signage for shift vessel -  Andrew apologised for the delay in these works being done but this is now in hand and Andrew will update on timescale for works to be completed.

Action:  Andrew will update on Toft Signage

3. Confusion after single operation to timetable.  Who gets priority?  - Andrew confirmed that following a recent meeting with Route Master/Masters on Yell Sound they did confirm that the backlog would be cleared before returning to ‘normal timetable’  Andrew did recognise that there had been a few hiccups with the communication previously but he did confirm that the Master would only issue the sign update to normal timetable when the backlog had been cleared.

4. Special timetable for single ferry operation – there was a general discussion in relation to this and it was felt the current model where the shift timetable was implemented worked best but we would be open to suggestions and it was agreed that Steven would come with a prototype timetable proposal.

Action:  Steven Henderson will submit a prototype timetable proposal for consideration.

5. Figures for vehicles left behind -  Andrew confirmed that these figures had been sent to Yell Community Council.  Laurence Odie confirmed that these figures had been received.

YCC agreed that these figures were important information to have.  .

ACTION: Clerk to request a simpler version of these figures and that YCC receive them on a 3 monthly basis

6. Election night, no bookings for late ferry although it still ran at a later time – Andrew confirmed that although no bookings  could be made online the booking office staff were still taking bookings and advising passengers that arrivals/departures may be later due to the ballot boxes being transported.  It was agreed that in future clearer comms would be shared with the public to mitigate any confusion regarding sailings.

7. Introduction Winter Timetable – no consultation – Andrew recognised that although we had put forward comments from Yell Community Council to Transport Planning in relation to both Winter and Festive timetable we are unable to make any changes while we are looking at Fair Ferry Funding but it would have been beneficial if we had shared that information with the Community Council.  

8. Introduction Festive Timetable no consultation – as above

9. Toft Car Park Arrangements – Yell Community Council would be keen to keep the temporary car park ‘as is’ following the Toft Works.  If the decision was to keep the temp car park they would be keen to see a separate area (possibly where Site Office is) for LGV/Trailers/Commercial Vehicles.  There was a discussion regarding lighting and if there was adequate lighting at Toft.  Andrew agreed that options for the temp car park to remain would be looked at and also advised that he would check on the lighting at Toft.

Action:  Andrew to check on the lighting at Toft.


10. Advance warning and publicity when ferry taken out of service for scheduled maintenance or annual refit – Andrew advised that our Annual Refit programme is advertised on our website but did also recognise that this may not be widely advertised to the public.  It was agreed that in future more would be done to ensure that this was advertised with link through our comms process

11. Electronic Payment – Andrew gave an update to advise that we are currently in a trial period.

12. Online bookings for commercial bookings – Andrew advised that work is in progress and we hope to undertake first trials January/February 2020.

13. Community Council Runs – Andrew advised that the allocation of Community Runs are set by Transport Planning – should Yell Community Council have any queries relating to the allocation they should direct these to Michael Craigie direct.

ACTION: Clerk to contact Michael Craigie about the YCC allocation of community ferry runs from April 2020

14. Safety of School Children boarding at Toft – Yell Community Council advised that they had been informed that on occasions the school children are disembarking the school bus at Toft when vehicles are also coming off the ferry which has serious safety concerns.  Andrew advised that he would speak to Elaine Park at Transport Planning regarding this issue as they are responsible for the Bus Operators.

Action:  Andrew will speak to Elaine Park in relation to school children disembarking bus whilst ferry traffic are disembarking the ferry.

15. Abandoned Cars – Yell Community Council felt there was an increased amount of abandoned cars at Ulsta.  Andrew advised that Environmental Health are responsible for abandoned cars.

16. Weather – disruptions – Yell Community Council felt that disruptions had increased over the last year.  Andrew emphasised that the decision to sail rested completely with the Master.  Yell Community Council did agree and said that on no account did they want to put any pressure on a master to sail but did feel that sailing had been significantly disrupted over the last year compared to previous years.

The bad weather in November,  highlighted the further need for better communication from the ferry services when service is disrupted due to weather.  The current message to convey a change or suspension of service, it was felt, does not give sufficient information. YCC would like the message to include information such as a clear description of how the service is being changed: if a single vessel which vessel is running and the timing, if suspended then an estimation of when new information will be updated, if bookings are possible etc. Again canyou make this text the same size as the rest, please

ACTION: Clerk to contact ferries to propose these changes.


