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Association of Shetland Community Councils 

The Association is now being administered by
Michael Duncan, External Funding Officer / Community Council Liaison Officer

The following link will take you to information on the ASCC and its minutes:

Association of Shetland Community Councils

What the Association of Shetland Community Councils (ASCC) does:

  • Organises and services the biannual ASCC meetings
  • Organises and services ASCC/SIC Joint Liaison Group meetings
  • Represents Community Council on relevant issues
  • Provides information to Community Councils and the public
  • Liaises with the SIC and other agencies on matters pertaining to Community Councils

The following link will take you to the Community Council minutes and links to facebook pages, (where they exist):

Community Councils and minutes

What the Community Councils (CCs) do:

  • Community Councils are voluntary bodies established within a statutory framework.
  • There is a lively Community Council scene in Shetland with 18 Community Councils representing the isles.
  • Community Councils are a voice for their local community, representing the views of the community to the SIC and other public bodies and acting to further the interests of their communities.
  • Each Community Council (CC) meets as often as is necessary to fulfil their duties, usually every 4-6 weeks.
  • All planning and works licence applications for the area are considered, and then CC views fed to the planning department.
  • The SIC Councillor(s) for the area usually attends CC meetings and people from outside agencies are often invited to discuss current issues.
  • Community Councils have representatives at many SIC forums, and report back from them.
  • Applications for financial assistance are considered by members, e.g. for local groups or for road grants.
  • Members are asked for comments on a wide range of consultation papers from many outside agencies such as the SIC or NHS Shetland, members will consider these items within the context of their community. Issues covered could include transport / roads / local housing.

For further information please contact 

Michael Duncan ASCC@shetland.gov.uk 01595 743828


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