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Shetland's Third Sector Forum

The Third Sector Forum is an independent network of Third Sector organisations, organised and chaired by Voluntary Action Shetland.  The Forum provides a co-ordinated voice for Shetland’s  third sector, allowing all of us to have a stronger influence in the issues that affect organisations in Shetland.  

There is a clear link  with the Shetland’s Partnership, Shetland’s Partnership Board  and the Shetland Community Planning Performance Group, through which issues of importance to the sector can be raised and discussed and, crucially, third sector activity recognised and included in the Shetland’s Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement

Shetland’s Third Sector Form provides a coordinated voice from the third sector locally to:-

  • share information and good practice
  • identify needs and learn from each other
  • consult, identify representatives to particular bodies
  • act as a filter for information to and from the sector
  • lobby, both locally and nationally, on issues affecting the sector

Terms of Reference



The Third Sector Forum will be an independent group comprised of third sector representation.  The objectives of the Forum are:

  • to consult with the third sector, to provide opportunities for feedback and to agree consensus on particular issues related to the third sector in Shetland
  • to provide an opportunity for the third sector to identify needs and bring these to the attention of planning groups
  • to provide an opportunity for information exchange, bring to the attention of third sector organisations examples of good practice adopted by others, helping all organisations to become more effective and efficient
  • to identify training needs among third sector organisations and encourage collaboration between statutory and voluntary training providers whenever appropriate
  • to consult the third sector about who can best represent them on particular bodies, and to appoint representatives
  • to act as a filter for information, both upwards to higher planning authorities and downwards to individual organisations and their members
  • to lobby on issues affecting the third sector in Shetland
  • to take a supporting role in progressing, monitoring and reporting progress against all National Outcomes in the Single Outcome Agreement.  



The Forum will meet at least 4 times per year, with further meetings called as required.  VAS staff will administer meetings of the Forum.  Members will be encouraged to circulate minutes within their organisations.  Minutes will also be posted on the VAS website so they are accessible to all interested parties.



  • A member of the VAS Board will chair the Forum.
  • Other members will be any individual (paid staff/volunteer) who is involved with a local third sector as a committee member or staff member. 
  • The Forum will be established by third sector for third sector organisations.
  • Observers from statutory organisations including elected members may be invited to attend when particular items on the agenda warrant their attendance.


Minutes: September 2019

Newsletters: August and September 2019

Other Documents: Scottish and Local Government Joint Communique December 2019

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