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Unst Community Council
Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 24th September 2018
at 7 pm in the Baltasound School, Music Huts


Claire Priest, Chaired meeting

Minnie Mouatt

John Peterson

Janice Priest

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson


Frances Browne, Community Learning and Development Officer

Josie McMillan, Clerk

01/09/18     Apologies:

Gordon Thomson

Alec Priest, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Duncan Simpson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Ryan Thomson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Michael Duncan, Community Council Liaison Officer

PC Simon Findlay

02/09/18     Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 20th August 2018 were approved, proposed by Janice, seconded by John.   

03/09/18     Matters Arising from last minutes

08/05/18.1  Shetland Space Centre Meeting

The Public drop in meeting held on Monday 27th August 2018 was attended by over seventy people.  Most were very supportive, although several people raised concerns about the environmental impact of the centre. Community Councillors felt it was good to have the public meeting so that members of the community had the opportunity to see the plans, ask questions and meet the project team.

03/06/18   NAFC - Shetland Islands’ Marine Regional Planning Partnership – Rachel Shucksmith and Michele Kerry

The Clerk will contact NAFC and reschedule this meeting.

09/06/18.1  SIC – Proposed changes to Bus and Ferry Timetables in August 2018

There has been no further word about this.

09/06/18.10  Haroldswick Playpark

One of the tyres on the roundabout is missing a handle.  The clerk will email Magnus Malcolmson, SIC, about this. The other maintenance has been completed.

08/08/12.5  Belmont Rubbish Bin

The Clerk wrote to SIC Environmental Health about the mess around the bin at Belmont. We asked if a bigger bin could be put there.  There has been no reply to our query.  Members asked if recyclying bins could also be put there.  The Clerk will email again. 

08/08/12.6  Bottle Bank at the Baltasound Hotel

The Clerk will check if these bottle banks can be used by the community.

04/09/18     Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Gordon emailed the UP report.  He said that the shop is now open, with the first three openings seeing 140 people visiting the shop. The target for income has been exceeded so far, but Gordon says this is still the "honeymoon" period. The shop is open on Thursdays and Saturdays from 2-4pm and on Monday evenings from 6-8pm for dropping off goods, or during office hours if they are open.   UP has received a lot of donations and the new Development Officer, Kathleen Johnson, is keen to see people coming to buy or to donate. Proceeds go towards Office costs, subsidising skips and donations to local groups.  Purchase of Unit 1 is still with the lawyers but is almost complete. The last Community Skip day for this year was on Saturday 22nd September 2018, the next two are in January and March 2019.  Gordon said that if the shop does well enough they might consider having another skip before Christmas.  Members thought that would be a good idea.

05/09/18     Community Involvement Update

Frances Browne circulated an update on the Locality Planning process.  She explained that work has been going on behind the scenes since the last steering group meeting in April. This has focused on trying to secure better agency understanding and buy-in to the process and to begin developing a locality plan based on what the Council already know and what the communities have told them.  In the update it states that “What has become clear in doing this is that there is still a need for the agencies involved to understand things better; recognizing that, while we are getting a better handle on the main issues for the communities of Unst, Yell and Fetlar, there is a need to investigate further what this really means for the people living in the isles and therefore help us to understand what it is we need to do to address these issues.”  Frances explained that the Shetland Partnership are looking to commission a piece of research to help with this, based on the outcomes and principles developed by the steering group.  This research would be independent; completely impartial; confidential, which would hopefully encourage more people to take part; cohesive and provide a good platform for planning work that can genuinely make a positive difference for people in the North Isles.  Frances believes that Locality Planning has the opportunity to truly make a difference to the issues our communities face and they are keen to work with the community to get it right.  Members asked who would choose the members of the community the researchers interviewed.  Frances said that the Community Council would have a say in who they spoke to. There was also a discussion about how different each of the communities of the North Isles are.  Frances said that support would be tailored to suit each island. 

06/09/18     Community Council Finances

The Community Development Fund has all been allocated. There has been no other expenditure.  The Clerk will send out Grant Forms to the organisers of the Bairns Christmas Parties.  There is one Voar Redd Up group that has yet to return their completd form, the Clerk will contact them.

07/09/18     A.O.C.B.

