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Community Runs for Yell Sound

(1)    Allocation limited to one booking only per event. 

(2)    Official YCC Application form must be submitted to YCC no less than 5 weeks in advance for approval and forward to SIC within 3 weeks of date of sailing for confirmation.  This form includes an agreement to all T&C by named hirer. 

(3)    On confirmation from Ferry Services, YCC will advise hirer to contact Ferry Booking Office with any changes and copy all to YCC for their own records. 

(4)    Sailing times will be advertised locally and on YCC website and Facebook page and advise all passengers should contact the Booking Office for availability and book for time of sailing.   

(5)    The applicant agrees to take responsibility for notification of any changes to schedule or cancellations to their respective named group/event. 

(6)    It will be the responsibility of travellers to check with the booking office nearer the time that C Hire has not been cancelled or amended .

(7)  All travellers must make a booking for their journey. Please contact the Booking Office on 01595 745804

(8)  Sailings are subject to normal terms and condition of carriage by SIC Ferries including the collection of fares by sea staff. 


Disclaimer: Yell Community Council will not be held accountable for any changes to the original agreement between the named hirer and SIC Ferry Services.  YCC are not responsible for the notification of any changes/cancellations to sailings.

Correct at time of publication - April 2017

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