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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 19th August 2019 in the Mid Yell School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chair), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr A Ross, Mr R Jamieson, Mr J Saunders,  

In Attendance:     Ms F Browne (North Isles Development Worker), Angela Manson, Police Scotland

Apologies:            Mr s Henderson, Mr J Nicholson

Visitors:                None

Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


08/19/3 MINUTES

17 June 2019 – subject to a minor adjustment for clarification, the minutes from the June meeting were approved, by Mr A Ross & Mrs A Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police and post on website



Mr R Jamieson declared an interest in the item on Proposed Wind Farm at Gloup.




L Odie welcomed Angela Manson as the new police officer for the North Isles.  Ms Manson advised that there had been 43 calls since 1 January 2019 including 6 since July.  There was a recent issue of fraud concerning building work with 4 complainers.  This issue is being followed up.  Ms Manson said that a local community police presence was beneficial as a deterrent.  L Odie advise Ms Manson of forthcoming events which she noted, Ms Manson would send the CC clerk the monthly police report.





L Odie reported that there had been no applications to date for the role of Community Council Clerk.  It was decided to re-advertise in The Shetland Times and local posters with a closing date of 9th September and on the Yell CC Facebook page and to ask it be promoted on the North Isles column of the Shetland Times.. 


Action: A Jamieson to re-advertise above actions



08/19/7 COMMUNITY WORK        F Browne

Community Mediation Service.  Leaflets were distributed to members and to be advertised on the YCC Facebook page email address is  This group are intend to visit  the Yell Show,

Men’s Shed – the Whalefirth Men’s Shed need evidence of community and public support to gain OSCR approval and are seeking a letter of support from YCC, Ms Browne asked if YCC would be prepared to write a letter of support for this and members agreed to do so.

Childcare – no update due to school holidays

Shetland Partnership Plan – update in September.

Unst Health Community Support Group –Would like to meet with YCC to discuss shared issues, ie ambulance, care centre provision, GP recruitment etc.  YCC agreed to a one-off meeting, mindful that members are committed to supporting other Health and Social care groups and members’ time is limited.

St Magnus Kirk, Burravoe – F Browne is working with the group who wish to take over the kirk from the Church of Scotland for additional purposes






FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Online Bookings – M Craigie advised that the online bookings could be updated in future to 2 hours before departure rather than 20.00 but other matters were being actioned before this change could take place.
  2. Additional signage – YCC has previously asked about having another sign placed at Toft further up the hill so folk can read the information. YCC request an update on this item.
  3. Clearing backlog once again YCC request that the signage should only be changed back to normal service after a reduced service once the backlog is cleared.


Action: Clerk to contact Ferries dept


FERRIES – Matters arising

Bookings YCC to again query why booking cannot be taken by the booking office for late hires which could mean greater usage for members of the community.

YCC again request detailed figures on the number of vehicles being left behind on some runs.

YCC understand that there are to be additional runs on Saturday 7 September for the Yell Show.  YCC note that this is helpful but in future years would appreciate consultation beforehand to ensure that additional runs later in the day are included when visitors want to return to the Mainland.

Action: Clerk to contact Ferries dept



8.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

  1. Mid Yell to Head of Voe - This section of road will be resurfaced in June to repair the bad dip. This road is now considered not fit for purpose.  This has not been carried out and YCC request update on proposed date for this repair
  2. Aywick Shop junction – the give way sign has been reinstated but the lines have never been painted in. There was a near miss on this junction recently. YCC further request the lines be painted now that the area has been tarred.
  3. Parking bays at Sellafirth the parking bays at Sellafirth Business Park are overdue for repainting.
  4. Gutcher junction YCC request an update on proposed action at this junction
  5. Cats eyes - YCC request update on reinstatement of these from Ulsta through West Yell
  6. Efstigarth Road YCC request update on what remedial action has been taken here in light of a complaint from a resident
  7. Stonganess Corner, Cullivoe - YCC request an update on what action the SIC propose to take at this corner
  8. Burravoe Footpath - SIC advise that this will be carried out at a future date

Action: Clerk to contact Roads dept to follow up actions



  1. Health & Care Project Yell – YCC have not been advised of the next date of this forum. Clerk to contact E M Watson, NHS Shetland
  2. GP post – it is understood that there a GP has been offered the post of 34 weeks cover per annum. NHS Shetland requested to provide update
  3. Dentist – Clarity requested on current situation
  4. Ambulance coordinator/drivers – training is in progress for the new drivers. YCC request an update on the coordinator position and request SAS team if they can attend a future YCC meeting.
  5. Isleshavn Care Centre YCC request update on recruitment situation at Isleshavn as it is understood that applicants are still not being responded to in a timely manner. YCC again state the value of this facility to the community both in Yell and throughout Shetland particularly for palliative care.