6.2 Roads

● Aywick Shop- The improvements to the ramp for disabled access has been carried out, there is still no sign sited at the junction.
● Draw off at Gutcher- Improvements to the road scheduled for spring next year.
● Cullivoe to Gutcher Road- feedback from the drop in session held on 16th December..  YCC feel that the rescheduled drop in session to discuss the road planning was well attended and a useful opportunity to view the road plans.  YCC request that the plans and information could be made available online for people who missed the meeting.

ACTION: Contact roads and request the possibility of the information to be published online.

YCC would like to encourage the SIC officials to talk to land owners at the earliest possible time regarding the compulsory purchase of land for the road.

ACTION: Respond to SIC with this suggestion


6.3 NHS Issues- Health and Care Project

YCC have made numerous attempts to contact Edna Mary Watson, Chief Nurse, NHS Shetland regarding this project and have had no response.  Whilst YCC acknowledges that there have been many positive steps regarding staffing at the care centre, ambulance provision and the hiring of a new GP there has been no headway on establishing the group. The concern is now that the funding allocated for this project will not be spent by March.  It was suggested that a meeting of the group be called to update them on the current situation.


ACTION: Clerk to arrange meeting of group

The Doctor has been invited to attend a YCC meeting next year.


6.4 Ambulance

Nothing to update. A Galbraith expected to attend January’s YCC meeting.


6.5 Yell Heat and Energy Project

No response from Mary Lisk, SIC Team leader, Estate Operations, Carbon Management.  This item to be dropped from agenda


6.6 Mid Yell Pier Fendering

The YCC feel, having viewed suggested plans for the fendering supplied by Claire Christey, that a meeting to discuss the options on site is the best way to proceed.

ACTION: Clerk to contact Claire Christey to suggest a meeting


PC A Manson left the meeting at 20:00pm


6.7 Keep Scotland Beautiful Beach Awards

YCC discussed the changes to the beach awards and agree that they still wish to support applications for the beaches in West Sandwick and Breckon  A meeting will be arranged to discuss the applications in January.  F Browne suggested contacting Michael Duncan to see if funds from the Health and Care Project could be repurposed for the Beach Awards.

ACTION: Clerk and A Jamieson to arrange meeting for January

ACTION: Clerk to contact Michael Duncan regarding funds.


6.8 North Yell Wind Farm

L Odie and A Jamieson had attended a recent Community Liaison Group meeting YCC advised that there now was a slight reduction in the number of proposed wind turbines.  The project had now been taken over by Statkraft.


6.9 Paths- Brough to school query & Burravoe School to Hall

It is felt by the YCC that there is no further action to take on this issue


6.10 White Wife

The White Wife figure head remains insitu even though it is in bad condition, concern was also raised about the condition of the information board.

ACTION: Contact the Shetland Amenity Trust again to find out when the figure head will be removed and replaced with the replica.

ACTION: F Browne to find out who can access funds to replace the information board.


6.11 Grass Cutting at Old West Sandwick Kirkyard

No update


6.12 Yell Tourist Leaflet

No update


6.13  Refuse collection and loss of Jobs

YCC would deeply regret the removal of two jobs from the North Isles.  It is rumoured that the service is to run from the Mainland. YCC to contact the SIC in the strongest terms about their concern of a potential loss of jobs from Yell


ACTION: Clerk to advise SIC of YCC’s concerns ct John Smith, SIC



2019/328/PPF Erect a dwellinghouse with air source heat pump, Mid Yell- YCC supports this application



YCC issued a cheque for £486 to the Yell Youth Cafe

The potential for the awarding of extra funds would be advertised.  All applications to be completed by end of March..

ACTION: Clerk to advertise on FB page and put up notices in local shops.



9.1 Email from Beatrice Wishart, MSP for consideration of young people participating in CCs

A Jamieson reported some interest from pupils at Mid Yell School about participating, it was suggested YCC talk to the children and teachers to ascertain the degree of interest and level of involvement.

ACTION: A Jamieson to investigate further.


F Browne left the meeting at 20:35


9.2 Proposal for feedback from YCC meetings to be included in the Shetland Times North Isles Column.

YCC support this idea, other Community Councils already do so, it is felt that it would be a good way to foster interest in YCC and issues they discuss.


9.3 Local Electricity Bill

A jamieson will research if this is something YCC could support.


9.4 CAB Greener Warmer Homes

A representative from the Citizens Advice Bureau has been invited to attend a meeting in the New Year to discuss this project.


9.5 Polling information

YCC are supportive with the current arrangement of the location of the polling stations in Yell but note that it would be beneficial to encourage more constituents to utilise the postal vote.



Leaflet from Glasdon reviewed, agreed that it might be useful for the Beach Awards meeting.




The next meeting of the Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 20th January 2020


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