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New Shetland cover 259

Issue 259 - Voar 2012

The Voar issue of the New Shetlander, No 259, is now on sale, with an editorial entitled Political economy. The cover photo is by Dennis Coutts, selected by Dennis himself from his recent record-breaking exhibition of photos from the 1960s.

The New Shetlander is always pleased to see new writers coming through. This issue offers stories by two new contributors: The clock and the compass by Andrina Tulloch, a depiction of real-life events in hurricane force weather on Yell Sound, and the fictional story The seaman’s wife by the young writer J.A.Green. Two further writers new to the magazine, Cathy Falkner and Tessa West, contribute poems.

Regular contributors feature strongly. Hardly an issue goes by without a poem from Christine De Luca, but this time she has written a translation into Shetland dialect of a story by W.D. Valgardson.  Sigga’s göd-wirds is set in nineteenth centuryIceland, at a time of great privation and hardship, with emigration being an escape route for some.

Ian Tait, delighting in the success of the museum restoration of The Aithsetter gig, pays tribute to the work of the craftsmen involved in the project and describes in detail how the meticulous job was done. His article has excellent photographs, not only ‘Before’ and ‘After’ but several stages in between!

In Cultivating the divine, Jenny Murray shares her recent studies with us, again with the aid of photographs. She explains not only the nature of ancient ploughs and cultivation practices, but also some of the superstitions attached to crop-growing, and hence why agricultural objects from our past are sometimes found in unexpected places: the reason lay in beliefs and ritual.

Steffen Stummann Hansen writes a concise and illuminating article In the footsteps of Governor Pløyen: a Danish-Faroese visit to Shetland in 1899.  The visitors came to survey Shetland’s agriculture, and see what Faroe could gain from Shetland’s experience; they were impressed.

The 2012 Wadder eye column is being written by John Cumming of Burra and Stromness. In this issue he looks with concern at our ocean environment, the changes within it, and the consequences for the natural world.

There are poems by James Sinclair, Gordon Dargie, Christie Williamson, Robert Sim and Laureen Johnson. Book reviews complete the magazine. The New Shetlander costs £2.

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