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Issue Number 263 - Voar 2013

 New Shetland cover issue 263 Voar 2013

Shetland Lookout Posts are highlighted in the current issue of the New Shetlander

New Shetlander No 263 is four pages longer than usual and contains a good mixture of articles, fiction and poetry.

Ian Tait makes a major contribution to this issue with The wartime watchers. Ian has a great interest in the period of the First World War in Shetland, and collected a store of first-hand recollections of the time in a series of interviews he did about twenty years ago. His detailed article deals with the wartime lookout posts found all over Shetland, and the men involved in watching for submarines, etc. There are lightsome anecdotes throughout, and accompanying photos.

Jenny Murray has been studying the traditional practice of laying on an aamos, and the instances of Aamos kirks. What is an aamos? If you don't know, Jenny will explain! She also looks at the way  historians and sociologists have recorded and explained the local belief in aamoses. Tim Senften, meanwhile, tells the story of A miner's wife from Channerwick over a hundred years ago; the story is a sad one. Catherine Emslie contributes Reflections on a phenomenon: the Thomas Fraser story. She looks back thoughtfully on some amazing events.

The magazine opens with an atmospheric short story from James Sinclair, The last shot, which takes a look at Shetland in the future. Yvonne Gray's Hairst is a moving tale, in a deceptively simple style. Bjorn Sandison from Walls recently wrote Mystery at da Laird’s Haa, an exciting adventure story for bairns, in Shetland dialect; an extract appears here. The New Shetlander is always pleased to encourage young writers, and Bryden Jacobson, a pupil at Aith Junior High School, has contributed A shipyard disaster, a tale of imaginary wartime events.

The poets in this issue are all well-known to readers: Paolo Dante, Gordon Dargie, Jen Hadfield, Jim Mainland, Donald Murray, Stella Sutherland and Christine De Luca, who has taken the emmer gös (great northern diver) as a theme. The emmer gös also features in Brydon Thomason's striking cover picture.

A crop of book reviews completes the magazine. The Voar issue of  the New Shetlander is on sale from Friday 15 March, and costs £2.

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