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Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th November 2015 at 7 pm at the Baltasound School, Music Huts


Gordon Thomson,

Pat Burns

John Peterson

Claire Priest

Janice Priest

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson

Gary Cleaver, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)



Toby Sandison, Unst Partnership

Police Constable Frans Visser, Police Scotland

Paul Riddell, Energy Isles Ltd

Josie McMillan, Clerk           

01/11/15       Apologies:

Minnie Mouatt

Raymond Priest

Robert Henderson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Steven Coutts, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)


Gordon asked PC Visser if he would like to go first on the agenda as he was travelling back to the mainland.


08/11/15       A.O.C.B.

08/11/15.1  Police Report

PC Visser explained that he is on a 6 month secondment to Shetland, having arrived last week, and is based in Brae at present.  He is the new Community Beat Officer with responsibility for the North Mainland and North Isles.  He plans to attend as many Community Council meetings in all the different areas as often as possible and is happy for anyone to contact him directly with any queries.  He said that he had looked at reported issues from Unst before attending the meeting.  There were very few reported crimes, but there had been one of theft and suspicious behaviour in Baltasound.   PC Visser was asked if he would be travelling up to do regular patrols around Unst.  He said that his remit is community policing so he intends to visit regularly, including visits to schools.  PC Visser was asked if there were any plans for the Police House in Unst.  He said that he might use the house as a base when he was in Unst.  He asked if the Community would let him know if there are any events in Unst that they would like a Police presence at.

Gordon thanked PC Visser for attending the meeting.

02/11/15       Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 5th October 2015 were approved, proposed by Julie, seconded by Gordon

03/11/15       Matters Arising from last minutes

07/05/15.6 Meeting for North Isles Community Councils – Emergency timetable Bluemull Sound

Two different draft emergency timetables from Jim Mouatt, SIC Manager Ferries, were circulated before the meeting.  Both the proposed timetables would mean the service bus catching the 1500 ferry from Toft instead of the 1530.  The Dial-a-Ride service would need to catch the 1650 from Belmont instead of the 1700.  Both drafts of the Emergency timetable would involve crews working through their lunch break.  Community Councillors wanted to know if all the crews were happy with this arrangement.  They also would like the emergency timetable to be publicised and on the website.     

09/05/15.6  Windsock

Gary had contacted Scottish Air Ambulance to ask if they would put up a windsock at the airstrip but has not heard any word back.  He is meeting with Maggie Sandison, Head of Infrastructure, this week so will ask if the SIC will replace it.

07/07/15.4 Historic Environment Scotland – turning place at Muness

The Clerk has written to Historic Environment Scotland in Edinburgh about this.

06/09/15.6  Roads

There was a discussion about various road matters.  There is water standing on the road at Hagdale, there were concerns about cars aquaplaning on this.  It was agreed to make a list of all road matters for the next meeting.  And also put it on Facebook to ask the community to let members know if they have any road concerns.

08/10/15.4 Sign and Musical Boat, Belmont

There has been no further word from Lesley Gray, Unst Youth Centre, about the sign.  She is waiting on a quote from Art Machine for a printed sign which replicates the original design.  It was agreed to scrap the Musical Boat as it is in a poor state of repair and look at replacing it in the spring. Derek Jamieson volunteered to store the musical chimes until then.  There were also concerns raised about the double decker bus at Belmont.  This is being followed up.

08/11/15       A.O.C.B.

08/11/15.2  Energy Isles Ltd – Paul Riddell and Derek Jamieson

Mr Riddell said that there was nothing much happening at the moment but the next year to 18 months would be really busy.  This is still being looked at as a North Isles project even though the main landowner has maintained his objection to the project.  Energy Isles is working hard and is making progress in Yell.  Unst will be looked at as phase two of the project.  Mr Riddell explained that it would cost approximately £2 million pounds before the project gets to “the door of the planning office.”  They plan to set up a liaison group with members of the community on it, so are looking for two members from Unst.  Gordon explained that he and Pat were to be on the BenCom group so could be on this committee.  There was a discussion about how the Community Benefit funds would be distributed.  As the Viking Energy project funds would be available to the whole of Shetland funds from Energy Isles Community Benefit fund would also be available Shetland wide.  Energy Isles representatives had met with Fergus Ewing, Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism, to lobby him to find out where things were going nationally.  They are replacing the Renewable Obligation or FIT system with the Contract for Difference (CfD).  Energy Isles Ltd will be bidding against other groups and projects.  Mr Ewing said there was no opposition to the continued development in the islands.  A large area of North Yell belongs to the Scottish Government.  This is in the area identified in the Energy Isles project plans.  Mr Riddell said that Fergus Ewing had asked if the project was supported by the local community.  When told it was he asked if he could get a letter from the North Isles Community Councils showing their support.  It was agreed to discuss this at the next Community Council meeting and then get back to Energy Isles.  Mr Riddell was asked when they would know about the interconnector, he said that there should hear word next year.  To set up a BenCom (a society for the benefit of the community) the community has to own 20% of the shares.  This will be followed up with Robert Thomson, Fetlar Development Officer, as he was investigating setting up the BenCom.

Gordon thanked Paul Riddell and Derek Jamieson for attending the meeting.  They both left.

04/11/15       Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Toby Sandison, UP, said that there had been another skips day on the 16th October 2015.  This had been well supported.  There will be a slight shortfall in the funding for the skips.  This will be met from UP reserves.  There is another skip day planned for the 12th December and three more in 2016.  UP is looking at a new site in Baltasound for the composting project where there is the option to build a shed.  There might be the option of using this site for the skips as well, with possibly an enclosed compound.  There has been no further progress on the North Isles Community Broadband Project.  Volunteers are needed to be on a steering group for this.  Megan is organising a Winter Festival which will be advertised shortly.  Gordon said that UP had applied for funding to Coastal Communities for a North Isles Development Officer and had heard verbally that they had been awarded the funding.  They are hoping to apply to HIE for funding for a second and third year.  UP’s core funding is coming to an end in March.  They are looking for further core funding but the office at Hagdale might become the Tourism office instead. 

05/11/15       Application for Donations

05/11/15.1  Unst Under 5s

It was agreed to give a donation of £96 towards the costs of the Under 5s Christmas party.

05/11/15.2  Baltasound SWI

It was agreed to give a donation of £450 towards the costs of the Baltasound SWI hosting the bairns Christmas Party.

06/11/15       Application for Planning                 

Planning Ref:


Proposed Development:  

To deploy a 160m x 40m sub-surface cage grid mooring system (retrospective).  Also to deploy four 70m-circumference cages in said grid to be used for on-growing of salmon (proposed); West Of Skeo Taing, Baltasound Harbour, Unst


Balta Island Seafare Ltd

There were no objections.

07/11/15       Community Council Finances

There was a discussion about the finances and further spending.  The Community Development Funds have all been spent. 

08/11/15       A.O.C.B.

08/11/15.1  Police Report

See first agenda item.

08/11/15.2  Energy Isles – Paul Riddell and Derek Jamieson

See page 3 in minutes.

08/11/15.3  Unst Heritage Trust Annual Report

This was noted.

08/11/15.4  Shetland Community Benefit Fund

Gordon is going to a meeting of this group on Thursday 12th November 2015.

It was agreed to write and congratulate UnstFest on winning the Glasgow Herald Community Project of the year, the Parent Council for being nominated in the Best Local Campaign category and Kathleen Johnson, Brucehall manager, who was nominated as a finalist in the Scottish Health Awards.            


The next meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd December 2015 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School

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