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Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) is the local distributor for BBC Children in Need Small Grant Welfare Scheme.   VAS welcomes applications from professionals working with children such as health visitors, social workers and head teachers.

The grant can be used for clothes, shoes, buggies, etc.   Guidelines, an application form and VAS leaflet can be downloaded from this website.   


The welfare fund can help:

§         Children suffering from mental, physical or sensory disabilities.

§         Children suffering from behavioural and psychological disorders,

§         Children deprived of normal lives because of family circumstances.

§         Children living in areas of deprivation or stress, who are deprived of amenities generally available to other children of a similar age group,

§         Children who are carers in the home.


Children in Need Guidelines

Children in Need Application Form




Another source of funding for children is The Frank Buttle Trust.

The Frank Buttle Trust grants are intended to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and young people when their safety, health or development are at risk. The grants provide necessities such as clothes, beds, bedding and essential items of furniture and household equipment, and, on occasion, the Trust funds short-term therapy costs.

However, grants can be requested for a wide range of purposes, provided that the item (or service) to be funded is critical to the well-being of the child. Items that are merely desirable - rather than essential – will not be eligible for support.  Their Child Support Grants are not in themselves life-changing, but they can have a major impact.

Further information can be found on their website  www.buttletrust.org

Download a copy of the Frank Buttle Application Form

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