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Market House - Equipment Charges

Equipment is available for hire when booking a room.

Please ask for equipment to be put aside when you book your room. 
If you need equipment to be set up before you arrive, please ask when booking.


 Consumables  (flipchart, pens, etc.
 minimum charge)
 OHP & Screen  (per hour)


 Laptop  (per hour)   £5.50
 Projector  (per hour)   £5.50
 TV & Video  (per hour)   £5.50
 Room re-set fee  (if room not returned
 to its original state)
 Video conferencing - dial out  (per hour)  £30.50
 Video conferencing - dial in  (per hour)   £5.50
 Tea/coffee  (per person)   £1.00
 Tea/coffee & biscuits  (per  person)   £1.20











Extension cables are available, free of charge

Please contact reception at Market House
01595 743900,
reception@shetland.org to book






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