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Shetland Saltire Awards Ceremony 2016

2016 Saltire Award: a;; recipients

Photo: Dave Donaldson

The fourth annual Shetland Saltire Youth Volunteering Awards took place at Mareel on Tuesday the 22nd March 2016, with a further ceremony in Unst on 24th March. This year 143 young volunteers aged between 12 and 25 submitted certificate requests for over 300 certificates ranging from 10 to 500 hours of volunteering which they obtained by volunteering with a record 75 local organisations, groups and schools; the ceremony was attended by over 170 young volunteers and guests.  The above photograph shows all those who received awards in Lerwick (holding certificates), along with MSP Tavish Scott, Alec Miller, Catherine Hughson (VAS Executive Officer), Neil Pearson and Martin Summers (SIC Youth Services).

The awards were officially opened by Voluntary Action Shetland Chair Alec Miller, who said that Shetland volunteers receiving Saltire Awards this year had completed over 21,435 hours of volunteering, 5,035 hours more than in 2014 and 10,065 hours more than 2013.  Just over 30% of the current high school roll in Shetland are  now signed up to take part in Saltire Awards.

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott presented certificates to the 71 young volunteers in attendance. At the end of the ceremony 20 young volunteers were also issued with the highest accolade of Saltire: “the Summit Award”, which to recognises those who have performed exceptionally in their volunteering role often going above and beyond the call of duty to carry out their volunteering to the highest standard.

2016 Summit Award recipients

Photo: Dave Donaldson

Above are the Summit Award recipients with, left: Tavish Scott, and right: Neil Pearson, VAS Youth Develoment Worker and Catherine Hughson, VAS Executive Officer.

Unst Group Photo Saltire Awards 2016 

Photo: Julie Thomson

Above are the Unst Saltire Award recipients with Neil Pearson, VAS Youth Development Worker; Rhoda Hughson, who presented the prizes and also received a certificate for her own volunteering; and Paul Thomson, Head Teacher, Baltasound Junior High School.

For more information contact:
Youth Volunteering Development Worker Neil Pearson 01595 743911 Neil.Pearson@shetland.org


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