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Can we help you recruit and develop volunteers?

If your organisation would like us to help with volunteer recruitment and development please get in touch.  As well as help with finding you volunteers we can give you advice on developing a volunteer policy, help you draw up agreements between your organisation and your volunteers, and provide training for managing volunteers.

If you would like to download and complete the forms you will see as MS Word or pdf files at the bottom of the page we can enter your details on the national database, which is a useful tool for matching volunteers and volunteering opportunities.

The organisation registration form is for the detail of what your an organisation does.

Organisation Registration Form for Word         

Organisation Registration Form pdf

The opportunity registration form should be completed for each task that you have available for volunteers to do.

Opportunity Registration Form for Word

Opportunity Registration Form pdf

Please return the completed forms electronically to kathleen.williamson@shetland.org 

or post them to us at:

Volunteering, Voluntary Action Shetland,
Market House, 14 Market Street, Lerwick, SHETLAND  ZE1 0JP

We would be very happy to complete the forms with you at the office or, if necessary, at another place to suit you, if that is what you would prefer.

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