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Aged 12-25

Whether you are already volunteering or just thinking about it, the Saltire Awards are for you!  These awards are the Scottish Government's way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland. Try out volunteering by taking part in a team challenge or start learning new skills with the Saltire Approach.  Not only does it look great on your CV also by signing up to the Saltire Awards you can also earn up to 3,000 Young Scot Reward Points with each Award you achieve.

Both you, and the organisation(s) with whom you volunteer, need to be registered. You can register with us at Voluntary Action Shetland. For the Volunteer and Voluntary Organisation these forms need to be completed.  

If you need help with any of this paperwork or need to check anything out please get in touch with

LAvinia Schmidt, lavinia.schmidt@shetland.org  01595 743911

The four main sections to the Saltire Awards are:

  • The Challenge: for those getting started in volunteering through team challenges
  • The Approach: for when you've reached 10 and 25 hours volunteering
  • The Ascent: For when you've reached 50, 100, 200 or even 500 hours volunteering
  • The Summit: For those that have made an outstanding contribution to volunteering

Full support for the awards and all your paperwork is provided by VAS.

The Saltire Award links perfectly with learning outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence and can also run alongside other awards such as Duke of Edinburgh and Youth Achievement Awards. 

For further information please contact:

Lavinia Schmidt, Volunteer Support Worker, lavinia.schmidt@shetland.org 01595 743911

Please also contact us if you would like help with recruiting volunteers for your group/organisation.

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