07/09/18.1  Unst Leisure Centre – Faye Cox

Claire welcomed Faye Cox, Unst Leisure Centre.  Faye explained the background to the funding of the Leisure Centres.  She said that they are funded by the Shetland Recreational Trust, who get a grant from the Charitable Trust.  This funding is guaranteed until 2020.  Leisure Centre managers met earlier this month to discuss what happens after this time and how to generate more income and increasing footfall to the centres. They are keen to get their local communities involved in achieving this.  The Recreation Trust has already implemented cost saving schemes which have reduced each centres annual expenditure.  Faye asked everyone if they had any ideas that could increase income, not necessarily health and fitness, but using the building and facilities.  Faye was asked if there were any plans to repair the roof.  She said that it is on the maintenance list to be done.   There were several suggestions discussed.  One was trampolining, members said that many families had trampolines in their gardens that bairns were using.  It would be good for them to be able to be doing this safely.  Faye explained that the law governing trampolining has changed, it takes three years before you get to be a level three instructor, when you can take a trampolining class on your own. The centre has a trampoline. Other suggestions were swimming galas, fun days, dance classes, walking football and novelty sports days.  Another suggestion was to have a facility that none of the other centres have, e.g. the climbing wall at Aith.  This attracts people from all over Shetland. Members were very much against the suggestion that the centre might close one day at the weekend.  They believe that if it does close for one day, it would never go back up to seven days.  There is a belief in the community that the school has the centre hired each school day, this is not the case.  The times not under hire could be advertised for other users.  Members were keen to raise awareness in the community that the centre is a great asset to the community, so it has to be used.  The Leisure Centre has personal trainers who can work with people wanting to improve their fitness, on a one-to-one basis.  There was a suggestion to go to the school and ask the older pupils what activities they would like available at the centre.  Members felt that the Unst Leisure Centre is very proactive, always looking to introduce new classes, an example of this is Otaga, which they are running in conjunction with the Unst Health Centre.  Claire thanked Faye for coming to the meeting and said that the Community Council would try and spread the word in the community.

07/09/18.2  Northern Lights/Dark Skies Centre – Jane Macaulay

Claire welcomed Jane Macaulay to the meeting.  Jane explained that she wanted to tell the Community Council about their plans to establish a Northern Lights/Dark Skies Centre on Unst. This would be a Shetland asset based on Unst, which would bring in visitors from all over the world all year round.  The project is being developed by Catriona Waddington, Helen Bradley and herself.  They have been awarded £15,000 to carry out a feasibility study. They have employed the consulting firm SKS Scotland.  Kerrien Grant and an architect from SKS will be up in Shetland from the 1st to 5th November.  They will meet with key people in the community.  The study will be completed by the end of April 2019. 'The Centre could have an enormous screen showing the northern lights, hands on interpretation, a gallery, gift shop, 360 degree virtual reality headsets and maybe a cafe.  All this is being  considered in the options appraisal.  The team have looked at several sites, but will wait until the feasibility study has been completed before looking into this further.  'The cost of establishing the centre is unknown as various specifications will be considered'   There was a discussion about the various sky/space related things in Unst i.e. Shetland Space Centre, WWMeteorites Fabian Kuntz who sells meteorites for science and collectors.   Claire thanked Jane for attending the meeting and asked her to let the Community Council know a time to meet with the consultants.

07/09/18.3  Shetland’s Partnership Plan

This was covered in agenda item 5.

07/09/18.4  Police Report

PC Simon Findlay emailed a copy of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s raising awareness of Scam Booklet, which was circulated to all members.

07/09/18.5  Community Council elections 2018

Julie was filmed for one of the short promotional videos about becoming a Community Council.  There are three videos which can be viewed on the Council webpage, http://shetland.gov.uk/voiceofyourcommunity, and the ASCC Facebook page.  Gordon has asked all Community Councillors to encourage people to stand for the Community Council.

07/09/18.6  Roads

There were two road matters discussed.  There is a big hole in the road at the bottom of the Sandfield Road in Burrafirth.  This road is being used as a turning area.  There is also signage needed at the Mid Ayre at the bottom of the Ministers road.  Vehicles use the left-hand branch of the road when heading towards the hall instead of using the right. The turn towards the hall is really tight.  Better road markings would make it safer to use.  The Clerk will email SIC Roads Department.

07/09/18.7  Ferries Text/Email Messages

Gordon has emailed the Ferries Department to ask why these messages have changed.  Instead of saying that Yell Sound has gone to a single vessel it now says to phone the Voice Bank.

07/09/18.8  Dog Litter

There have been several complaints again about dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs.  This is happening in Uyeasound, Baltasound and Haroldswick.  The pavement in Gutter Street had dog poo on it so people out with pushchairs had to walk on the road in places.  There was a suggestion to ask the school if the bairns could design posters to put up in the shops, Post Office, halls etc.

07/09/18.9  Royal Mail Scams

A letter was received from Royal Mail about scam mail.  It explains that if you or someone you know is in receipt of scam mail you should either write to Royal Main at FREEPOST SCAM MAIL enclosing the scam mail.  You can call Royal Mail Scam Mail Helpline on 0800 01130466 or email scam.mail@royalmail.com

The next meeting date will be set on Monday 29th October 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School

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