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Voluntary Action Shetland

Why should I volunteer

What do I need to volunteer?

  • an open mind
  • a little time
  • commitment
  • want to learn and share

What's in it for me?

  • gain personal achievement and satisfaction
  • learn new skills
  • get valuable experience
  • pass on your skills
  • know you've improved
    • the lives of local people
    • and/or your community
  • meet new people
  • make new friends
  • have fun
  • something to add to your CV
  • a way to find out if you'd like to change your career

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is:

  • done for no reward (although some expenses may be paid back)
  • undertaken voluntarily (nobody makes you do it, you do it in your own time)
  • benefits the wider community (a sports coach or time-keeper is a volunteer, a runner isn't)

How do I set about volunteering?

  • download the form below
  • if you want to fill in the form you can email it back, or print it out and fax or mail it to us, or come into the office to discuss
  • this information will remain strictly confidential
  • to help us match you to the best opportunity, we can enter your details on our database 

Volunteer Registration Form (Word file)

The pdf form is provided for those who do not use Word, please print it out, complete and post or fax.

Volunteer Registration Form (pdf file)

Data Protection Privacy Statement 


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