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Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 24th March 2016 at 7 pm at the Baltasound School, Music Huts


Gordon Thomson,

Minnie Mouatt

Janice Priest

Raymond Priest

Gary Cleaver, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)

Robert Henderson, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)



Josie McMillan, Clerk     


01/03/16    Apologies:

Pat Burns

John Peterson

Claire Priest

Hazel Spence

Julie Thomson

Steven Coutts, North Isles Councillor (ex-officio)


02/03/16    Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 18th February 2016 were approved.


03/03/16    Matters Arising from last minutes

07/07/15.4 Historic Environment Scotland (HES) – lack of parking places at Muness Castle

There has been no progress on this.


06/09/15.6  Roads

There has been no word from the Council about the road matters we wrote about:- the condition of the Westing road from the junction in;  the turning place at the Westing beach;   the road from below the Gritquoy junction to the Ministers Road. Several new road matters came up:- there are potholes at the bottom of the Mailand road;  the road from the Loch of Cliff junction to the Shorestation needs to have extra passing places, especially in the summer with the number of tourists who visit Hermaness.  The Clerk will write to Roads Department.  It was agreed that Robert would ask the Roads Department to notify the Community Council when they are up in Unst next so members can show them the roads that are of concern.


08/10/15.4  Musical Boat and Sign, Belmont

Robert will ask in Cullivoe if there are any suitable boats which could be used for the musical boat.  Lesley Gray is still working on replacing the Youth Club’s sign at Belmont.  She has got a quote for a more permanent one and is now looking at different funding options.  Robert suggested putting in a Community Development Fund (CDF) application if there was any funding left after the first round.


08/01/16  8.1  Lund Kirkyard

William Spence, Executive Manager Environmental Services, and Kenneth McKenzie met with Raymond at Lund to discuss the kirkyard and road.  Raymond told them about the complaints which had been received by the Community Council which were:- sheep in the yard, making a mess and eating the flowers that have been put there and the state of the road down to the kirk yard.  Raymond showed them where the fence had been taken down by the SIC but had never been replaced.  Members believe that it is the responsibility of the Council to have fences up which would keep the sheep out.  Raymond asked them about the road down to the kirkyard.  They are willing to put in material and suggested that the tenant could put a pipe in as a cross drain to drain the water.  Robert said he would follow this up with the Council.  Gordon said that it would be good to get this sorted.


08/01/16  8.3  Police

Robert said that Yell Community Council had been told that Police Scotland is going to replace the Police person in Yell once the Police Woman moves in to her new house.    Members wondered if PC Visser would be staying on after his six month placement.


7/02/16.3  Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons

Gordon is going to look at getting somewhere to light the beacon on 21st April 2016 in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday.


07/02/16.4  NTS Halligarth Project

Alan Clark, Shetland Amenity Trust, has been to look at the dyke.


07/02/16.10 Fixed Link

Gordon put the fixed link information on Facebook asking people to send emails/letters stating why they left Unst.  This information would be used to support the need for a fixed link.  There have been very few emails received.  There was a discussion about whether Unst should develop its own strategy.  Gary said that we will still need ferries for the next ten years.  Even if tunnels are going to be built there will only be one built at a time.  Robert said that we must start sometime with tunnels so need to be asking for funding now.  Gordon is going to adapt the questionnaire from Alec Priest to put on Facebook.


04/03/16    Unst Partnership (UP) Update

Gordon explained that there is a new person in the post of Unst Tourism Officer, Selena-May Miller.  She and Kellie Naulls have held North Isles Tourism providers’ meetings in Yell.  Suggestions which have come from these meetings are that Unst, Yell and Fetlar work together and set up a North Isles Art Festival.  Another suggestion is to develop tourism packages.  UP has put in an application to the Community Development Fund (CDF) to run the skip service again.  The Council has said that this project needs to be self-sustaining and cover its own costs.  There was a discussion about maybe reducing the number of skip days from 6 to 5.  The cost to people using the service is £45 to use all the skips and £15 for one of use.



05/03/16    Application for Donations

It was agreed to give Unst Partnership Ltd £280 towards the cost of their skip provision service.


06/03/16    Community Council Finances

This year’s budget has now been spent.  The accounts are being prepared for audit by Voluntary Action Shetland.


07/03/16    A.O.C.B.

07/03/16.1  Proposed Telecommunications Upgrade – Unst

Raymond Adams, from Telefonica UK, emailed to say that they have entered into an agreement with Vodafone Ltd and propose to upgrade the Mast at Sothers Field.  Gordon emailed to say that the Community Council would welcome any upgrade to the mobile signal.


07/03/16.2  ASCC Meeting 9th April 2016

Gordon is away for this meeting.  The Clerk will email everyone and ask for a volunteer to attend.


07/03/16.3  Community Development Fund Application

Gordon has submitted this application for £3000.  If the Community Council is awarded this grant it will be used mostly for Da Voar Redd Up payments.


07/03/16.4  Signage for Submarine wreck E49

Harry Edwards wrote to the Community Council to ask if there would be any funding available to put up a plaque, near the Hamar Bus shelter, to remember the submarine E49 which was sunk in Baltasound Voe in 1917.  Community Council funding can only be paid to constituted groups so the funding would need to be applied for through a group.  Members believed this to be a good project to support.


07/03/16.5  Summer Timetable

There was a suggestion to change the 2105 from Toft to 2115.  This would give people travelling up from the last flight at Sumburgh an extra 10 minutes.  And people travelling into Unst would have less time to wait at Gutcher.


07/03/16.6 Classic Cars

There was an enquiry about extra ferries for the classic cars travelling into Unst on the 2nd June.  There are plans for 40 cars and 90 people coming up for the day.  Gordon will contact them as these cars will not all be able to get on the Yell Sound ferry in one run so will spread out over several ferries and should be able to catch different ferries on Bluemull Sound.


The next meeting will be held on Monday 25th April 2016 at 7.00 pm in the Baltasound School


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