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BRITISH RED CROSS: COVID-19 Vaccination Centre Volunteer


Do you want to play your part in returning the world to a safer place? We need volunteers to support people at Covid vaccination centres to put people at ease and show them where to go. You will look out for people who need just a bit of extra support and make the process smoother for them. This is a vital role to help the NHS to vaccinate millions of people over the coming months.

What you will be doing

  • Give a warm friendly welcome to people and show them where to go.
  • Offer masks to people who don’t have one and show them where the hand sanitiser is.
  • Direct people around the centre and remind them to socially distance.
  • Help people to check their appointment times and update them if there are changes.
  • Reassure people before and after they are vaccinated.
  • Alert NHS staff if someone feels unwell after being vaccinated.
  • Give extra support to those who need it, this might include helping people with additional needs or who are frightened.
  • Opening doors. Cleaning door handles and chairs.
  • Tell people where they can get extra support if they need it.
  • Get help from your shift leader if there is a problem.
  • Look after your own wellbeing and ask for help if you need it.

Experience Required:

The skills you need

  • • Warm, friendly and have respect for individuals.
  • • Confident, calm, and reassuring.
  • • Able to do shifts of 8 hours – this could include a lot of standing and walking.
  • • Ideally able to drive. Or use public transport to get to the vaccination site.
  • • Able to wear a mask throughout your shift.
  • • Able to commit to attending the training programme which includes online elements.
  • • If you speak another language this could help people who speak limited English.



Minimum Age:




For further information please contact: 

Kathleen Williamson, VAS Volunteer Placement and Support Worker
01595 743910 kathleen.williamson@shetland.org


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