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Shetland Youth Volunteering Awards 2013

Shetland Youth Volunteering Awards 2013

 Photo: Dave Donaldson

Over 150 people attended the 2013 Shetland Youth Volunteering Awards ceremony. The civic reception was hosted by SIC Convenor, Malcolm Bell and the awards were sponsored by Voluntary Action Shetland, the Rotary Club of Shetland and new partner BP Sullom Voe. The event is held each year to coincide with the annual Community Service Volunteers (CSV) ‘make a difference’ campaign.

Following a buffet and music from First Foot Soldiers,  the event was opened by Shetland MSP Tavish Scott who said: “The quality of nominations this year was higher than ever, with 16 nominations in the individual volunteers category, 10 in the organisations category and 8 in the new “one team” category.  He welcomed BP Sullom Voe as a new partner to the awards and was very pleased to see the introduction of a new “One Team Award” designed to specifically recognise the contribution of groups of young volunteers (who do not specifically have to be affiliated to an organisation). 

Certificates were presented to all nominated organisations, groups and individual volunteers by last year’s individual winner Christopher Wright and Wayne Leask (a representative from last year’s winning organisation the OPEN Peer education Network).

Gussie Angus (Chairman of Voluntary Action Shetland) presented certificates to the three finalists in the Organisations category: Disability Shetland, Hame Fae Hame and the Shetland Befriending Scheme. Mr Angus was then asked to open the golden envelope to reveal that the overall winner of the best youth volunteer supporting organisation 2013 was the Shetland Befriending Scheme.

Steve Cowie (Area Operations Manager, BP Sullom Voe, sponsors of the "One Team" group category) presented certificates to the three short listed groups: Girl Guiding Shetland Young Leaders, the Sandwick Junior High School Young sports Ambassadors and Shetland Team of Young People and the Police (STYPP); with StYPP declared as the winners.

Dennis Leask (Chair of the Rotary Club of Shetland) presented certificates to the individual  volunteer finalists: Liam Brannan, Nicole Watt and Patricia Doyle with Patricia Doyle declared as the winner.    

Malcolm Bell closed the meeting after a brief recorded message from MP Alistair Carmichael. Mr Bell noted that collectively the volunteers and groups in attendance on the night accounted for well over 10,000 individual volunteering hours in Shetland.  He thanked VAS, BP Sullom Voe and The Rotary Club for asking the SIC to once again host the Shetland Youth Volunteering Awards and thanked the external event sponsors Thulecraft and Unison, and The First Foot soldiers for the music, as well as all the nominators for recognising the efforts of their young volunteers and especially the young volunteers themselves for all that they have done in the Shetland Community. 

SYVA 2013 musicians: First Foot Soldiers

First Foot Soldiers who provided the music                     Photo: Dave Donaldson  

Photos of individual volunteers

Photos of organisations

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