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Minutes of Meeting of Yell Community Council

Monday 17th September 2018 at 7.00pm in the Mid Yell School


Present:                Mr L Odie (Chairman), Mrs A Jamieson (Vice-Chair), Mr R Jamieson & Ms L Cunningham.

In Attendance:    Mrs J Lyth (Clerk) & Ms F Browne (NICW)

Apologies:            Mr G Hughson & Mr A Priest

Visitors:                Jaine Best – Exec manager, Community Care Resources, Lisa Watt – Primary Care Manager, Simon Bokor-Ingram – Director Health & Social Care.

                                Majorie Williamson – Chair of Integration Joint Board


9/13/3 VISITORS - The visitors will be arriving at approx. 7.30pm so members started the meeting in the usual manner and will come back to this when they arrive.


09/18/4 MINUTES

20 August 2018 – the minutes from the August meeting were approved by Mr R Jamieson & Mrs A Jamieson.

Action: clerk forward to CC Liaison, Police and post on website



Proposed Wind Farm, North Yell: Mr R Jamieson is a shareholder and so declares an interest.

Ferry hire grant request: Mrs Jamieson declared an interest for a ferry hire grant for a member of her family.


Ms Browne to find out more information on declarations of interest for clarification.



Locality Planning – the group are still working on getting all the agencies on board and getting more involvement. Shetland Partnership – looking at doing work on the islands with independent research so there is no issue of who is gathering the data.



At the YCC meeting in July John Smith, Director of Infrastructure SIC noted many of the local issues and concerns. He has now sent quite a detailed reply which will be added to the website as a separate item/added as an attachment.



FERRIES – Outstanding matters

  1. Bookings for Community Hires – bookings will be taken by the booking office for Community Hire ferries.
  2. Passenger figures for 1st Sept – now that the Yell Show has passed, YCC request the passenger data for Yell Show Day. To include passengers carried and those unable to transit.
  3. Bus & Ferry tt changes – YCC received a letter from a member of the public regarding the proposed bus tt changes and the amended route around Lerwick. This was to be passed on when Unite consulted with YCC. As they have not yet contacted YCC, members suggest that the person takes their concerns to transport planning. Clerk to check with Michael Craigie for any updates.
  4. Monday to Friday timetable – this is under review, answered in John Smith reply attached.
  5. Single ferry waiting for the bus – on Saturdays the town bus arrives at Toft in time for passengers to get the 8.45 ferry, ferry operations have now also queried why this can’t happen on weekdays too as this would eliminate this problem.


7.1 FERRIES – Matters arising

  1. Booking Office closure – YCC were not aware of any notification that the booking office was going to close on Sundays.
  2. Late hire grant requests – YCC received 2 late hire grant requests. L Robertson for a wedding in April 2019 & G Jamieson for a wedding in August 2019. Both grants were approved by Ms L Cunningham & Mr R Jamieson (no relation). The unallocated funds now stands at £157. This leaves funding for one more late hire grant which will be topped up to £250 by other YCC funds.
  3. Docking schedule, info request – ferries dept has asked to be notified of any planned events ahead of setting the docking schedule for 2019.



9/18/3 VISITORS – Jaine Best – Exec Manager, Community Care Resources, Lisa Watt – Primary Care Manager & Simon Bokor-Ingram – Director Health & Social Care

Simon Bokor-Ingram opened by thanking members for letting them attend the meeting. He wanted to reassure members of the community that although they are currently experiencing a number of challenges, they were not talking about closing the Isleshavn Care Centre.

Lisa Watt, Primary Care Manager then spoke about the vacancies within the primary care sector.

GP – Although the Yell GP position has been advertised again there has been no applicants. Dr Lord who has done a couple of trials in Yell has decided not to take a permanent full-time post. Lisa is going back to the Royal College of General Practitioners Conference in Glasgow in October to try to attract new GPs to Shetland. This was successful for the Bixter practice. Yell is not proving to be a very attractive post as it carries a commitment for out-of-hours work, there are plenty of positions available without this extra commitment.  Whalsay now have 4 or 5 permanent GPs working on a rota basis which is working well, this could be a solution for Yell. Fixed links would be very beneficial as then GPs from mainland could also be used to cover out-of-hours.

Nurse – since Linda retired Yell has had a nurse vacancy, the position has been advertised, there are some good applicants and interviews are set for 26/27 September.


