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Volunteer Case Study

David Eva

David first came to Voluntary Action Shetland to find out about volunteering in February 2010.  He had just come back from Edinburgh and was looking for something to do, ideally a clerical opportunity, and he thought volunteering would be good: “because if I didn’t like it, I could always stop doing it; but I really like it, and I’m still doing it!”

He was initially placed with Shetland Arts Development Agency, helping out at reception.  Asked what he likes about the volunteering, he says “The people are really nice, there’s always a lot happening, it’s a busy office, especially when they’re putting on festivals.  They make you feel quite useful as well, especially now I’ve been there quite a long time.  I’ve gained a lot of work experience, it’s quite a social office, and that’s been good for me.” 

In August 2010, David received his MV 50 hour award certificate, and in March 2011, his 100 and 200 hour MV certificates.

David receiving his 50 hours MV award from Tavish Scott MSP

David receiving his 50 hour MV Award from Tavish Scott MSP

In summer 2011, David was invited to join two other MV recipients to help with the organisation of the local Shetland Youth Volunteering Awards, which recognises both those young people (of Secondary One age to 25) who volunteer, and the organisations that support youth volunteering.  He said:  “I’ve tried to attend as many meetings as possible; we had a joint vote, and we had two initial meetings to discuss between the three of us who we would be voting for.  And then we went to a meeting with the rest for the voting.  The meetings are interesting, all the different groups, Rotary, the Council, VAS – it’s something they want to continue, and they want young people to be involved with that.  I got on well with the other two people and we had some good discussions: people had different perspectives on what volunteering actually was.  Some people thought that volunteering had to be going out of your own way to help others, but most of them thought that it could be something you enjoyed doing anyway.  Some people thought it was about background: people growing up in a particular system who wanted to improve it, or people volunteering in something that’s not particularly related to them, like volunteering with pupils with special needs at the school; there was quite a lot of discussion around that”.

David’s volunteering has helped him with his social skills, has helped him to gain work experience, to enjoy being part of a team and has helped him to value himself as someone who can enrich the life of others.

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