Yell Community Council   Yell Community Council
Yell Community Council


Monday 16th March 2020

7.00pm in the Mid Yell School




  • Apologies – 


2) Visitors –Mrs Jaine Best (Executive Manager Community Care Resources), Representatives from NHS Shetland and SIC Social Care, Colin Bragg (Executive Manager Waste Management)

3) Minutes - YCC monthly meeting 17th February 2020

4) Declarations of Interest – 

5)    Police report

6)    Community Work – Response re Dial a Ride flexibility

Locality Planning questionnaire


7) Outstanding business:

    1. Transport -Ferries: feedback from Sellaness meeting, weekly maintenance, toft signage, single service priority, special timetable, car park, out of service, electronic payment, online commercial bookings, child safety, abandoned cars, weather disruptions, cc runs, change to service message, vehicle figures, OAP tickets
    2. Roads – Aywick Shop sign,‘back of the Ness, Mid Yell’, State of the Hillend road to Water Treatment works, Mid Yell, Removed sign at junction at Head of Mid Yell Voe (South), Seafield Camb Rd, Sellafirth crash barrier
    3. Upgrade Culliove to Gutcher road
    4. NHS issues –  Health and Care Project Community Care Resources re proposal for progression of project. 
    5. Ambulance –  Defibrillator list
    6. Mid Yell Pier – Fendering, skips, toilets
    7. Keep Scotland Beautiful Beach Awards- Application submitted 28th feb, 
    8. North Yell Wind Farm Statkraft- substation


  • White Wife- Amenity Trust signage


  1. Refuse collection and loss of job
  2. HIE Budget cuts
  3. Non attendance of elected reps

8) Planning Lists / Applications


9) Finance / Grants

  1. Road grants- extension T Nicholson
  2. Redd Ups
  3. Extension to CDF Funding
  4. Wedding hire ferries
  5. Shetland Rape Crisis
  6. Seafarers Association
  7. Aywick Path

10)   New Business

  1. Community payback- unpaid work
  2. Letter from North Yell Development Council

12)  Leaflets / Annual Report

13) Any other Business

  1. October meeting date.
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