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New Shetlander - 276 Simmer 2016

New Shetlander cover 276 Simmer 2016

New Shetlander No 276

The 2016 Simmer edition of the New Shetlander offers plenty of interesting reading material. Brian Smith’s recent intriguing and popular lecture ‘Did Mousa Broch have a roof? - and why not!’ is published here in full, complete with 17 illustrations.

Graham Johnston’s illustrated article, flagged up by the eye-catching magazine cover, focuses on the Singer 9 Sports Saloon displayed in the Shetland Museum. Most people know the car was brought to Shetland by a local whaler: Graham describes its full history, its restoration, and its place and the place of Singer in British car manufacture. Striking adverts from 1934 feature on the centre pages and the cover.

Charlie Simpson’s research sheds new light on Tom Henderson’s classic story ‘The night that Mouat was lost’. Charlie’s article, which is accompanied by hand-drawn maps, explains the features of the coastal area around Spiggie, and the sea conditions on that dreadful day in December 1887 which ended with the loss of skipper John Mouat’s boat and crew. Fishermen elsewhere in Shetland also perished in the storm, as Charlie shows us.

Also sea-related is James Sinclair’s story ‘Da krakin’, which revives a past world of lingering superstition and witchcraft, and a legendary sea-monster.

The editorial despairs of the quality of debate in the run-up to the European referendum, but hopes for a Remain vote. ‘Da wadder eye’ muses on referenda, royalty, and recognition for services to the community. Poems come from Christine De Luca, Donald S. Murray, Maxine Rose Munro, and pupils from Sandwick Junior High School. There is one book review. Other items have been held over till next issue.

Pictured above is the front cover picture from issue No 276, Simmer 2016: 'Singer 9 Sports Saloon' by Davy Cooper, superimposed on a Singer advert from 1934.


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