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New Shetlander - 275 Voar 2016 


The Voar issue of the New Shetlander is on sale on Friday 18 March. The bright cover image is by Lois Walpole, whose work is currently on display at da Gadderie in Shetland Museum.

The lead article is ‘Marine spatial planning’ by Rachel Shucksmith of the NAFC Marine Centre. The Shetland Islands’ Marine Spatial Plan is currently considered as unique in Europe. Rachel describes how it was developed, and includes one of its many maps.

‘The dramatic “bus-service”: Norway - Shetland 1940-1945’ was written by the late Hanka Lange Adie, and recently discovered in Shetland Archives. Hanka and her husband James Adie were heavily involved in supporting wartime Norwegian refugees in Lerwick, whose numbers ran into thousands. The fact that Hanka was herself Norwegian adds to this account.

Readers are allowed a short peek into the lightsome pages of Norm’s peerie book o’ Shetland wirds, produced by Secondary one pupils at AHS under the leadership of their school librarian, Tanya Odie. Three of the pupils involved explain it for us.

Have you heard of a ‘boros’? If you haven’t, learn about it now, in the pages of Ian Tait’s informative and well-illustrated article ‘Two wheels, one or none’, a history of how we managed to move things around in these islands before – and to a lesser extent, after – mechanical transport.

Keith Harwood has written ‘John Buchan in Shetland’. The famous writer was a keen walker and angler, and holidayed in Unst with his wife and son in 1926, staying with a friend, the Uyeasound minister. During their stay, Buchan gave an address at the opening of the Uyeasound kirk.

The editors are dismayed at what passes for ‘savings’ within the restricted world of public spending, while Nina Goodlad’s ‘Wadder eye’ looks at the industries using our marine environment, and has concerns.

There are several book reviews, and plenty of poetry, from James Sinclair’s boy’s eye-view of ‘Lerwick harbour 1974’ to Bruce Eunson’s ‘Departure’, and including three of the runners-up in last year’s Rhoda Bulter Award competition. Jim Mainland also contributes a detailed, thoughtful appreciation of Stella Sutherland’s poem ‘Da guest’s ee’. 

Number 275 is enhanced, as several issues have been over the past years, by a story from Jim Taylor. ‘Déjà vu’ is typically perceptive and unafraid, with a dark humour. Sadly, Jim passed away a week before publication. He will be much missed by the editors and committee.

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