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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 10th December 2018 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell School


12/18/1 Appointment of chair and vice-chair

As this was the first meeting of the Yell Community Council members since the election, the clerk opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. She invited proposals for chair and vice chair. Mr R Jamieson proposed Mr Laurence Odie to be chair and this was seconded by Mr S Henderson. Mr R Jamieson then proposed Mrs Annette Jamieson as vice-chair, this was also seconded by Mr S Henderson.


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr R Jamieson & Mr S Henderson.

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Cllr R Thomson

Apologies:            Mr J Nicholson, Cllr A Priest & John Smith.

Visitors:                There were no visitors


12/18/4 MINUTES

19 November 2018 – the minutes from the November meeting were approved by Mrs A Jamieson & Mr R Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police and post on website



Mrs A Jamieson & Mr R Jamieson declared an interest in Yell Welfare Trust.

Mr R Jamieson & Mr S Henderson declared an interest in the proposed wind farm in North Yell.

Mr R Jamieson declared an interest in the road grant application below from a family member.


Ms Browne to find out more information on declarations of interest for clarification.  To research the level of interest which should be declared and feed back to members after the cc elections.


Clerk to investigate putting all memberships of interests of current cc members on the web page. Members further discussed declarations of interests.

After the last meeting Mr Odie contacted the Standards Commission to enquire about codes of conduct but they deal with councils and not community councils.



No new items to report.





FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Passenger figures for 1st Sept – this data has now been received.
  2. Bus & Ferry tt changes – timetables are currently under review.
  3. Single ferry waiting for the bus – transport planning has looked at all the possible ways to sort this problem but cannot find a suitable solution that works.
  4. Booking Office closure – YCC were not aware of any notification that the booking office was going to close on Sundays. This was done without prior notice and apologies were sent for any inconvenience this caused.
  5. Bookings after 6.30 – YCC queried why the online bookings for the bookings only ferry finishes at 6.30 when you can book any other ferries for the evening after this time. Reply: this is to tie in with other routes with bookings only runs and to plan crew for the late runs.
  6. Phone bookings – YCC also query why the phone bookings stop at 4.30pm when you can go into the office until 5.30 and book. This is currently under review and will possibly change in the new year.
  7. Windy days – it is understood that the reason for the boat being tied up on windy days is due to the gangway blowing and being dangerous. Reply: ferry operations has no reports of this. Weather disruptions have been down to safe manoeuvring of the vessel only.

Members then discussed all the transport issues with Cllr Thomson including the number of community runs for Yell Sound and the lack of funding for extra runs. YCC have had many requests for wedding hires for this and next year.

Action: Cllr Thomson to arrange meeting with Ferries dept before Christmas



7.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

  1. Mid Yell Signs – These have been prioritised now that the Dales Lees safety barrier works have been completed.
  2. Burravoe School Junction – The Give Way road marking will be re-instated.
  3. 30mph signs at Hillend – still outstanding. Reply: as above at no. 1
  4. Re-surfacing Mid Yell to jct – still to be re-scheduled. SIC are looking into the possibility of making this double width also.
  5. Paths – Roads Dept to assess each route for Sustrans funding eligibility.
  6. Cat’s Eyes – the cat’s eyes along the main road at West Yell are in a poor state or missing. This will be assessed and scheduled for replacement next financial year where needed.
  7. Faded lines – the road marking lines between Ulsta and Westsandwick are now very faded. This will be assessed and programmed for next March where needed.

Action: clerk to find out how long items have been outstanding.


 7.2 ROADS – Matters arising

  1. 30mph at Gutcher –A constituent has reported that the 30mph sign at Gutcher is in the wrong place. YCC request roads dept to check the sign was put in the correct place as per the application. There are still speeding issues near the ferry terminal.
  2. Dips in road – the section of road between Gardie jct and the Mid Yell Social Club has some bad dips in it where water settles, this could become dangerous in the winter.
  3. Pot Holes at Aywick – the are some large pot holes in the road at Aywick shop.

Action: clerk to contact Roads dept and request police if they can do anything re the speeding on approach to the Gutcher ferry terminal.



  1. Health & Care Project Yell – the proposed meeting for Monday 26th November did not go ahead due to NHS staff unavailability. YCC to arrange future dates with delegates from NHS. Members discussed concerns about Isleshavn. Health & Social care team are meeting with Islehavn staff on 10th December and to report back to YCC on this meeting. A second agency member of staff has been engaged to help over the festive period. The care at home service is growing.
  2. GP post – there is some interest in from a GP re a post in Shetland but this is in the very early stages.
  3. Nurse update – interviews were held at the end of September, it is understood that a nurse was recruited.
  4. Dental list – YCC further query what progress is being made on the waiting list for dental patients. No reply to date.
  5. Ambulance coordinator – see new business below.



