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Shetland Saltire Awards 2013

Shetland Saltire Awards Ceremony 2013

Photos: Dave Donaldson

Voluntary Action Shetland hosted the first ever Saltire Awards ceremony at Mareel on Wednesday the 27th March 2013 where 124 young volunteers were eligible to receive their awards varying from 10 hours to 500 hours. More than 50 different organisations and Schools throughout Shetland have benefitted through enabling these young people to participate in a diverse range of voluntary activities since the Last M.V awards Ceremony in March 2012.

The Saltire awards are available for 12 to 25-year-olds who volunteer and are achieved after 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of volunteering. A select few nominated volunteers also received their Saltire Summit Awards for an outstanding contribution to their volunteering; the highest accolade available through Saltire Awards.

The awards are sponsored by the Scottish Government and administered by Voluntary Action Shetland. The Saltire Awards replace the MV Awards and are recognised nationally by colleges, universities and employers and are a valuable addition to any CV. It is also good evidence for organisations who wish to recognise volunteer development.  The event celebrated the achievement of the young volunteers and also marked the support given by their families and the organisations which have provided the opportunities for volunteering. 

Music was provided by Local Musicians Chloe Robertson and Kierynn Topp.

Volunteers or organisations who would like to find out more about Saltire Awards can contact VAS Youth Volunteering Development Worker Neil Pearson by phone on 01595 743911 or by email at: Neil.Pearson@shetland.org

Chloe Robertson and Keirynn Topp

Chloe Robertson and Keirynn Topp


Team, 10 and 25 hour award recipients

50 hour award recipients

100 and 200 hour award recipients

500 hour and Outstanding Contribution award recipients


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