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MV Award Ceremony March 2011

MV Awards Ceremony March 2011 - group photo

Over 100 friends, family and supervisors turned out to support the 24 young volunteers who collected awards at Voluntary Action Shetland’s 11th MV award ceremony, at the Shetland Museum on March 24th 2011.

Presentations were made by Shetland Islands Council Chief Executive, Alastair Buchan.  He congratulated the young volunteers and paid tribute to Shetland’s excellent track record of volunteering.  He went on to say that volunteering was bigger than just the act itself and was what created communities and ensured their survival. This was borne out by the wide range of people of all ages in the audience, from all over Shetland.  He also recognised the hard work of the voluntary groups and agencies that supported volunteers and Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) for their work in promoting volunteering.

Forty-five youngsters aged 16-25 had achieved MV awards in the last six months. Of the 24 receiving awards on the night, eight received a Certificate of Excellence, which is awarded for 200 hours of volunteering  and carries the signature of the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond.  The eight were:  John Arthur (Moving On Employment Project, Disability Shetland and AHS); Kirsty Budge (Dunrossness Riding Club); Symone Duddy (Save the Children, Disability Shetland, British Red Cross, Ness Junior Youth Club, AHS); David Eva (Shetland Befriending Scheme, Shetland Arts Trust); Laurence Goudie (1st/2nd Lerwick Sea Scouts); Darren Gunn (Lerwick Youth Clubs and Shetland Youth Voice); Thomas Hawick ( Moving On Employment Project, Bridges, Michaelswood, Sandwick Youth Club, Central Nursery) and Emily Shaw (Shetland Youth Voice).  Also achieving 200 hours were: Felix Gifford, Jack Henderson, Hannah Hunter, Graham March and Megan Richardson but unfortunately they could not attend the ceremony.

There were nine 100-hour certificates awarded and these went to: Cheuk Man Cheng, Andrew Goodlad, Thomas Grant, Hannah Hunter, Chelsea Jamieson, Ian Mutch, Rachel Nicolson, Nicole Petursdottir and Lachlan Shaw.  In addition, seven volunteers received their 50-hour award certificates. They were: Katie Anderson, Hannah Garrick, Laura Kater, Rebecca Laurenson, Shane Leask, Keegan Murray and Alice Pottinger.

Following the presentation VAS board member Marilyn Stewart thanked everyone who had helped on the night particularly the musicians, speakers and Roy Longmuir who took photos. Guests were then entertained by musicians Kaela Jamieson and John Hutchison and had a buffet provided by Hay’s Dock Cafe. 

MV Awards, which are recognised nationally, are available for 16 to 25-year-olds who volunteer. Awards are achieved after 50, 100 and 200 hours of volunteering. They are a great addition to CVs and to organisations who wish to evidence the work they do in supporting volunteers.

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