Cllr Thomson declared an interest as a family member is a shareholder.

  1. Local Energy Scotland meeting – Members met with Mark Brennan & Stephen Young from Local Energy Scotland on 20th November 2018. Clerk to send all attendees the notes of the meeting including Cllr Thomson and those who gave apologies. A follow up meeting has been scheduled for January, date TBA




7.5 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – Sean Haughey LHEES officer from SIC who attended the YCC meeting last month has now contacted Karen Hannay about attending a Stepping Out session in the new year.

7.6 MID YELL POST OFFICE – there has been no success with regard to re-establishing a post-office in Mid Yell however they are trying to solve the issue of Island Vehicle Dispensation and hope this will be available soon.

7.7 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – a building warrant has been submitted for the demolition. Once the warrant is in place progress can be made. It will probably be late spring before this can go ahead.

7.8 MID YELL PIER FENDERING–works scheduled for this financial year.

7.9 WAR MEMORIALS, MID YELL – still waiting for Listed Building Consent to be able to proceed.

7.10 MAKE A DIFFERENCE TRAINING – this has now been put on the training list for CCs.

7.11 KSB BEACH REPORT – Mrs Jamieson has set up a meeting with local reps to discuss the report and make a more robust application.

7.12 YELL WELFARE TRUST – forms are needed from the bank to close this dormant a/c and make funds available. Approved by Mr L Odie and Mr S Henderson. Mr Jamieson to arrange this.



YCC were notified that as the planning dept were moving back into the White House this could delay them by up to 60 days. YCC query if this really meant 60 days and not just 6 days. YCC are concerned as there are some current planning applications that are relying on funding from the EU and those projects may miss out on this funding if the application is not progressed speedily

2018/330/PPF to construct a new marina and breakwater at Cullivoe                              }   members welcome both

2018/331/PPF new caravan site with amenity building at Cullivoe Business Park          }  of these applications

                Action: clerk to contact planning dept and pass concerns onto Cllr Theo Smith and NI Cllrs



  1. Many funding emails were received.
  2. Receipts were received for R Williamson road grant and a cheque was written for 50% of cost as per the terms of the grant. Road to be checked prior to cheque being sent.
  3. An application had been received in April for a late hire for a wedding in July 2019 but this had been overlooked. As members had agreed to allocate on a first come first served basis, they agreed to grant this. Proposed Mr L Odie, seconded by Mrs A Jamieson.
  4. Another late hire request has been received but this has been declined due to the fact that the funds for allocation of late hires has been used up. Clerk to add this request onto the spreadsheet to show the level of requests.
  5. Road grant application received for a new road at Da Barn, Cullivoe. 50m @ £6.00 per metre. Total £300. Approved by Mr L Odie and Mr S Henderson.
  6. Mrs Jamieson suggested reviewing the road grants in time for the new financial year as this has not been updated for some years. Clerk to send members the current form and ask other CCs what rates they use.




  1. Ambulance coordinator – Mrs Jamieson met with Angus Galbraith from Scottish Ambulance Service to discuss the ambulance coordinator role and other issues. They are currently in the process of recruiting a new coordinator and looking at ways to improve the current situation. They are also looking at recruiting more drivers for on call who could become employees of the Scottish Ambulance service. The hope is that the service in Yell could run similarly to the Unst service. Clerk to ask Angus Galbriath for an advert for the FB page to help promote recruitment in Yell.
  2. Sullom Voe Master Plan – Mrs Jamieson met with Sarah Brown of C2W Marine Matters Managed to discuss the proposal to open up the SV harbour limits and the opportunities for aquaculture development. She will be coming back in February to discuss with aquaculture businesses and to do some community engagement events.
  3. Childcare in Yell – there is local concern that the lack of early years child care facilities in Yell is helping in the erosion of population of the isles. There are no registered child minders in Yell and only one in Unst. Clerk to forward letter to NI dev worker.
  4. CC training – CCs have been sent a questionnaire about their training needs and priorities. Members to reply with their requirements.
  5. By-Election timetable – the timetable for the CC by-election was received. This begins in January. Yell CC has 4 vacancies.




No leaflets were received.



The post box that was missing at Hamnavoe has been replaced.

Members set the meeting dates for 2019. Jan 28th, Feb 25th, Mar 18th, Apr 15th, May 20th, Jun 17th, Jul 15th, Aug 19th, Sep 16th, Oct 21, Nov 18th, Dec 16th




The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 28th January 2018 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm


Visitors - The are no planned visitors

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