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NHS 24 have created a youth forum to give young people an opportunity to influence NHS 24 services.  This helps us to improve services and ensure they are accessible to young people.  Our current members have had the opportunity to feedback a number of our services.  We have also recently worked with Young Scot and provided feedback on some work they are doing in creating digital health services.  We are keen to help our young people gain new skills, for example we have provided a training session on effective communication.

The group meet 4 times per year and try to meet at different locations.  We are registered with the Saltire Awards so they would be able to achieve certificates for volunteering with us.  We also provide lunch on the day as well as any travel expenses.

Experience Required

We welcome anyone within the age range who are interested in helping improve our services for young people and want to develop their skills.  NHS 24 have 4 core values of; care and compassion; dignity and respect; openness, honesty and responsibility; Quality and teamwork.  It is important each volunteer must be of the same mind with these 4 values.


Age 16-26

Minimum Age





For further information please contact: 

Kathleen Williamson, VAS Volunteer Placement and Support Worker
01595 743910 kathleen.williamson@shetland.org


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