Jaine Best, Exec. Manager of Community Care resources then spoke about the future of community care in Yell and the challenges they are experiencing here. Recruitment retention is an issue for Shetland as a whole as well as in Yell so they are looking at ways to future-proof this. The Care Inspectorate demands a certain number of staff per bed for care centres, this is necessary for the safety and well-being of staff and residents. This situation became critical in July and a shortage was only avoided by night staff coming in during the day to cover. Some agency staff are now also being used. Although the jobs have been advertised there have been no applicants. Members said that although the jobs were advertised there was only one time that Yell was mentioned and when trying to navigate around the website it was difficult to find the actual job. New employees are required to do SVQ training which could be putting off some applicants but this is a national requirement and is not too onerous.

Jaine is looking at ways to keep services in the isles available, this is very important as we have an aging population. Remoage and Stepping Out have both been piloted in Yell. They are developing the 24/7 care at home scheme. Self-directed care can be very useful to get targeted services. More folk are wanting to stay in their own home rather than biding in a care home. More beds in the care homes are being used for interim care. Brucehall in Unst works very well. One unit in Bellevue was recently converted to be a similar set up but has since been used for general housing needs.

With the Isleshavn manager retiring later in the year there are local concerns that the care centre with close. As there are staffing issues YCC query if the leavers are being asked why they are leaving.

A member of the public queried if the current issues were the catalyst of change and although they are very supportive of having the different models of care available, they also felt it was very important to have a care centre setting available for palliative and end of life care. Jaine confirmed that the standard of care in Yell is excellent, both at home and in the care centre and that the end of life/palliative care in Shetland is the best in Scotland. The NHS are looking at doing some work locally holding some meetings with members of the public to see what is needed and to gather suggestions/feedback.


Ms Browne said that she was aware that there is a risk to members of the community who are involved in the working group if they are seen to be responsible for changes to the service that the community don’t like.


Lisa Watt then gave out details of the dental services in Shetland. This showed the 3 different ways that dental services in Shetland are provided.




Members carried on discussing the care centre.

An entertainment plan for the care centre is to be issued so relatives know when things are on, this will help them to arrange their visits better.

There are concerns that if the care centre was to shut soon, there is no permanent GP and one nurse short.

Possible solutions were discussed, support and information about SVQ qualifications. Brucehall model – members need to speak to the care workers at Brucehall to find out what works well and what things could be improved.

Clerk to find Care Inspectorate report for Isleshavn and forward to members.

Clerk to query if recruitment process for manager position has begun.

YCC also query if the Brucehall model is not possible for Yell, what other solutions are possible.





7.2 ROADS – Matters outstanding

  1. Brig at Stoness – YCC members are due to meet with roads dept to discuss the proposed layout.
  2. Mid Yell Signs – There is still no sign for Mid Yell at the head of the voe. This sign has been missing for a considerable time and is also the sight of an accident in recent months. Nothing further to date.
  3. Burravoe School Junction – at the sharp bend in Burravoe at the school there are no lines on the edge of the road. This bend has a low curb which is not easy to see and someone not knowing the road might think this is a double width road. No reply to date.
  4. 30mph signs at Hillend – still outstanding
  5. Flashing sign outside school – The 20mph sign outside MY school still does not flash at school times.


7.2 ROADS – Matters arising

  1. Roadworks cancellation – the road between Mid Yell and the Mid Yell junction was due to be closed on Sunday 16th for major roadworks. Due to this planned works some local events were cancelled. The road works then never happened with no notification.
  2. Double width – YCC query if the road between Mid Yell and the Mid Yell junction can be made double width for the whole length.

Action: clerk to find out how long items have been outstanding.



  1. Dental services – YCC queried what progress was being made on the waiting list in Yell and when patients who left the practice to seek treatment elsewhere will be likely to go back to the Yell practice. Reply: although the dentists are now working through the list to catch up it is advised that those who registered elsewhere remain on those lists to be able to access their dental needs better.
  2. Health & Care Project Yell – Lisa Watt attended the Unst Health Centre patient group, Unst are trialling a software called Attend Anywhere where patients can have a visual appointment with a consultant at Gilbert Bain. Whalsay and Yell are also in discussions to try this. This type of appointment would not be suitable for all appointments but would cut down on off-island travel.
  3. GP update – dealt with above
  4. Nurse update – dealt with above




  1. Local Energy Scotland meeting – The previously cancelled meeting is still to be re-scheduled.
  2. Questionnaire - Clerk to contact Energy Isles for a copy of the questionnaire that was available at the public meetings and query when the results/outcomes of these will be available. No reply to date.
  3. Ethics and Training – Michael Duncan contacted Mr Odie with concerns of the ethics of YCC members being involved with the Wind Farm, ethics training is available.
  4. Liaison Group meeting – the liaison group met with Energy Isles. They gave an update on where the project was at.
  5. Public meeting – There will be a public meeting on 30th October in the Sellafirth Hall.
  6. Local Energy Scotland – have offered to come and visit as they can help with setting up the community benefit and the shares. As yet we are unaware what is available so this can be sorted once this is known. They have also offered to visit local schools.


