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New Shetlander - 288 Simmer 2019

New Shetlander Cover 288

The Simmer issue of the New Shetlander is now on sale, at its new price of £3. Its two major articles are both by new contributors.

Bronwen Cohen, who lived for a time in Whalsay in the 1970s, writes ‘Fair Isle knitting: some Whalsay pattern names’. She concentrates on the pattern names she learned from the late Bella Arthur, and illustrates them. While she is interested in the origins of these pattern names, she also gives the history of the development of knitting in Whalsay, especially Fair Isle, and describes the part knitting played in the social life of the island. She would welcome feedback from readers.

David Critchley entitles his article ‘The uncommon talent of John R. Sutherland’. Many readers will not recognise the name; Critchley’s opening paragraph states that Sutherland ‘deserves to be better known’. John Sutherland (1871 – 1933), born in Lerwick of Unst parentage, was an outstanding artist who specialised in heraldic design. Some nationally famous buildings, important documents and medals bear his work. The article is well illustrated with photographs of pieces by Sutherland.

Mary Blance writes an appreciation of the late Derick Herning, giving readers glimpses of Derick’s full and unusual life. Meanwhile, ‘Lunklet’ casts his sharp Wadder Eye around aspects of modern Shetland, and the situation of the modern Shetland exile. Frank Manson continues his ‘Backward glances’ at Hillswick in the 50s and 60s, looking this time at summer months full to bursting with activity. From Orkney, Peter D. Anderson contributes the second instalment of ‘A child’s eye view of Rousay’.

Also from Orkney comes a collection of mostly humorous anecdotes told to Margaret Flaws by her mother, who was a teacher: ‘Teaching in Ollaberry in the 1920s’.

Ten poets – some familiar names, with two new to the magazine – contribute to this issue. Touching, amusing, descriptive, satirical or thoughtful – readers will have their own favourite poems.

The cover is a painting of Heilia Water by Chris Rigby.

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