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        Shetland Policing Report May 2018     



Date     04/06/2018


To         Shetland Community Councils


From     Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch  



The public consultation is for you to tell us what is important to you in your community. Your opinion is valued – we need your opinion to inform our policing. Having your say in the decision making process of Police Scotland is a vital tool for residents of Scotland to be able to shape the way their public services should operate.


It's a very simple process that should only take a few moments of your time but will shape the way that policing is coordinated across Scotland and in your local community.


Please take time and encourage others to complete this questionnaire which can be found at





Performance Against Local Policing Plan 2017 - 2020


Priority 1 – Road Safety


Number of people detected for drink/drug driving

YTD 2017/18



YTD 2018/19






Number of people detected for speeding










Number of people detected for mobile phone offences













Number of people detected for seat belt offences










Number of people detected for insurance offences






Priority 2 – The Supply, Abuse and Misuse of Drugs


Number of offences reported for supply or being concerned in the supply of drugs

2017/18 YTD




2018/19 YTD








Number of persons reported for possession of controlled drugs












Priority 3 – Protecting People


Number of people reporting sexual crimes

2017/18 YTD


2018/19 YTD




Number of domestic abuse incidents reported









Priority 4 – Antisocial behaviour and Alcohol Related Disorder



2017/18  YTD



2018/19  YTD






Number of Threatening and Abusive Behaviour Crimes and Offences




Number of common assaults reported







Number of incidents of vandalism reported





Since 1st April 2018, there has been a reduction in the number of recorded crimes from 77 to 62 with an overall detection rate for reported crime in Shetland at 73%



Specially Trained Officers


The training of around 500 Specially Trained Officers (STOs) in the use of Conducted Energy Devices (Taser) will begin at the end of May 2018.


Police Scotland announced plans in December 2017 to train additional officers who will be equipped with Taser in a move to improve the safety of the public and police officers, following an increase in the number of incidents in which officers have been confronted by people with bladed weapons and an increase in assaults on officers.


Once trained, the STOs will be equipped with the Taser X2 and will be deployed across communities throughout Scotland, in both urban and rural areas.

The total number of STOs will equate to just under 3% of the force establishment and brings Police Scotland into line with forces throughout the UK.


Police Scotland has been carrying out an extensive programme of engagement with national and local politicians and other key stakeholders to explain the plan to increase the deployment of Taser (correctly known as Conducted Energy Devices) before the STOs are in place.


A number of officers in Shetland will receive this training during August 2018.


Chief Superintendent Matt Richards said: "Our priority at all times is the safety of the public and the safety of our officers who are attending incidents, often not knowing what they'll face. Due to the increasing number of incidents officers are attending where people are armed with bladed weapons and the growing number of assaults on police officers, it is necessary for us to take steps to improve our ability to keep the public and officers safe.


"The officers will be fully trained in the use and safe keeping of the Taser and there will also be a focus on dealing with vulnerable people and identifying risks to ensure that the deployment of Taser is proportionate and safe.


"These officers will be deployed at the heart of local policing in all 13 divisions across Scotland, helping to keep their colleagues and the public safe and bringing Police Scotland into line with forces throughout the UK.

"Ultimately, our focus remains on keeping people safe, which is at the heart of what we do.

"As well as engaging with a number of stakeholders including elected representatives, the Scottish Government, Scottish Police Federation, Scottish Police Authority, PIRC, HMICS and charity groups, we have been working with the NHS and Violence Reduction Unit to share best practice and improve de-escalation techniques."


Taser allows officers to maintain a safer distance from a subject, decreases the risk of injury, prevents escalation and enables safer and quicker resolution to an incident.

Every time a Taser is discharged, a report is sent to the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner to independently assess the incident.


Community Contact Van


Our Prevention and Interventions Officer will be utilising our Community Contact Van over the next few months throughout Shetland and will be travelling to some of our more rural and island communities to provide advice, listen to any community concerns or be available for an informal chat.


There will be various information packs and leaflets available, covering important topics such as Road Safety and Cyber Crime as  well as materials supplied by partnership agencies such as Trading Standards and Adult Protection Social Work.


If you are aware of the van is in your community, please take the opportunity to stop and speak with Constable Rachel Branney.


Further details and dates will be available on the Shetland Police Twitter and Highlands & Islands Police Facebook account.








The following is a summary of some of the reported incidents attended by Police Scotland in your ward area during the month of May. Not all incidents attended will be included in the summary due to anonymity but hopefully this will provide an indication of the ongoing police activity in your area.



There has been no incidents recorded for Bressay.



There has been 7 incidents recorded for Yell. This includes report of a fire at Wind House. Anyone who may have information relating to the fire is asked to report it to PC Findlay.



There has been 1 incident recorded for Unst.



There has been no incidents recorded for Fetlar.



There has been 4 incidents recorded for Whalsay. This includes damage reported to school premises. Please report any information relating to this to Lerwick Police Station or Constable Findlay.



There has been 10 incidents recorded for Scalloway. A number of road traffic offences detected, a concern for person and public nuisance calls.


Burra & Trondra

There has been 3 incidents recorded for Burra & Trondra which include a concern for person and a disturbance.


Sandsting & Aithsting

There have been 6 incidents recorded for Sandsting and Aithsting.


Walls & Sandness

There have been 1 incident recorded for Walls and Sandness.


There has been 5 incidents recorded for Dunrossness.



There has been 3 incidents recorded in Sandwick including road traffic offences.


Nesting and Lunnasting

There have been 2 incidents recorded for Nesting and Lunnasting




There have been 23 incidents recorded for Delting. This includes a number of road traffic offences, possession of drugs offence, disturbances, concern for persons and report of a serious assault outside licensed premises.



There have been 10 incidents recorded for Northmavine


Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale

There have been 6 incidents recorded for Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale


Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh & Quarff

There has been 3 incidents recorded for Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh and Quarff.



There have been a number of incidents recorded for the Lerwick area as follows;


Road Traffic Offences Detected-    21

Drink Driving Offences - 3

Drugs Searches including warrant searches (positive) – 8

Disturbance - 3

Neighbour Noise Calls - 5

Advice/Assistance/Information -   23

Concern for Person - 20

Crimes of Dishonesty - 4

Alarm Activations -13

Assault- 2

Animals Calls - 8

Vandalism - 2

Public Nuisance -   3

Assist Other Agency 7

Sexual Offence - 1


The remainder of the calls and incidents have been of a routine nature.


If anyone has any information relating to any of the police enquiries or incidents highlighted in your area please pass this on to your community council officers or on the number provided.


Contact can be made with Police Scotland through the 101 national number, or Crime Stoppers which is anonymous on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively you can use




Lindsay Tulloch

Area Commander



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