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New Shetlander - 287 Voar 2019

New Shetlander - Voar 2019 Issue  287 Cover

The Voar issue of the New Shetlander is now on sale. Its main themes are recollections, and individuals from the past, but there is also a strain of controversy, past and present.

‘From Toab to Ikkadu’, by Molinda Black, first explains family history, and then recounts a recent journey to Tamil Nadu in India, in order to visit the place where the missionary Gilbert Goudie lived and worked many years ago, and where he is very well-remembered.

Olaf Paris was a ‘Dutch photographer of bonxies and Shetland’. He and his wife were well- known locally in some parts of the isles in the 1950s and 60s. Linda Sutherland knew them from her childhood, when they visited Noss, and her article brings them to life.

The Orkney island of Rousay is lovingly portrayed in Peter Anderson’s ‘A child’s view of Rousay’. He was the son of the Rousay doctor and his earliest memories, clear and strong, are from the island.

Frank Manson of Hillswick continues his ‘Backward glances’ as he remembers growing up on a croft in Hillswick. Affection runs through his article, for people, animals and the place itself.

The final part of Chris Adie’s story of the controversial Dr John Adie, (d.1845) includes an amazing tale, the cause of much gossip and speculation in Shetland at the time. Jill Wolfe’s article also deals with controversy: that surrounding ‘The Theatre Licensing debate: Harry Siddons’ theatrical tour to Lerwick, 1879-1880’.  The theatre licence was opposed by clergymen, in Shetland as elsewhere.

Meanwhile, ‘Da Wadder eye’ looks hard at several current arguments and controversies in Shetland. 

New writers are always welcome in the magazine, and this issue brings the amusing short story ‘Snaa geen wrang’ by new contributor Lynda Peterson.

The poems, as always, vary in style, and in subject, from Ultima Thule to the Arctic convoys and the streets of Johannesburg. There are eight poets in all, including two who are new to the magazine. The cover is a photograph by the late Jack Peterson.

The editors regret to bring news of an imminent New Shetlander price increase, to £3.00, starting with the next issue. Number 287 is still priced at £2.

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