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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 16 April 2018 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell Junior High School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr R Jamieson, Ms L Cunningham, Mr J Nicholson & Mr G Hughson.

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk)

Apologies:            Mr S Henderson & Ms L Thomson & Ms F Browne (NICW)

Visitors:                There were no visitors

Mr Odie welcomed everyone to the meeting.


04/18/3 MINUTES

19 March 2018 –the minutes from the March meeting were approved by Mr G Hughson & Mr R Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police, NICWO and post on website



Nothing to report




FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Usage figures – the ferry usage figures were received but this didn’t show much detail. We have received this information in the past which detailed all the different sailings.
  2. Increased ferry service – now SIC has funding for the ferries from Scot Gov’t is it possible to have 2 ferries on Mondays and Saturdays. Mr Odie to arrange meeting with Mr Craigie to discuss.
  3. Dry dock early departure – YCC queried why the Yell ferry was taken to dry dock early with no prior warning and before a replacement ferry was available. Reply: the information was posted on the website, facebook, text and local media.
  4. Bigga Re-fit – YCC noted that the Bigga is due to go for re-fit while the Yell Show is on and requested that this re-fit is delayed by one week. Reply: Ferry services will look into this but it may not be possible due to vessel certification expiry dates.
  5. Transport Strategy Refresh Consultation – this consultation ended on 27th March, Chairman submitted a reply.


FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Community Runs – YCC request information on the number of community ferry runs other islands are awarded and how many they use.
  2. Yell Show Day – In 2013 a special timetable was set up for Yell Show Day, YCC query if this can be utilised each year for this popular event.
  3. Booking Office telephone – YCC query if it is possible to have a queuing system for the booking office phone instead of the simple message stating ‘the office is busy, please try later’.
  4. Vehicle checks – YCC query if during busy times booked vehicles could be checked as there are occasions when vehicles swap lanes to ensure they get on, this is not fair on those who use the system properly.
  5. Waiting for bus – during breakdowns/single vessel could the ferry due to leave Toft at 8.45 please wait for the service bus coming from Lerwick. Otherwise folk get to Ulsta and have missed the service bus, they then have to wait around for many hours.



5.2  ROADS – Outstanding matters

  1. Road signs for Mid Yell – the contractors have been busy with the safety barrier repairs at Dales Lees, the Mid Yell signs should be done in April/May.
  2. Sellafirth Bus Shelter – the bus shelter was made safe and an order for a permanent repair has been issued.
  3. Mid Yell sign - the Mid Yell sign from the head of the voe is still missing, this will be done in April.
  4. Meadowbank Road, Burravoe – the section of road from the Old Haa to the Swedish houses on Meadowbank Road has no path and is very narrow. This could be put forward as a project under participatory budgeting, SIC will look at the land ownership. Nothing further to date.
  5. Road closures – YCC queried the reason for closing the road to Voe instead of using traffic lights. Reply: The equipment for this job is very wide and crosses the centre line when being used so there is insufficient safe working space if only using traffic lights for this work.
  6. Resurfacing program – the electronic copy of the resurfacing program for 2018/19 was received and distributed to members.
  7. Uneven road – the road at the back of the Ness near Laxo Burn is very uneven and repair/resurfacing needs investigating. Reply: a large patch will be added to improve the vertical alignment.
  8. Seafield/Camb Potholes – the road around Seafield/Camb now has potholes. Reply: these should be patched this week.
  9. Road sweeping – YCC asked for the Herra straight road to be swept as the loose chips were causing windscreen damage. Reply: instructions were sent to get this done.


5.2 ROADS – Matters arising

    10. Cunnister Road – There is a large pothole on the Cunnister Road near the Portland Quarry.

    11. Hill Road, Cullivoe – ditching work is needed, during the winter water was on the road, it then froze and has caused potholes.

Action: clerk to contact roads dept



  1. Hostel – concerns were raised about the new hostel, members to gather feedback. Still to be done.



  1. GP vacancy – a potential new GP will be visiting Yell in April. Nothing further to date.
  2. Ambulance in Yell –Yell has had no co-ordinator for over a year. YCC query what this role involves and if it is the same as what Robert used to do. Also, if there is no rota, is there guaranteed cover for the ambulance service. No reply to date.
  3. New dentist – members are glad to see a new dentist is now in post for Yell. YCC would like to know how many patients have left the practice to seek treatment elsewhere. It is understood that folk will not be allowed to come back to Yell for future treatments. No reply to date
  4. Health & Care Project Yell – YCC query an update on this project.
  5. Care Centre – YCC query if there are places available at Islehavn if needed.