7.5 YELL HEAT & ENERGY PROJECT – YCC have requested Sean Haughy to attend a YCC meeting with an update. No reply to date.

7.6 MID YELL POST OFFICE – Clerk wrote to Alistair Carmichael for any update. No reply to date. Mrs Jamieson will attend the next Constituency Advice Surgery on 25th Sept.

7.7 HORSA BUILDING, MID YELL – this is now been passed to Building Maintenance, there is intent to apply for a demolition warrant.

7.8 MID YELL PIER– Fendering – divers report rec’d, works scheduled for this financial year. Repair will be re-done. Skip issue has been passed to management team.

7.9 WAR MEMORIALS – Yell CC are still waiting for listed building consent application submitted by the local presbytery to progress.  It is possible for YCC to apply directly for the listed building consent and Mrs A Jamieson is willing to do this, on YCC’s behalf, if YCC supports the request.  This was proposed by Mr R Jamieson and seconded by Ms L Cunningham. There is now a potential buyer for the kirk, which means that YCC would like to progress the re-siting of the memorials, sooner rather than later. Mrs Jamieson has been in communication with the Church of Scotland solicitor in Edinburgh, who has assured her that, if the sale is completed before the memorials are removed,(the memorials are not included in the sale) that it will state in the missive that the potential new owner is to grant YCC and their contractors access to effect removal.

7.10 MAKE A DIFFERENCE TRAINING – this has been put on hold until after the CC elections in November.

7.11 LOCALITY PLANNING FOCUS GROUP – the Shetland locality planning focus group planned for 10th Sept was cancelled.

7.12 CC ELECTION LEAFLETS – the leaflets have now been completed, will be printed and distributed to shops.



There were no new planning applications.

2018/090/PPF to erect a 5kw turbine at Ulsta ferry terminal. YCC had concerns about this application. Reports are still ongoing.




  1. Many funding emails were received.
  2. A ferry grant of £250 was approved by Mr R Jamieson and Ms L Cunningham for a wedding hire on 01.07.18 and a cheque was written.
  3. Details of the ‘cans for cash’ scheme was received. Local groups can collect cans and raise funds for themselves. More details can be found at:
  4. Cares funding – clerk to find email and re-send to all YCC members.


Mr Odie then read all the feedback from John Smith. YCC request that when investigating the 5 day, 2 vessel model for the ferries, that this target date be brought forward so that it can be implemented in time for the summer t.t. if possible.




  1. RBS Little Book of Scams – RBS have published a number of little books about scams. More details can be found at:
  2. ASCC raising awareness – ASCC are releasing 3 short films to raise awareness community councils and the work that they do. This is to coincide with the CC elections.
  3. CC Elections – if you are interested in becoming a community councillor you will need to fill in a nomination form, either available from the clerk or via the following link: Nomination-form2018.pdf
  4. University of Dundee - are doing a research project called Uncovering the Environment: the use of public access to environmental information. This includes a survey:
  5. Democracy Matters Twitter Hour – will take place on 18th
  6. Scottish Gov’t surveys – there a 2 current surveys, 1 on Energy and 1 on Building Standards: scot/Topics/Built-Environment/Building-standards
  7. SNH CEO visit – to start the final leg of #cyclefornature on 8th Oct at the Hoswick visitor centre.
  8. West Burrafirth Broadband/wind farm issue – WBCBG have been in contact with ASCC & Peel Energy regarding the proposed wind farm at Mossy Hill as this could affect their wireless broadband link. The consultants have agreed to add in a planning condition to safeguard the links.
  9. Transport survey - The Scottish Gov't has launched a survey to gather new evidence from people working in the Highlands and Islands to inform its work on Air Departure Tax. The survey is open until 12 noon on 8th October.





Shetland Partnership Annual Report 2017/18 was received and noted.



The year-end accounts for 2017-18 have now been Independently Examined by VAS. Accounts were approved by Mr R Jamieson and Mrs A Jamieson. Clerk to send signed accounts to SIC Finance dept.

Abandoned cars – there are 2 more abandoned cars, 1 at the lower end of the car park at the Mid Yell junction and 1 in the Ulsta shop car park. Clerk to report these to SIC.

Cancelled road grant – Mr R Robertson contacted the clerk between meetings to say that he would not be doing his road improvements this year. Clerk to amend financial info to reflect this.

Clerk to re-advertise grant money available to groups.




The Next Meeting of Yell Community Council will be held on


Monday 8th October 2018 in the Mid Yell School at 7pm


Visitors  - The are no planned visitors

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