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Unst Community Council
Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 28th May 2018
at 7 pm in the Baltasound School, Music Huts


Gordon Thomson

Claire Priest

Minnie Mouatt

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson


Frances Browne, Community Learning and Development Officer

Josie McMillan, Clerk                 

01/05/18     Apologies:

John Peterson

Janice Priest

Raymond Priest

Alec Priest, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Duncan Simpson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Ryan Thomson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Michael Duncan, Community Council Liaison Officer

02/05/18      Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 30th April 2018 were approved, proposed by Minnie seconded by Claire.   

03/05/18      Matters Arising from last minutes

08/07/16.1 Lund Kirkyard Road

The Community Council has submitted an application for Community Development funding for £1000 for installing a grid.  This application had to be in by 11th May 2018, but as yet we have heard no word.  The Clerk contacted the National Trust for Scotland to ask if they would be happy for the Community Council to install grids in the Lund Road if funding is available. There has been no word back from them.  The Clerk emailed again before tonight’s meeting but there was still no reply.  The Community Council has applied to Cooke Aquaculture’s community fund to ask for funding to put in two grids, but their next meeting is the 12th July 2018.  The Clerk will email the National Trust again and copy Tavish Scott, MSP into the email.

12/10/12.2  Festive Timetable

There has still been no reply about this.  The Clerk will email Michael Craigie, ZetTrans, yet again and ask if the Community Council’s suggestions have been discussed.  Ryan was copied into the email.  This suggestion was first put forward by the Community Council at the end of last year.

10/11/17.3  Scrap Cars

Gordon has contacted Jim’s Garage who have the contract to collect cars for Autogreen.  He suggested they subcontract the collection of scrap cars from Unst to a local company.  Their vehicle would be able to take 4 cars at a time as opposed to Jim’s Garage truck which can only take one.  Scrap and abandoned cars are becoming more of a problem, with several in and around housing estates, which already have limited parking.  There are 3 again at Belmont.

08/01/18.3  Ferry Matters – Single Vessel Timetable on Yell Sound

We have finally got a reply to our query after emailing first in March.  Elaine Park, ZetTrans, apologised for the length of time it has taken to get an answer to this query.  She explains that “On weekdays the Service 23 bus is timetabled to arrive at Toft at 0900 and as a registered service it should not be arriving 10 minutes early as potential passengers may miss the bus.  There is no flexibility in the registered times unless there are roadworks, etc that can explain any late running.  Early running is not permitted by the Traffic Commissioner.” Ms Park goes on to say “In relation to the request to hold the ferry in order for the bus to connect, this is not straightforward to answer.  If there is a breakdown, for example, the resulting pattern of ferry movements will be dependent on which vessel has had the issue and where the issue occurred.  There are then options around shuttle running or adopting the shift vessel timetable, which will be impacted by the circumstances.  In short, it is not going to be possible to guarantee that the ferry will be able to accommodate the public bus service, however best efforts will be made to do so.”  There were people travelling to Unst one of the last Mondays when there was a single vessel operating on Yell Sound.  They missed the connecting bus through Yell, so had to organise alternative transport.  Members believe there has to be some joined up thinking from the Ferries Department and Bus Companies.  Frances said that Fetlar is involved in a project for “Islands of Small Populations” she would raise this with them as well.

08/03/18.1  SIC Chief Executive invite to visit Unst

Maggie Sandison’s PA replied to say that in terms of timing, July would work best as it is the Council recess.  They will be in touch to arrange a date to suit both the Community Council and Chief Executive.  It was decided to set up a draft timetable for the visit at the next Community Council meeting, when we should have a date for the visit and times.

08/03/18.4  Dog Fouling

Members felt that discussing this at a Community Council meeting and putting it on Facebook had raised awareness of the problem.  There were bags of dog poo left at the top of Norwick Beach.

08/04/18.1  HIAL Parking Charges

There has been no further word about this.  There has been a lot of discussion, one concession being discussed is for people travelling south for NHS appointments.   

08/04/18.4  Shetland Regional Marine Planning Partnership

The Clerk will email and ask Charlotte Slater, Marine Spatial Planning Officer, North Atlantic Fisheries College Marine Centre to attend a Community Council meeting and explain about the consultation on the next steps for the Shetland Islands’ Regional Marine Plan. 

08/04/18.5  SIC Recycling Roadshow – Baltasound Hall   8th May 2018    6.30pm – 8.00pm

This event was fairly well attended although it was run more as a meeting than a drop in session, as there was only one SIC representative there.  Mr Sinclair, SIC, explained about the different types of recycling bins and what could be recycled in each. Households will have an option of getting two bungee cords.  One to hold the bin in place and the other to hold the lid closed.  He said that every household would receive a letter in the beginning of June which would explain this in detail. There would also be a calendar setting out the dates of collection for each type of bin.  The bins will be delivered in July, with the scheme becoming operational in August.

08/04/18.6  Da Voar Redd Up

A lot of groups have now completed their Redd Up stretches.

08/04/18.8  Training Session – Make a Difference - Reducing Loneliness and Isolation in Shetland

The Clerk contacted Fiona Robertson, who is delivering this training on behalf of the Shetland Partnership.  She is trying to organise one session in Unst for all the different groups and will get back to us once she has a date.