This project has now been dismissed.


5.6 PROPOSED WIND FARM AT GLOUP – Energy Isles have requested that a liaison group is set up with representatives from the 3 North Isles. A meeting will take place on 23rd April. Mr G Hughson, Ms L Cunningham and Mr L Odie will attend. There should be funding available for a development officer for this project to get the best benefit for the community.


5.7 NOTICE BOARDS – Most of the information boards were legible but the one at Arisdale for the Catalina is in a poor state. Photo is needed for the one at Gloup.

Action: Clerk to contact SAT


5.8 ABANDONED VEHICLES – There are no abandoned cars in the Ulsta car park. There is still one outside the old Linkshouse Stores.

Action: contact D-S-R for help


5.9 BOTTLE BANKS – YCC queried the procedure for getting the recycling bins emptied. No reply to date.

Action: contact Cllr Thomson


5.10 REFUSE COLLECTIONS – drop-in sessions will be held in the North Isles during May.


5.11 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – information regarding the grant system was received. Public meetings are due to be held during April.


 5.12 MID YELL POST OFFICE – No progress to date but the Post Office are currently in talks to resolve this.


 5.13 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – This unsightly building is still waiting for demolition, YCC query if a date has been set for this.


 5.14 MID YELL PIER – the subsidence at the pier in Mid Yell was reported to Sella Ness and investigated immediately, no reply to date.

Action: clerk to action as needed




No planning applications were received.



  1. YCC were successful with the application for a CDF distribution fund of £3000.
  2. The locations of the new benches were agreed to be: Vatster, Ulsta Marina, Gutcher and Gossabrough.
  3. Members agreed to apply for the £1000 special project grant to help towards moving the War Memorials from Mid Yell Church. Mrs Jamieson declared an interest. Approved by Mr R Jamieson & Ms L Cunningham. The closing date for this is 12th
  4. The following road grants were approved by Mrs A Jamieson and Mr G Hughson, subject to checking:

                      Mr W Strachan, Mid Yell, 70m tarring

                      Mr W Anderson, Ulsta, 216m tarring

                      Mr T Robertson, Burravoe, 35m tarring, lengths to be checked and confirmed at next meeting.

  1. The following CDF grant applications were received and grants awarded as follows:

Group                                                              Project                                                                  Project cost          Grant awarded

Mid Yell School Grounds Committee                    New Shed                                                               £2100                     £840

Mid Yell Hall                                                    Replace kitchen equipment                                       £1002                       £400

Yell Youth Café                                                New Camera                                                            £350                        £140

Cullivoe Hall                                                   Replace fryer                                                           £2307                       £920

Cullivoe School                                              repair/replace musical instruments                             £1200                       £480

Sellafirth Hall                                                 external painting of hall                                             £545                       £220

All the above were approved by Mrs A Jamieson and Mr G Hughson.




  1. CC training – the CC training that was postponed from 10th March has now been re-scheduled for 28th
  2. Westsandwick Graveyard Road – the road between Scatlands and the Westsandwick Graveyard is in a poor state. Clerk to contact Roads dept.
  3. Isolation Project – there is a national project to tackle isolation, the Shetland project is being relaunched. YCC suggest that Stepping Out may be a good starting point for this.
  4. Preparing for Investment Workshop – there will be a workshop in Lerwick on 18 April to discuss social investment.
  5. Licensing Update Consultation – consultation seeking views on the update of the Licensing Regualtions is now open and closes on 6th
  6. Parking Charges at Sumburgh – YCC are disappointed about the lack of consultation for the proposed parking charges at Sumburgh Airport and suggest that HIAL looks at other solutions if money is needed.
  7. NAFC Marine Plan – NAFC Marine Centre will be holding a number of public events over the summer and would like to come to a CC meeting to discuss. Clerk to invite.
  8. Sullom Voe Aquaculture – Northmaven CC contacted YCC about the possible aquaculture activity in Sullom Voe. YCC had not been aware of this but would welcome the harbour being opened up.
  9. Abandoned car procedure – Clerk to enquire what the procedure is for the collection of abandoned vehicles.
  10. Aquaculture Impact – Rural Affairs and Connectivity Committee are holding an inquiry into the impact of aquaculture industry. Chairman to respond.




No new reports received









The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 21st May 2018 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm


Visitors – TBC

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