Action: as noted



  • PROPOSED WIND FARM AT GLOUP – Clarity was to be provided on the fact that a number of YCC members were unable to express a view on the consultation on this item due to these members having to disclose a clear conflict of interest in the matter. L Odie would provide a statement of clarification.

Mr A Ross raised a question on behalf of a constituent, namely at what point was the distribution of community benefit to all three North isles discuss with YCC.  The Energy isles group had attended a YCC meeting early in the process, and discussed the intention of the wind farm turbines being placed in all three North Isles and that their intent was to offer community benefit to all three isles.  Subsequently the project was limited to turbines in Yell but the intent of the developer currently was to maintain the distribution of community benefit to all three Isles.  The decisions and distribution of any community benefit is in the gift of the developer.

Action: L Odie


8.5 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – nothing further to date.

8.6 MID YELL PIER FENDERING – This should now happen by the summer but we have no start date YCC to seek clarification on start date.  

Action: Clerk to contact Andrew Inkster

8.7 WAR MEMORIALS, MID YELL –Both war memorials have now been moved to the Methodist Chapel, East Yell. Although the work has been completed, the contractor cannot be paid the sum of £5520 as the grant from the War Memorials Trust has still not come through.  A Jamieson to check with the War Memorials Trust if YCC can pay the contractor from YCC funds until the grant application is actioned. Approved by LO/AR.

Action: A Jamieson to action

8.8 KEEP SCOTLAND BEAUTIFUL BEACH AWARDS – Reports for both beaches from KSB have come through with a number of recommendations to be actioned.  Clerk to set up meeting with local communities to discuss the report and take remedial actions as required.

Action: Clerk to set up meetings

8.9 RABBITS IN CULLIVOE KIRKYARD – YCC members to review the rabbit situation.  SIC advise that the grass is being cut less frequently due to financial pressures, length of time vibrating equipment can be used etc

Action: YCC members to report back on rabbit problem.

8.10  Shetland Community Benefit Fund – Mr Odie updated members on recent correspondence re this.


8.11 White Wife – Shetland Amenity Trust (SAT) advise that they are going to remove the original deteriorating figurehead which is in need of repair and temporarily replace with a replica.  The intent is that the original will be restored by SAT  in due course and reinstated.




– Planning Application  2019/193/PPF Erect a single storey house in the grounds of the Nurse’s House, Mid Yell  YCC welcome the development.



  1. .Accounts 2018/19 – the accounts for 2018/19 had been approved by VAS. Invoice of £70  approved
  2. YCC approved payment of £250 for support for wedding ferry hire  to D Smith.




. Grasscutting in Old West Sandwick Kirkyard – It was brought to Mrs Jamieson’s attention that the grass has not been cut this year, in the Old West Sandwick Kirkyard and she has pursued why this is the case with the SIC.  Mrs Jamieson shared pictures with members which showed the kirkyard to be considerably overgrown and unkempt.  She has also been in touch with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission regarding this.  There are a number of old kirkyards in Shetland which are apparently being treated in the same way.  YCC do not want to take responsibility for cutting this kirkyard as this may then become their responsibility whilst they believe this should be the responsibility of the SIC.  YCC are concerned that this decision was reached without consultation with local Community Councils.  YCC will speak to members of the local community to see if they would be prepared to cut the grass in the interim in order to ensure that relatives can continue to pay tribute to their deceased relatives in a respectful manner.  Mrs Jamieson will pursue whether the SIC would allow members of the public to cut as a one off gesture and then to pursue how the matter can be resolved   F Browne advises that Unst Community Council are similarly distressed to note that the kirkyard at the Easting is also no longer being cut.

                                                                                Action: A Jamieson to contact burials dept and L Odie to talk to local residents



Mr R Jamieson brought up the issue of the transport of dead salmon on the ferries.  YCC would like to understand the process and procedure to ensure that the disposal has as little impact on local residents and the travelling public as can be.                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk to contact Cooke Aquaculture






The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 16th September in the Mid Yell School at 7pm



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