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Yell Community Council 

As well as telling you about Yell Community Council and its members, find out here about our island, and read our most recent minutes.

Yell Community Council (YCC) is funded by Shetland Islands Council (SIC) and currently has six active members. YCC meet regularly on the third Monday of the month via Zoom

YCC receive an annual allocation of funds which is distributed to local community groups for projects and the upkeep of roads to permanently occupied houses.  Due to SIC funding restraints, the CC budgets throughout Shetland have not increased in resent years and YCC are now be working with more limited resources for funding of local projects and private roads.

In addition to many other things that YCC pursues, the general purpose of the Community Council is to promote the well-being of the community in the Yell Ward by getting to know, co-ordinating and expressing to Shetland Islands Council and the relevant public authorities, the views of the community, in relation to the matters those authorities are responsible for. YCC can then take action in the interests of the community as appears to it to be appropriate and practicable.

Yell Community Council monthly meetings are open for public gallery and regularly have invited visitors regarding matters on the agenda.  Please do not hesitate to contact YCC clerk or member for your area on any CC business see contact page.

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