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Voluntary Action Shetland


Membership of Voluntary Action Shetland entitles organisations, private members and senior citizens to the following benefits:-

  • Attend the Annual General Meeting held in June
  • Receive a copy of the Annual Review
  • Advice, support and information
  • PVG (disclosure) service
  • 25% discount on all room hire at Market House
  • Access to facilities at Market House, payroll service, accounts,  resource room etc
  • Independent examination of accounts for voluntary groups and charities with an annual income of less than £100 thousand (receipts and payments basis) see Independent Examination of Accounts for scale of charges
  • Low cost website facility – less than £1 per week

Membership Fees for 2019 are as follows:-

Organisation:-  £25.00 
Private Member:-  £11.00
Senior Citizen:-   £6.00

Please contact Ellen Hughson: 01595 743903 ellen.hughson@shetland.gov.uk for an application form or further information

or download application form


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