04/05/18      Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Gordon said that UP is still waiting to hear from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) about their Asset Transfer request.  HIE has told Gordon that they have to notify the Scottish Government, so that is going to be another delay.  UP still hopes to have the second hand shop open in August.  UP is a collection point for the UnstFest Swapshop.  There are 34 people signed up for the Skip Scheme, it is hoped to sign up over 40 people who will each pay £45 for use of all the skips for a year, occasional use will cost £20.  The Skip scheme can still take white goods: although the Muck and Bruck squad no longer do house collections for this, they will pick up the white goods from the Skip days.  Gordon had leaflets for Collaster which had been designed by the Baltasound School.  It includes information about the dig there last year and the surrounding area.  There was a discussion about tourist signs, as there are no signs at present.  The report on the dig will be published online by Professor Dan Rhodes.  UP administered the funds for the project.

05/05/18      Community Involvement Update

Frances said that there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes at the moment with Locality Planning.  They are hoping that they will move forward with things that can be achieved fairly quickly.  Frances has sent in the Community Council’s list of issues which have been discussed lately.  SIC listened to what communities want. There is another meeting planned for the beginning of June.  Frances circulated information about the Royal Volunteer Service (RVS). At the moment there are no volunteers in the North Isles. RVS volunteers can take people to dental/medical appointments. They also run a scheme where RVS volunteers can meet patients when they get home from hospital.  They come along either to do odd jobs or for social visits. RVS volunteers are reimbursed their travel.  Frances wasn’t sure if that included ferry fares.  She said to work with the RVS volunteer scheme you have to pass a PVG check and two short online courses.  The co-ordinator for the scheme is based in Lerwick.  Frances is going to bring more information about costings to the next meeting.  There was a discussion about this and members thought that there were probably folk in Unst who would benefit from the RVS scheme.

06/05/18      Unadopted Roads

These have now been advertised.

07/05/18      Community Council Finances

07/04/18.1  Community Council Accounts

The accounts are now with Voluntary Action Shetland for auditing.

07/04/18.2  Community Development Fund – Second Round - 16th March 2018

The Community Council has applied for the third round of Community Development Fund.  This is for the £1000 which has to be administered by the Community Council.  This application was for funding towards a grid for Lund Road.

08/05/18      A.O.C.B.

08/05/18.1  Shetland Space Centre Meeting 15th May 2018

The Community Council met with Frank Strang on Tuesday 15th May 2018.  He said there has been a lot of work going on with the Space Centre.  They have been meeting with companies interested in investing in the Centre.  Mr Strang quoted from the Sceptre Report which states that Saxavord in Unst is the best location for the vertical launch facility.  There is a big event starting in Lerwick tonight with a function in the Town Hall.  Mr Strang spoke about a concert in Unst on the Tuesday night (tomorrow) but no one from the Community Council had heard anything about it.  There was a discussion about needing to have a public meeting.  The Clerk is to email Mr Strang and ask if they have set a date yet for this meeting. 

08/05/18.2  Windfarm Consultation Group

The next meeting of this group is on Wednesday 13th June in the Cullivoe Hall at 6.30pm.  Gordon is away.

08/05/18.3  Hermaness Visitor Centre

Gordon met with Juan Brown and Jonathan Swale from Scottish Natural Heritage about the Visitor Centre being closed. There is no Ranger employed this year and it is they who normally open and close the Centre.  SNH said they had problems recruiting people to come and do the job.   Gordon had spoken to one of the residents who said they would be happy opening and closing the Centre during the season.  At the meeting they had considered that an option.  But Gordon later got an email from Mr Brown saying that SNH would not be able to commit the further resources required to open the visitor centre this year (including the extra money to pay someone, carrying out a tendering process, and refurbishing the interior where required).  He said that they will make a strong case for the reinstatement of a seasonal post next year, when the future of the Halligarth project should also be clearer.  Gordon said that Hermaness has 6000 visitors a year with a good number of them visiting the Centre.  The Visitor Centre is listed as open on numerous websites and the information was also printed on the tourism map produced by the Partnership. Mike Pennington has been employed to count the birds 

08/05/18.4  Clerk’s Meeting and Further Community Council Training

There is Clerk’s training in Lerwick on Saturday 16th June.  The Clerk will not be able to go to this as it is the “Simmer Dim” event in Unst.  There are also plans for further Community Council training.  Details of this will follow shortly.

08/05/18.5  Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation (SSMO) Board Member Required

The SSMO is looking for a board member.  This was noted.

08/05/18.6  Association of Shetland Community Council Meeting – 26th June 2018

This meeting is on a Tuesday night, from 6 – 8pm in the Town Hall.  Gordon is planning to attend.

08/05/18.7  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

There will be more information about this at the Clerk’s meeting on the 16th June 2018.

08/05/18.8  Small wind turbine application for at Havly, Unst, Shetland ZE2 9DT

There was an email from Britwind, part of the Ecotricity group, who intend to apply for planning permission for a small wind turbine at Havly, Unst, Shetland ZE2 9DT. The turbine will be in a field approximately 500 m north of Baltasound Airport. There were no objections.

08/05/18.9  Dark Skies/Northern Lights Centre

The Community Council was asked for a letter of support for this from Jane Macaulay and Catriona Waddington.  They plan to apply for funding to set up a Centre to view the Northern Lights. The Community Council wrote a letter of support.

The next meeting date will be set on Thursday 28th June 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School

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