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New Shetlander - 271 Voar 2015

New Shetlander issue 271 Voar 2015 cover

The Voar issue of the New Shetlander magazine has been in the shops from Friday 20 March. Its main feature this time is a major piece of historical research by Laurie Goodlad, entitled ‘Hook, line and sinker’. Laurie has looked carefully at the Shetland fishing line sinker, and has come up with ten different types, which she relates to kinds of fishing and different periods in the history of Shetland’s fisheries. Well-illustrated, her article is an important contribution to Shetland’s maritime ethnology.

Eddie Pugh, a new contributor, writes ‘The wreck of the Jackdaw – revisited’: an account of a courageous rescue in Yell one hundred years ago. The story draws on various sources, and is accompanied by photographs and a map.

The New Shetlander is pleased to welcome back ‘Da wadder eye’, written this time by young columnist Alex Bendix, who reflects on a recent exchange visit abroad, and on windfarm development at home. The editorial provides food for thought on the subject of the forthcoming general election.

Mark Ryan Smith’s story ‘Swimming against the tide’ portrays the daily struggle of one family in poverty, and varying attitudes towards them. Christine Laurenson’s ‘A different way of seeing’ shows us a family in a different time – the First World War – as the father returns home with life-changing injuries. Beth Fullerton and Nat Hall have also been writing about that war. Beth’s poems and prose show us contemporary attitudes and local thinking, while Nat’s poem ‘Ricochets’ brings us to the front line.

‘Place-names in a poem’ features a stretch of coastline near the Croft Museum at South Voe, Dunrossness. The poem in question was found by Jim Mainland, who enlisted his uncle’s help to find the places it mentions. Eileen Brooke-Freeman did further research, and contributes an annotated aerial photograph showing all the names in place.

Poems by Christine De Luca, Jim Mainland and James Sinclair are wide-ranging.

Book reviews feature as usual. The magazine is completed by artwork by Jim Taylor, inspired by Rhoda Bulter’s poem ‘Clearin oot da haandbag’.

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